3 Ways to Always Pay Your Credit Card Bill on Time

According to a poll of 1,000 adults conducted in the US in 2018, 42% of people had missed at least one credit card bill payment

Forgetting was the most prevalent cause (60%), followed by not having enough money (35%) and others (5%).

However, in India, as per a report in 2017, approximately 92% of Indian credit card users have a solid payback history.

With the fast pace of living and a plethora of bills & their due dates, keeping track of payments becomes a challenge. 

Failure to make credit card bill payments on time will accumulate debt, and the cost will be enormous. 

This blog will discuss how to pay credit card bills on time and avoid hefty penalties.

Techniques for Paying the Credit Card Bill on Time

Here are three ways to pay off credit card bills on time and effortlessly without any issues. 

1. Auto Payment

Autopay is a simple way to pay the credit card bill on time, prevent late penalties and protect one’s credit score.

Many credit card issuers & banks offer a credit card autopay feature, which automatically pays off the outstanding balance when the bill arrives. 

However, the consumer has to opt for this service & can have control over how much to pay & when it is deducted.

There are two main ways to sign up for the auto-debit service.

  • Individuals can set up an auto-debit facility with their credit card issuer & choose from the options indicated for payment: 
  • Whole amount due
  • Minimum amount due, or 
  • A fixed amount
  • They may also set up auto-debit using their bank’s internet banking service.  

They can log in to their account and set up an auto-pay instruction for their credit card issuer.

2. Set Reminders

When individuals have a credit card, it is essential to pay off the entire balance on time. 

Thus, it is wise to set reminders on the calendar so that they do not forget to make payments on time. 

It does not matter if they write it on a wall calendar or an office table calendar, send a reminder email, set a reminder on their smartphone, or use a reminder app. 

3. Online Bill Payment Services

Online bill payment services companies assist in making timely payments on credit card bills. 

Cardholders have to choose:

  • The bill payment service provider
  • Input credit card information
  • Input contact information, the payment amount, and the bank account from which they want to make the payment. 

Further, these providers give reminders when payments are due, making it simple to track when one needs to pay.

Payment Options for Credit Card Bills

There are numerous payment options for credit card bills, and a few are listed below:

1. Mobile Banking

Credit card companies and banks have developed apps that allow paying the credit card bill using the phone. 

Simply enter the card information, and the mobile app will transfer funds from the bank account to the credit card. 

In most circumstances, one will be required to enter the transaction and the OTP to prevent fraud.

Other features that mobile banking provides are: 

  • Viewing past billed statements
  • Transferring the balance
  • Converting transactions to EMI and setting up auto-debit for bill payment

2. Net Banking

Through net banking, a person can pay their credit card bills.

This can be done by entering into their bank’s online payment portal with their unique net banking id & password & transferring the due amount.

3. Debit Card

The monthly credit card bill can be paid by transferring funds from the debit card. 

Simply log on to the bank’s net-banking service & register the debit card for credit card payment.

4. NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)

Any bank that offers NEFT on their internet banking can process the credit card payment.

Go to the bank’s online funds transfer module after logging in to their internet banking service.

To get the amounts transferred, add the credit card as a beneficiary and begin an online money transfer.


For most people, credit cards are a convenient way to pay for everyday expenses & when used responsibly, they can be an excellent payment method.

However, if they are not monitoring their spending, they can also lead to costly consequences.

Some people may not be aware of the dangers that come with carrying a credit card balance.  

Late fees, minimum payments and overall interest can add up quickly and create a financial burden. 

The interest rates charged by credit cards are extremely high, so try to pay them off as soon as possible.

Moreover, one of the most important things a person can do to build a good credit score is to make sure their credit card bills are paid on time. 

In addition, lenders are much less likely to approve loans to people who have a history of late credit card payments. 

Thus, it is essential to be vigilant about paying the credit cards in full and on time to avoid fees & to ensure that you are using the card wisely.

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