5 Tips to Make Learning Quran for Kids fun and Easy

Understanding the Quran learning for kids is important of teaching children to read the Quran from an early age, many parents turn to methods and strategies that actually aren’t best for them in order to do so. However, it’s important to remember that every child learns in their own way, so what works for one may not work as well for another. Here are five helpful tips to make learning Quran for kids fun and easy!

1) Set your Goals

Before you begin learning how to read Qur’an, make sure that you understand why you are doing it. If your goal is just to finish a certain page each day, then reading Qur’an may become another tedious task on your list. Instead, focus on connecting with God in every surah (chapter). This way, when your progress takes a hit or if you miss a day, it won’t seem like such a loss. Don’t worry about memorizing: To some people, being able to recite the entire Quran sounds like an amazing accomplishment. But many people find it too daunting of a task because there’s so much information and they’re not sure where to start. When you learn how to read Qur’an for kids, don’t worry about memorizing the words or their order yet. Memorizing will come naturally as your comprehension improves- but focusing on comprehension first will help you get more out of the Qur’an than trying to memorize everything at once!

2) Start Small

For toddlers, focus on short sessions with a simple goal—say, memorizing Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (in the name of God). For older kids, read an entire Surah together. Just because they can’t read Arabic doesn’t mean they won’t find it enjoyable—you can use pictures or transliteration to help break down more complicated concepts. Or ask them questions about what they’ve learned: what’s the funniest part? What character do you like best? When are you going to recite this passage again?

3) Don’t Give Up

You might think learning Quran is difficult, but anyone can do it—as long as they have a little bit of guidance. The first step? Stay positive! You’re embarking on an exciting journey that will enhance your spiritual life. Remind yourself that it doesn’t matter how many times you mess up. We’ve compiled five tips to make the process easier:

1) Have patience. If you are struggling with a certain letter or word, don’t give up! Take some time to reflect on what made it hard and then try again.

2) Develop your memory. When memorizing verses in Arabic, don’t just say them over and over again in the same order. Mix things up by reciting them in reverse order or by starting from the end of the verse before working backward to the beginning until you remember all of the words without thinking about them too much.

3) Keep calm if you make mistakes or forget something- this is normal!

4) Talk about it

Babies learn best when they’re exposed to something new, over and over again. Unfortunately, with everything else babies have to master—walking, talking, potty training—you may not be able to devote as much time as you would like toward teaching them how to recite Quran. But don’t despair! The following tips will help you make learning how to read Arabic script a priority even on your busiest days.

5) Use Rewards

Using positive reinforcements in learning Quran for kids is a good way to make learning fun. A good example of rewards is sticker charts where your child gets a sticker every time they read a certain amount of verses or learn a new verse, at a certain speed. This can be used as an incentive, but only if your child understands that he/she will not get rewarded unless they meet their targets.

By MuhammadJunaid

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