4 tips on how to negotiate a starting salary

Maybe you have finally been offered the dream job – and as a recent graduate, it can be tempting to accept the offer immediately. But if you stop negotiating a starting salary, you will quickly miss out on a few extra thousand kroner a month.

In that case, you are not alone in thinking this way or thinking that negotiating salaries is scary. A survey conducted by ManpowerGroup shows that half of the Norwegian employees accept the job before asking for a salary “Affordable Resume Writing Services”. This can prove to be a mistake, as it often pays to negotiate.

– On the way to a new job, you usually get the most significant pay jump. Even though you are entitled to an annual salary assessment in many jobs, it can take a long time to work the payment up to the level you want if the starting salary is low, says Anette Moldrem.

She is a legal adviser at Tekna and wants to show how common it is to negotiate salaries and how important it is that you dare to do so.

– If you drop to negotiate a starting salary, you will quickly miss out on a few extra thousand kroner a month. And that over several years.

Use the information you have access to

Every year, Tekna issues a starting salary recommendation, an average starting salary for new graduates in the private, state, and municipal sectors.

– You can use this as a guide for what you can expect to earn in your first job. You can also use it as a bargaining chip if you get a lower offer, says Meldrum.

She also says that many companies follow this recommendation and pay accordingly.

– There is still a big difference between companies, and start-up companies naturally have lower salaries than the larger companies. And this recommendation also does not mean that you should not negotiate if you are offered more than the average salary, she says.

If you are unsure of what to expect in salary, you should contact the shop steward in the company where you have been offered a job.

– The shop steward negotiates salaries every year for the Tekna members in the company and can therefore answer you what you can expect to receive in salaries. If you are unsure whether the company has a shop steward, you can contact us at Tekna, and we will put you in touch with the right person, says Meldrum.

You do not have to worry about anyone finding out that you have researched this beforehand.

– The shop steward has a duty of confidentiality towards the members and will, of course, not gossip to the boss that you have investigated this before the negotiations, she assures.

Get help reviewing the contract.

As a legal adviser, Moldrem works to assist the shop stewards in the companies with negotiations, but she also has contact with individual members of Tekna through the legal hotline.

This is an offer to all members of Tekna, and you are welcome to call here if you have questions about the job offer.

If you are unsure of something in the contract, you can send it over to us, and we will go through it with you. We can also help assess the salary offer, and give you some tips on how you should proceed in a possible negotiation, says Meldrum.

You should check whether the agreement entitles you to full pay during illness and parental leave. Here, Folketrygden covers up to 6 G, which today is approximately NOK 640,000 (You can find the updated, correct value for G here ). Many Tekna members will quickly get over this in salary. There are very many employers offering this for their employees. If you do not have this, you should try negotiating it. 

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