10 Conditions in Which You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

AC Units have become a necessity for our daily lives, but there are some occasions when it becomes necessary to replace an old one. Various factors can contribute to this decision. Here are the top 10 reasons that require you to replace your AC unit once it is time for that.

1) The Age of Your Unit

This factor is probably the most important reason you should go for AC Unit Replacement. Most appliances usually fail after attaining an age of around eight years or so.

A modern unit usually goes on till ages more than 15 years; therefore, it becomes mandatory for us to make sure that we buy a new model to ensure the proper functioning and overall well-being during its life cycle.

2) Troubleshooting Becomes Difficult

The operating AC units do not show any signs of malfunction or failure, even if they are used regularly for any purpose. However, with the passage of time, there is always some new problem that develops with an AC unit due to normal wear and tear.

It becomes difficult to troubleshoot the problems as there might be multiple issues causing problems at different system levels. This can include issues related to electrical wiring, compressor motor, among others which require professional expertise to handle them effectively.

3) Repairing Can Be Costly

Apart from experiencing minor breakdowns, you will also face several major ones during its life cycle that can prove to be disasters for homeowners. Most often than not, it becomes necessary for us to replace the entire AC unit as finding and replacing each component can prove to be a very time-consuming and costly project.

4) You Are No Longer Comfortable in Your Own Home

If your energy bills seem to be soaring, there is no other solution than to replace your existing AC system with a new one. However, even if you do not want to shell out so much money at once for buying a new HVAC system, consider installing single zones heating systems such as a radiant floor or baseboard heaters that can provide comfort during winters by keeping just one room warm instead of heating up the whole house. This will reduce your utility bills drastically and ensure that you stay comfortable in your own home all year long: summer or winter.

5) When Your AC System Stops Working

Replacing an old AC system is the only way to deal with a faulty cooling system. Though you can try DIY methods, do not forget that there are chances of short circuits and other problems your untrained hands may not handle appropriately.

Also, if you have pets or children at home, it is highly unsafe for them because without attending to your AC unit right away, there will be no ventilation in the house which means poor indoor air quality.

6) When You Can’t Afford High Energy Bills

If you want to keep monthly utility bills low (and who doesn’t?), then giving up on your old AC system and choosing an energy-efficient new HVAC unit is your best bet. Compare various products available on the market and find out more about their energy-efficiency ratings.

This way, you will be able to purchase a new unit that has an Energy Star label on it which means that its yearly operating costs are significantly lower than the standard system.

7) When Your AC Unit is Under 10 Years Old

If your AC unit is less than ten years old, it might still work well and not have any problems for a few more seasons. But if you have an old air conditioner, we recommend that you replace it. People might not be able to work on it and they will need to stop working on your house.

8) When Your Current AC Unit Is Too Noisy

If you are unhappy with how noisy your air conditioning system is, you can get a technician to come in and make some adjustments. This will help reduce the noise level.

However, this does cost money, whereas replacing the unit will be lighter on your wallet. It is your choice to decide if you want to buy a new AC unit. It may be worth it for the gas money that will be saved.

9) If You Notice Foul Smells Coming out of Your AC Unit

You should not ignore that there is a strange smell coming from your cooling system. It might seem like nothing important at first, but it could become worse and stronger as time passes by.

If you have mold growing in your cooling system, it could cause you to get a lung infection. This can happen if the mold isn’t taken care of properly. Therefore, make sure to take necessary precautions and find a solution for this problem as soon as possible.

10) If Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

Water leakage is a big problem. If water is leaking from your AC, you might have a leak in the drain hose or because there’s too much condensation inside the unit. If there is a leak in your air conditioning system, you should not try to fix it. The gas that makes the air cold might come out and make more problems.

To fix your AC, you might need to call a professional from Le High HVAC. Chemicals inside the air conditioner might have mixed up and this will cause it to corrode. You can fix this by draining out the water and then recharging it, after cleaning the main part of your air conditioner.

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the most common problems that you might face with your AC unit. If you have problems with your air conditioner, call a professional. They can fix it. Make sure to get insulation so will not be hot inside.

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