5 Tips That Improve Your Eye Health

At the age of 40 to 50 people now are suffered from eyesight problems while they are working on the computer, watching television, and reading books. This very common issue can worsen over time. You then see in blurred vision under dim light like restaurant menu cards etc.

For these reasons, prescription glasses may help you. Before using a prescription glass you need to consult a retina doctor in Siliguri for better advice. Here are some important tips for you, by which you can avoid the situation of wearing a prescription glass from the adult age:

Eye Soothing Environment

There are a lot of things around us, which are harmful to eye health. For example, working in front of a computer for a long time, playing video games for a lot of time, using a mobile phone at night in a dark room, watching television for long, reading books in low light, and swimming pools chlorine water can deteriorate your optical power. Care about the issue and avoid these things as much as possible.

Eye Exercises

As there are muscles in the eyes, it also required some exercise to maintain good shape. The best time for eye exercise is the morning after having proper relaxation. Learn from your eye specialist about some eye exercises which are suitable for you.

Care of Your Eyes

Always care of your eyes with tenderness. Wash your eyes three times a day with some cold and pure water. Don’t use any rough clothes to wipe out or rub your eyes. Always use clean cotton to wipe out your eyes.

Always rest your eyes for a while in between the time of using a computer screen. Do a yearly eye checkup with an ophthalmologist near you.

Eye Healthy Food

Carrot is healthy for your eye. Carrot is enriched with vitamin A, which is a nutrient for eye health. Not only vitamin A, you should add vitamins C, E, zinc, and copper into your diet. As age grows older, the chance of attacking macular degeneration disease is increasing simultaneously.

To get rid of this issue you should intake antioxidant contained food viz. egg, carrots, green vegetables, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc. Fish is also a good source of eye nutrients.

Proper Rest

While you are working hard for a long time close your eye for a few minutes during your work. You will feel relief by applying this process. This exercise sounds mere; however, it helps you from eye exertion.

Moreover, a few minutes of eye rest is not sufficient for you. Your body needs at least 8 hours of complete rest to rejuvenate it for the next day. Doctors are always advising you to a good sleep not only for your health but also to renew your eyes’ energy.

In recent times, as people are using a computer, laptops, and mobile phones for a long time, hence their eye health becoming in front of a challenge beyond the age of 50. In this concern everybody mostly elder people need to visit a retina doctor in Siliguri yearly for a check-up. Moreover, a good lifestyle and healthy lifestyle are also mandatory for good eye health.

By Cary Grant

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