3 Awesome Whiteboard Video Makers for Custom Whiteboard

Who’d have thought that a day would come when white screens would become the talk of the town? We’ll be looking at a swift hand squiggling doodles and puffing clouds telling the story. No, not the room walls where children exhibit their candid fine art oeuvre skills. But it’s a software thing that is making waves in graphic designing. Surprisingly, whiteboard animations aren’t fascinating to the eyes, but their power to enlighten the brains is commendable.

Whiteboard animations, to be precise, are ideal for creating storyboards, educational videos, and explainers. They’re easy to make and launch on the web. You don’t need any suave and nerdy graphic designer acting who has absorbed VFX and CGI software manuals. Rather, a normal person with good computer operating skills and an interest in art can passionately pull off whiteboard masterpieces.

That’s true that you can create a whiteboard video via software. All you need to do is have a good command of English and follow the buttons and instructions. Watching some YouTube tutorials and reading how-to, 10-ways-to, and step-by-step blogs might help. Besides, you can hire a whiteboard animation video maker with a budget. There is numerous software available on the internet to create these straightforward videos. They’re easy to grasp, attentively dynamic, and require no peculiar graphic stunts to pull off. Only a single application, your brand, your storyline, script, and voila; creating a doodle-talking animation is that easy. Below are the top 3 best whiteboard software to create excellent animations:

1. Doodly

Possibly one of the best online software you can use to create professional whiteboard animation videos. The best thing about this tool is that it is online. Yes, you heard what we said. It’s a platform-based website that allows you to create whiteboard animations.

Doodly is the most commonly used among teachers and students to make class projects more interactive. Surely, it has become more like household software for kids to make animations. It is a drag-and-drop tool where you just use the mouse cursor to pick and fit things into their allotted spaces. You have different tools to draw your doodles, preset images, text options, and lots more options.

Doodly Features:

  • Doodly provides over 1000+ drawings created entirely from scratch by skilled visual artists.
  • Doodly gives you a wide range of options to illustrate your multimedia presentations while being effective and elegantly.
  • Doodly can generate images of whiteboards, green panels, glass sheets, and blackboards.
  • You can combine as many photos as you want in a single video.
  • You can upload many font styles.
  • You can use smart draw technology to create and upload images.
  • Offer soundtracks without royalty checks.
  • The Doodly official staff guarantees frequent upgrades to support your superior creativity.
  • Thirteen cartoon hand patterns and fifteen separate physical hand styles are available.

2. Renderforest

One of the best whiteboard software if you require one for office work. Renderforest allows you to create stunning brand symbols and drawings that look beautiful. Hence, you can impress your managers and board members without putting immense effort; but just by creating a great whiteboard video.

Furthermore, Renderforest allows you to create professional product videos, promo videos, tutorial videos, and presentation slideshows. You can easily bet your time and skill on Renderforest. It is one of the most trusted whiteboard animation platforms out there you can trust with closed eyes.

Renderforest Features:

  • Renderforest has a simple, uncomplicated graphical interface and is very user-friendly.
  • Consistently produce videos employing very few templates.
  • You may use it to make basic logos for presentations at school, your company, and official records.
  • The Render Forest software tool also has the ability to build websites.
  • Renderforest offers cloud storage, allowing you to save and access your works from any location conveniently.
  • Using the undo and retry buttons on the settings menu could save time.
  • Its drag-and-drop feature even enables novices and amateur animators to produce flawless artwork.
  • It provides recommendations for the best music based on the project.
  • Renderforest’s library contains a collection of templates.
  • Renderforst offers a large selection of ready-to-use scenes for your films.

3. Animaker

Even this whiteboard application is about a good eight years old yet is an effective explainer video maker to this day. Animaker is ideal and well-known for producing live-action videos for your formal and fun projects. You can now use its unique millennial characters best for present-day marketing purposes. It has around 50 humanoid sound effects and comes in 22+ different languages. Even beginners and people with no interest in animations can create a professional-looking animation in a few minutes.

Animaker Features:

  • An uncomplicated, user-friendly tool.
  • A large collection with a range of backgrounds, characters, and templates.
  • More than 50 unique transitional effects.
  • Introduction of level-up gender balance.
  • Over 500+ similar animations.
  • A 3x increase in software loading speed.
  • A 5x modeling strength improvement compared to competing for whiteboard animation programs.
  • You can add your photos.
  • The timescale of each item enables you to add keyframes.
  • It supports several users simultaneously.
  • It offers tutorials to simplify and accelerate the creation process.
  • Animaker comes with a cloud-based storage system.


Whiteboard animation videos are perfectly okay if you’re on a budget and even better if you want to educate people. We only covered the best 3 graphic software for designing whiteboard videos. You can find many other applications that are ideal for specific animation types. Moovly, Pencil2D, Vyond, PowToon, Filmora Pro, Explaindio, and Camtasia are a few more noteworthy options.

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