A Guide To Buying Wheelchair Ramp

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right ramp for your wheelchair, such as the overall cost, the distinction between ramps that are permanent and rentals and a pre-owned alternative versus a brand-new model, and if the ramp will be installed either inside or outside of your business or home. Continue reading for a complete guide to ramps for wheelchairs, from our accessibility and mobility experts.

The Cost Of Installing A Wheelchair Ramp

Prices for wheelchair ramps tend to differ based on variables such as size, materials, and, most importantly, of all, the area that you’re installing them in. On average, you will need to spend between $100 and $250 per square foot in the ramp area. Since prices can differ in different areas.

The options for ramps for wheelchairs and their prices include:

  1. Ready-Made Wheelchair Ramps for an accessible ramp for wheelchairs, with a length of 5 feet in length, prices could start around $210. This is for what’s called”suitcase ramps. “suitcase ramp.”
  2. Accessible ramps for wheelchairs (Single Fold, suitcase, or ramps that fold in multiple ways) Portable ramp for wheelchairs in vans is usually less than five feet in length and can range from $500 to $600. What’s the reason for the difference in cost? It’s partially due to retailers, but in part due to the reason that van ramps are usually more complicated than your typical ramp for stairs.
  3. Aluminium Modular ramps for wheelchairs On the top of the spectrum are aluminum wheelchair ramps that can be made modular. If you choose one of these ramps, you can expect to pay between $3500 to $11,500 (that’s for a 30-36-foot ramp).
  4. Wood Ramps that are built by a professional carpenter could cost between $3,500 to $8,000, however, this does not include the cost of the materials and labor.
  5. Threshold Ramps are Also known as “rubber threshold ramps” are different from standard wheelchair ramps and more resemble rubber mats that are placed in front of your door to make getting into your business or home easier for people who require mobility aid. In accordance with the size, you’ll be able to locate one of these items at less than $100, however more expensive, premium threshold ramps in rubber can cost up to $950.

Although ramps for wheelchairs are costly, there are many companies that could help with the costs of installing them. It is possible to investigate local charities, in addition to talking with your insurance company.

 Be sure that you are employing a business that will collaborate together with you to come up with the best solution for your requirements and will make sure you get the best ramp installation as effective as it can be.

The Best Way To Figure Out How Many Ramps You Need

The length of your ramp will usually be determined by what’s called “rise measurement,” aka the measurement taken from the top of the ramp or where it is going to be from the ground at which it begins. ADA guidelines state that ramps for wheelchairs must be constructed in the ratio of 1:12 meaning that for each inch that rises, the ramp should be extended by 12 inches in length. 

If your house is built with three steps on the front porch, which is an overall rise of 21 inches, this implies you must add in an additional 21-foot length ramp in order to comply with ADA guidelines. 

The regulations also state that ramps must be 36 inches wide at the minimum in addition to having a high platform that is level on the top and bottom.

When To Consider A Wheelchair Ramp Rental

A ramp for wheelchairs typically costs between $150 and $500 per month, although the duration of the ramp should also be considered. Although renting isn’t always an option for all people, it is an excellent option to try the product out first and ensure it offers enough accessibility for everyone in your workplace or at home.

It’s also an option when you need only ramps for a brief period of time for instance, following an accident or during a family member’s healing period or when you’ve got guests that require mobility assistance. We’ve discussed this in our previous blog posts. It’s ideal to lease a ramp for wheelchairs to host your Christmas party or even if you have another holiday gathering in your home.

Aluminum modular ramps typically offer the most suitable option for those seeking to rent a ramp for a short time or try one out. Our rental plan for these ramps includes the installation, removal, and removal, and cleanup needed during or following the time. 

The ramps are an ideal method to ensure that your business or home is fully accessible for a certain amount of time, without disrupting the larger design. 

In this way, if someone living on your property suddenly needs mobility assistance, you’ll not be waiting around to receive the assistance you require.

What To Know About Pre-Owned Wheelchair Ramps

If you are considering purchasing a second-hand piece of equipment it could be risky if you do not deal with a reputable business. The majority of these units have been rented out to homeowners and business proprietors, however, they remain in a near-new state of repair. 

Our selection of used ramps for wheelchairs can vary based on when you call us, however, if you speak to our experts and mention that you’re looking for refurbishing options We will help you find the ideal ramp for your requirements. 

The price varies according to the model and makes and if you’re planning to build ramps for wheelchairs instead of renting one, choosing an older model could be the best method of obtaining a top-quality product that you can rely on to do the job perfectly.

What Is The Difference Between A Wheelchair Ramp And A Platform Lift?

The most frequent platforms you’ll find in lifts are in restaurants and churches. They look like mini-elevators with platforms that are designed to lift up or down the person from one level to the next. 

Some are completely open and some are covered. While they are usually seen in commercial environments They can also be found in homes, too, particularly in situations where the homeowner wants access to the porch or decks (in fact, these units are sometimes referred to as “porch lifts.) 

They are also useful in houses with stairs leading to the garage. They should not be confused with stairs but they do rise directly from one floor to the next, instead of climbing up the wall on the same path as the staircase.

What is the reason a person chooses to purchase an exterior lift or ramp for wheelchairs? It is all dependent on the requirements of the individual. Nearly anyone in a motorized scooter, wheelchair, or powerchair is able to make use of a wheelchair ramp.

 For those who require long-term support with their wheelchair or another device for mobility, then a powered lift could be a better choice. But, it’s important to take into consideration the price when deciding what’s best in your own home. 

In the event that the requirement for assistance is temporary, a ramp for wheelchairs is preferable, since it’s easier to hire one of these devices.

Why Diy Isn’t A Great Idea?

Many people believe that building a ramp for wheelchairs is not much more difficult than simply propping it up and creating an edging between one surface and another. However, this is any further than the reality. 

There are a variety of reasons for wheelchair ramp installation, given that no two homes or companies are alike. You may have to modify your plans based on the dimensions of your area.

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