7 Huge Risk Factors That Might Lead to Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has no one reason to occur. It can affect many parts of the body and can lead to back pain, injuries, or damage. In many cases, people suffering from a few diseases may also undergo chronic pain. However, if the pain is persistent, it may also be due to a life-threatening condition such as cancer, stomach ulcers, or gallbladder disease. That is why it is prudent to reach out to a pain management specialist in Mumbai or any other convenient location on time. They will help diagnose the problem and plan a comprehensive treatment schedule.

  1. Poor Posture

Have you had years of poor posture now? Do you consistently work by slouching on the couch or watching television, reclining on your bed for hours on end? These things may not look to affect your health initially, but slowly they can lead to chronic pain. Sources suggest that poor posture is more common in children by almost 38.3%. This, in turn, can become a grave risk that leads to chronic pain in the long run for them.

  1. Lifting Heavy Objects

Many times, if you lift heavy objects or do it using a poor posture technique, you can be susceptible to chronic pain in your back. It may also lead to rounding of the back in no time that can be difficult to cure. As such, you may find your hips to be at a weird angle which can also exert more stress on your spine’s ligaments. That is why visiting a pain management specialist in Mumbai becomes the need of the hour.

  1. Wearing High Heels

Wearing high heels may make you look confident, bold, and fashionable. But it may also take a heavy toll on your lower limbs and back. It makes your joints and bones ache and take a toll on your back health. You might also have to arch your back while standing, which can eventually enhance the back pain. That is why speak to a pain management specialist in Mumbai and get rid of this problem before the pain aggravates.

  1. Sleeping On Bad Mattress

Unknown to us, the mattress that we sleep on can also lead to chronic pain. How? If the mattress is not made of good quality or the material has gone bad in a few places, it can increase back pain. So, make sure your mattress is of good quality and helps you have an undisturbed sleep at night. Avoid excessively soft and springy mattresses and opt for thin and firm ones.

  1. Being Overweight

Excess body weight may also do equal harm to your health and cause chronic pain. It is because of the additional load it puts on the back and neck. Make sure you have a healthy diet and a proper fitness regimen to keep your body weight in check.

  1. Traumatic Injury

A specific type of trauma be it mental or physical, can also result in chronic pain in many cases. It has been seen in several studies that the trauma from childhood relating to abuse, a dysfunctional home, and neglect can all lead to chronic pain as we grow up. Similarly, trauma caused by injury can also cause chronic pain.

  1. Degenerative Changes

The natural aging of the spine can also lead to chronic pain. Speak to your pain management specialist in Mumbai to address this health issue on time.

Considering these risk factors will make it easier for you to identify whether you have a chronic pain problem or not. If you do, consult your doctor without delay.

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