5 Common Laptop Problems and How to Repair Them

Because a significant portion of the business world now works remotely, companies need computer power that can keep up with their needs. As time has progressed, laptops have gone from being cumbersome and heavy to becoming more svelte and light. But despite all of the improvements in power, size, capacity, and memory, problems with laptops still crop up on a fairly frequent basis. This is a fast list of the five most common difficulties that people tell us about, along with some suggestions for how you can handle them on your own.

1.ProblemLoud fan or heating up followed by shut down. Laptops are frequently carried from place to place. This can result in a reduction in the amount of air that is drawn in by the fan. In addition to this, it provides them with a wealth of opportunities to transport dirt and other foreign particles into their cooling system through the fan gateway.

Solution: The solution is to use your laptop on firm, flat surfaces. You should avoid placing it on soft surfaces, which could obstruct the flow of air through the device. Compressed air can be used to clean out your fan. Also, reduce the number of programmes that you have open at the same time because the more you have open, the more work the computer has to do.

  • ProblemLaptop running slowly. This occurs relatively frequently and may be related to the amount of space available on the hard disc, virus, or the initial indicators of device breakdown.

Solution: The solution is that there are many different approaches that can be taken to address speed concerns; however, if you visit the page on our site that is specifically devoted to this subject, you will find ten suggestions for speeding up your machine.

  • ProblemBattery doesn’t last. The fact that a laptop can connect to wireless networks is among the device’s most appealing qualities. However, because we continuously worry that we may use up all of the charge in our battery and be unable to charge it again, we are quite rough on it.

Solution: The first step in the solution is to ensure that all of the cable connections on your charger are secure by checking their tightness. The next step is to totally discharge your battery and then recharge it by operating your laptop until it entirely runs out of power. One of the most effective solutions for any technological problem is to let it completely run down before attempting to fix it again. This is the technological equivalent of getting eight hours of sleep. It is possible that you will need to replace the battery itself if it continues to stop working much sooner than it should.

  • ProblemNo internet. It is common knowledge that laptops frequently lose their connections to the internet, which can be a significant nuisance. Try some fundamental troubleshooting methods before presuming that the device is broken in any way.

Solution: The solution is that the vast majority of laptops come equipped with a physical wireless button or switch that, once located, must be set to the ON position for the connection to become active. The next step is to re-boot your router by employing the power-draining strategy once more. To do this, unplug your router, wait 10–20 seconds for all of the power to leave it, and then plug it back in.

reconnect it to the outlet. If you are still having problems, use the control panel on your computer to troubleshoot the connections to your network. In conclusion, you should start from scratch in order to re-build your network and ensure that all of your connections are configured correctly.

  • Black Screen.  You open the lid of your laptop, turn it on, and can hear it running, but the display is completely dark.

Solution: The solution is to first remove the battery, then unplug the power cord, and last hold down the power button for thirty to sixty seconds. After reattaching the power cord, try starting the device again. Then turn it off once more, insert the battery, and turn it back on.

If after attempting one or more of these do-it-yourself repairs you are still having issues with your laptop, it is time to bring in a professional who specialises in laptop repair. Repairing and maintaining computers, printers, servers, and point-of-sale systems are all areas of expertise for the engineers that work at Great Lakes Computer. Additionally, we provide a range of service levels, from hourly to contract maintenance to our clients. Get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can address the issues with your computer and get your laptop up and running again.

By Michael Caine

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