10 Tips to Improve Your Research Proposal Writing Skills

Research Proposal Writing is a tricky task. A research proposal is a research plan that explains the different steps and stages of the dissertation. This proposal remains helpful in identifying the dissertation’s title and different sections. For instance, the research proposal will clearly state the topic of the dissertation. It will explain the importance and significance of the dissertation. The dissertation’s author will explain the use of methods and techniques needed to investigate the matter to reach a clear conclusion. This article comprises some suggestions that can be used for designing an excellent research proposal.

Significance of Research Proposal

Submission of a research proposal is an essential part of your dissertation. The research proposal helps the supervisor and advisor of the dissertation analyze the dissertation’s direction. The supervisor or advisor of the dissertation then suggests how this research work can be improved. The supervisor or advisor may reject the topic or proposal and suggest rewriting it. The content of the research proposal contains the research methodology and approach of the dissertation. It also contains the timeline of the dissertation along with the feasibility report. The research proposal clearly states the topic of the dissertation and the hypothesis statement of the dissertation.

A great research proposal contains clear and concise statements of research questions. It also analyses the use of techniques and methods to conduct the dissertation. The length of the research proposal remains within the bracket of 2 thousand words. However, the word limit may vary according to different subjects and degree levels. Therefore, the exact limit of writing a dissertation proposal is confirmed by the respective supervisor or advisor.

The elements that may be the part of a research proposal include:

  • The title page of the dissertation
  • Name of the researcher
  • Name of the supervisor or advisor
  • Expected use of research method
  • Aims and objectives of the dissertation
  • A summary of the dissertation
  • Background of the main idea of the topic
  • Introduction to the subject matter
  • Statement of hypothesis and research questions methodology
  • References
  • Bibliography section

10 Tips to Improve Your Research Proposal Writing

This article contains the top ten tips that can improve Research Proposal Writing. These tips are enlisted below in detail.

1. Clear Understanding of the Instructions

The dissertation’s author must clearly understand all the instructions given by the supervisor and the educational institute. Any violation of the instructions will affect the grades. Therefore, it is essential to understand and comply with all the instructions and guidelines given by the respective supervisor.

2. Use of Subheadings

The author must break the subject matter and topic into subheadings. These headings mainly include the introduction section, background of the dissertation, methodology section, and other chapters. The introduction chapter will have further subheadings that may help define and explain different concepts to understand the topic of the dissertation. Similarly, the background chapter can be divided into different subheadings to develop an understanding of the context of the dissertation.

3. Awareness of the target audience

The author must be aware of the targeted audience. The use of language while writing a research proposal must be plain and easy to understand. The language and expression used for the research proposal must be kept in mind for different target classes, including highly educated classes to a layman. The author must address all the errors, omissions, and mistakes before submitting.

4. Use influencing statements and expressions:

The dissertation must start with catchy sentences and statements to grab the reader’s attention. Many people believe that the first impression is the last. Therefore, the dissertation’s author needs to use catchy statements to create interest. Once the author successfully grabs the reader’s attention, the reader is.

5. Clear and Concise Title Statement

The title of the dissertation must use clear and concise language expressions. The title must reflect clear thoughts. It is also essential that the topic statement or title of the dissertation could develop an understanding for people from different backgrounds and educational levels. The dissertation’s topic or title needs to state the dissertation goals clearly. It must address the interests of the people to attract large audiences.

6. Based on Multidisciplinary Dissertation

While writing a research proposal, the dissertation’s author should relate the dissertation to different fields and the scope of studies. This will help the author use a wide range of scholars’ work in the dissertation. It will also assist the author in using different concepts, ideas, and experiments to prove the null hypothesis. The wide range of literature will help the author dissertation all the dissertation aspects. It will help in making the dissertation authentic and effective.

7. Reflect on the Feasibility of the Dissertation

The dissertation’s author in Research Proposal Writing must ensure that the dissertation is convenient and easy to do. It must explain to the supervisor or advisor that the author can produce high-quality and solid research work. It must also explain to the supervisor or advisor that the knowledge and abilities of the author can conclude achieving the desired aims and objective of the dissertation efficiently and effectively.

8. Significant Inclusion in Literature

The Research Proposal Writing process must reflect that the dissertation is worthy of being a part of the literature. From the content and argument, the author needs to be a convenience that the dissertation will be a valuable asset for the library in the relevant subject area.

 9. Allow People to Give Suggestions

Everything thing has room for development and improvement. Therefore, while writing a research proposal, the author should allow people to review the work. The suggestions and reviews of the people need to be addressed productively to improve the content of the dissertation.

10. Create Effective Budget Plan

Good research work is cost-effective. Therefore, the author needs to make a budget proposal during the phase of Research Proposal Writing. It will help analyze the estimated cost that may incur to complete the dissertation. The author can make specific changes to ensure a practical dissertation at a bearable cost.


The article consists of the top ten tips to improve Research Proposal Writing. These tips can bring improvement in writing a research proposal. However, it is just a proposal, not an obligatory set of words. The suggestions and reviews of the supervisor or advisor need to be considered carefully. These reviews and suggestions are the expert’s opinion. The purpose of contributing these suggestions and reviews is to bring improvement to the dissertation. In some cases, the supervisor or advisor may reject the complete proposal. In this scenario, the author needs to rewrite the proposal from scratch.

By Michael Caine

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