7 Tips for Creating a Sophisticated Olive Oil Packaging Design

Nowadays, nobody wants poor packaging for oil products. Olive oil is one of the most vital and versatile ingredients in the culinary world. It is a chef’s secret ingredient in making a broad range of flavorful recipes. Also, people use it in from meat pies and salads to pasta dishes and more! It has become crucial in every grocery store for its nutritional value. So, brands that produce this ingredient make their product as presentable and appealing to the buyers as it can be! Olive oil packaging boxes come up with glamorous designs for you. Besides, they increase oil’s shelf life by providing proper storage conditions.


Health companies are very conscious about their product and packaging as well. Are you also concerned about your olive oil brand? Do you want to have innovative ideas to make your olive oil packaging boxes stand out? Then this article is here to assist you. Also, you can not afford to ignore the colourful and attractive packaging of the product. Every customer wants to get amazingly-designed boxes for their oils. Besides, a variety of brands are competing in the marketplace. To make your company distinctive, you have to get these high-standard personalized oil packages. Here we are going to discuss some useful designed tips to create sophisticated packaging that skyrockets your sales:

1- Work on the Dimensions of Olive Oil Packaging Boxes 

The first tip for designing your olive oil packaging boxes is to be aware of custom size and shape. The manufacturers should follow the contours and dimensions of the bottles that will go within. You have to make sure that the box fits your essential oils perfectly. Also, keep in mind that there is enough space for the products. Above all, when there is no extra space inside the box for the items, they sit stable in their place. So, they do not move from their position, even under pressure or during the transition. This element lowers the chances of damage and uplifts the safety of the oil products. Then think about which shape you would prefer. In general, dropper bottles are great for liquid products. They are a perfect choice to protect essential oils from getting oxidized or leaked.

2- Choose a Suitable Style

In this modern age, many businesses are personalizing the ways of their product packaging. In this regard, you can take advantage of modern technology and make it in a unique shape. Do not offer your olive oil products in the same old-looking and boring packaging anymore. Further, there is an abundance of possibilities that you can put into your custom olive oil packaging box design. They offer you the liberty to personalize the boxes as you want. Your package style must be up to market standards. The styles for the essential oil are sleeves, two-piece, tuck end, mailer, display and seal end boxes. All of these styles are further customizable. Such as, you can have the tuck end on the upper side of the package while keeping the box auto-locked. Besides, clever designs captivate the buyers towards your products. 

3- Appropriate Colour for Typography

The first thought that comes to the mind of every brand owner is to attract buyers to purchase your products. Typography plays a crucial factor in this regard. You have to give it proper attention as it delivers your brand’s message. Vivid and bright colours on top of the olive oil custom packaging help you target your maximum audiences. Further, colours are used in the marketplace to identify and depict your brand. Whenever a buyer sees your products from a distance, the colours painted on the box allure him at first sight. This feature forces him to make a purchase decision without any delay.

 4- Add Vital Details to Olive Oil Packaging Boxes

Another useful tip for designing your cardboard boxes is to try to add small and relevant details about your brand. Information on the custom boxes matters to the extent to affect the sales of the items. This thing increases the revenue of your brand manifold. Besides, your olive oil details are what buyers pay attention to. These include acids, vitamins, expiration dates, benefits, features and a lot more. Such up-to-the-mark packaging brings your goods from a store shelf to a customer bucket. Also, this thing depicts that your brand cares about even the smallest details. 

5- Go for Amazing Add-ons

Custom olive oil packaging boxes with add-on features are one of the best ways to package your products. You can insert a window to give the customers a sneak peek at what’s inside. These custom cut-outs offer a sensory experience for people. Moreover, you can insert different placeholders inside the package. Their key function is to prevent your products from messing up. These placeholders that sit inside packing boxes protect your items. Also, they prove helpful in keeping your olive oil bottles in efficient order. Besides, you can insert handles to secure your items under all conditions. 

6- Create Fascinating Artwork 

A touch of artwork is essential to give custom boxes a standard look. It offers them the ultimate decorative appeal to grab the eye of the customer. With distinctive artwork, you increase the product value a lot. It makes the customer believe in the high quality of your olive oil products. You can avail of graphic printing, digital printing, aqueous coating, etc. All of them give a modish look to your boxes. So, you can create splendid packaging that exceeds customers’ excitement. These elements build strong emotional bonds with your potential audience.

7- Highlight Your Branding Elements

Every business owner dreams of their goods being spotlighted in the eyes of people. Use your cardboard packaging to promote your brand. You can attain this goal thing by getting your brand name and logo printed on it. Also, such boxes not only promote your business but also raise brand recognition. Besides, the logo acts as a trademark of your business. It is in itself a form of branding. For the logo, use embossing or debossing to add a unique style. If the packaging material is green, then spot UV lasts longer. These options look as if something pops up out.


To conclude, olive oil is the first choice of every health-conscious person due to its health benefits. The selection of suitable storage conditions, including packaging, is of great importance. The designs of olive oil packaging boxes should be sleek, unique, and modern. Further, always opt for a unique design facility to grab the eyes of more audiences. Thus, it is time to go for creating a perfect box to increase the sophistication of your packaging. Because in the contemporary era, customers first interact with the outer look of the product and then with what is inside!

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