6 Overlooked Solutions For Relief From Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain or lumbago has become a common medical concern of millions worldwide. If you are suffering from lumbago disease, you will know that there’s no treatment with guaranteed results for curing this pain. 

In reality, you will have to explore different medical approaches to see what works best for your lower back pain. You will have to opt for a comprehensive, well-rounded treatment approach to reduce and somewhat cure the pain. 

Here is a list of six commonly overlooked medical approaches for treating lower back pain or lumbago. 

1. Secretion of Endorphins 

Do you know that the human body consists of natural pain relievers? These are none other than the endorphins, which can be as effective as pain relievers. 

When these naturally-occurring chemicals of the body get released, they obstruct and block the pain signals from entering the brain. Plus, endorphins are beneficial in eliminating depression, stress, and anxiety – mental health conditions that are mostly linked with chronic back issues. By doing aerobic exercise, your body can produce ample amounts of endorphins. 

Furthermore, any exercise that results in the pumping of the blood for a prolonged period is responsible for releasing endorphins. Add forms of exercise like walking (if the pain is not severe) or water therapy. 

Also, activities like acupuncture, meditation, deep breathing, and massage therapy can help you get relief from lower back pain. 

2. Get Therapeutic Sleep 

Amid every other medical condition, pain stands as the primary cause of insomnia. Inadequate sleep worsens your lower back pain. When you fall into this terrible cycle, you need treatment for both sleep disorder and back pain. 

There are many options to treat the various kinds of sleeping disorders that cause chronic lumbago or lower back pain. From relaxation methods and medications to psychological and behavioral techniques, you get plenty of ways to treat this serious concern. Primarily, a combined treatment approach works best. 

3. Train Your Core Muscles 

First, you must know that the body’s core muscles are the back and ab muscles. Unlike the primary leg and arm muscles, the core muscles remain unused for most days. 

However, the core muscles must stay active as they play an essential role in strengthening and supporting the lower back muscle. If you don’t train or exercise your back muscles regularly, you’ll end up causing more strains on your lower back. 

4. Use Ice & Heat To Soothing The Back Pain 

Several people tend not to believe in the powerful impact of hot packs and/or cold packs to relieve lower back pain. They play a crucial role in your lumbago’s healing process, and here’s how: 

  • Ice Usage: It’s imperative to know that back pain is always associated with inflammation. Ice is an effective way to reduce such inflammation and pain naturally. Ice is an excellent local, natural anesthetic. It slows down the nerve impulses and disrupts the pain-spasm activity in the affected body part (lower back). So, applying ice massage regularly can be a real benefit to your lower back pain problem. 
  • Warmth: Applying heat to your lower back has two significant benefits. First, it ensures optimal blood circulation in the lower back’s affected portion. The well-circulated blood supplies healing nutrients to the pain areas. Second, it impedes and blocks the pain signals from entering the brain. You can go for heat therapy in various forms, including a heating pad, shower, hot bath, hot water bottle, and hot tub. 

5. Keeping The Brain Engaged 

It’s imperative to know that pain is way more complex than just being a sensation. The way by which someone’s brain processes and converts pain signals determines how they will perceive the pain. 

The best part? You can train your mind and develop skills to avoid and/or reduce lower back pain signals. A few ways to do that are: 

  • CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This coping strategy will develop your mind to think of pain uniquely. 
  • Mindful Pain Management: By doing meditation and mindfulness, you significantly reduce the pain sensation by ensuring slow, controlled breathing. You can check several online videos to learn the various mindfulness and relaxation strategies for your pain. 

Having expertise in mind-body strategies will help you relieve some degree of lumbago disease or lower back pain in the long run. 

6. Try To Stretch Your Hamstrings Two Times a Day

By gently stretching your hamstrings two times a day, you’ll take a step forward to reduce lower back pain. You should know that if your hamstrings are tight, it’s likely to cause stress on your lower back, thus causing pain. You can stretch your hamstrings once in the morning and the next time in the evening. 

Final Words 

So, get the most of these remedies at home and see what results they bring to you. If you are worried about the persisting pain despite trying these methods, connect with Apollo Health for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

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