A Guide to the valuable Vastu tips for your home in 2023

It is challenging for the builder to ensure whether the home built by them are Vastu compliant or not. If you decide to purchase your new home or have faith in Vastu, then follow some Vastu tips for your home. 

The reason behind believing in Vastu is that it recommends the proper shape, format, color, and directions to ensure happiness and positivity in your entire home. Adding specific energy to make the house into your home is essential. This is the primary reason to use the Vastu tips to gain high energy. 

Read the article to know all the best Vastu tips to gain high energy in every corner of your new home. 

Principles of Vastu for your new home 

Here are the principles of Vastu used for your new home. 

  1. Room shape

The first Vastu principle for your new home is to check the room shape. According to Vastu, for your home, you should prefer the shape rectangular or square. 

  1. Basic Vastu for your room

According to this Vastu principle, every room of your house must be airy, lit, and clean. 

  1. About furniture 

According to Vastu, for your new home, the heavy furniture in your entire home, like a bed, cupboard, etc., must keep in a southwest direction. A fast tip of Vastu for your new home is constructing the stairs in a southwest direction. 

  1. Water, according to Vastu. 

The most critical Vastu tip for your new home is to keep the water and plants medium such as a fountain, water painting, aquarium, etc. 

  1. Tip of Vastu for dining table

The important Vastu for a dining table in your home is far from the main door of your home. 

Important Vastu tips for your new home 

Here is the list of all the essential tips of Vastu for your new home. 

  1. Vastu tip – Entrance directions for your new home 

According to Vastu tips for your new home, the main entrance of your new home is not an entry point for the family but also for vibes and energy. Your home’s main entry must face east, north, and northeast directions. 

It should be built so that it faces north, east, and northeast directions when you step out of your home. 

Tips to follow while designing the entrance of your home. 

  • Avoid to built the bathroom near the main door. 
  • Avoid placing the water-centric or fountain decoration outside your main door. 
  • You should not paint your main door black color. 
  • The door must be constructed in a clockwise direction
  • The entrance must be well lit
  1. Vastu tips for the dining hall

If there is a separate dining area in your home, place the dining hall in the west zone area to yield the best results. You should avoid setting the dining hall in south west zone direction because it is not a suitable direction, according to Vastu’s tip. 

  1. Vastu tip for staircase 

The proper placement of the staircase in your home is essential to ensure harmony and peace. According to the Vastu tip, the proper placement of the staircase is southwest direction. If you want to consider any other direction, you have to contact to Vastu consultant. But try to avoid the northeast direction for staircase placement. 

  1. Vastu tip for living room

The living room is the most critical and active zone of your home. Your living room creates an immediate first impression on your guests when they enter your house. According to Vastu tip, your living room must be in the north, east, and northeast direction. 

However, you should keep the furniture in your living room in the southwest or west direction. Following these tips of Vastu ensures that there is no Vastu dosh in your home. 

Tips for living room, you should focus. 

  • All the electronics and other components must be installed in the southeast direction of your living room.
  • If the mirror is placed in your living room, you should place it on the north wall. 
  1. Bedroom Vastu tips for your new home 

Vastu tips suggest you construct the bedroom in your home in a southeast direction to maintain relations and good health. You should keep the bed in the southeast corner of your room by heading the face of the bed towards the west. 


People are moving or constructing their new homes with the same purpose, to live in happy and comfortable surroundings. All the above Vastu tips for your new home help you to bring happiness, peace, harmony, and positivity to your home. 

By Cary Grant

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