A New Study Finds that Losing Weight Doesn’t Increase Fertility in Females

According to a recent study, weight loss in obese females doesn’t help increase their fertility. Pregnancy and body weight are often associated. We have known for ages that women who are overweight or obese suffer from fertility challenges. When it comes to increasing the reproductive potential in such females, losing weight is thought to be effective. 

Quoting a similar experience, I remember when one of my friends visited BHY Hospital Karachi after suffering from infertility problems her doctor asked her to shed the weight. She took the nutritionist’s advice on this and did every possible effort to lose weight. 

Obesity and Fertility – What’s the Connection?

This is probably the most common advice anyone suffering from fertility gets. The reason behind this is considered that women who are obese might suffer from hormonal fluctuations. These hormonal fluctuations can be one reason that they suffer from fertility problems. So, losing weight is considered to be helpful when it comes to increasing fertility.

No matter what, there is a lot more about female infertility that we need to know. Let’s know about the basics first. 

What is Female Infertility?

Female infertility refers to the condition when a female is unable to conceive after trying for at least one year. These fertility problems can come from both men and women. There are many possible causes behind the infertility troubles females go through. From your hormonal fluctuations to the conditions like PCOS, many things can affect your chances of getting pregnant. 

Other than the known causes, there are female infertility cases that have no potential cause. So, female infertility can be considered a complex condition and it doesn’t work on the principle of one solution for everyone. However, the first thing that comes to notice when we talk about improving fertility in females, is bodyweight makes it to the discussion. 

Many suggested ways are thought to help shed extra body weight. From following the right kind of diet to doing physical activities, women can do many things to lose weight. But is this weight loss effective and increases the fertility potential of females?

The answer was given in a recent study.

What Does the Research Say?

To prove this relationship between weight loss and fertility, two studies were conducted. According to research that was conducted across nine academic centres where participants of the study were split into two groups. 

Group one includes the participant who went for an intensive weight loss program that included dietary changes, meal replacements, physical activity, and the use of supplements. However, in group two participants, the only change was the increased physical activity in the patients without changing any diet or supplements. After doing this, both of the group participants went for the standard fertility treatments for three rounds to calculate the outcomes of the research. 

According to the results obtained from this study, it was seen that there was no significant difference in the fertility potentials of participants from both fertility groups. Talking in numbers, 23 out of 188 patients in group one gave birth to children. While in group 2, 29 out of 191 patients gave birth successfully.

There were no significant changes in the reproductive potential in females who opted for the weight loss program. However, the participants experienced additional benefits such as the management of other medical conditions and having relatively healthier bodies. But the weight didn’t impact the reproductive potential of the females.

Bottom Line!

When it comes to pregnancy challenges many potential factors are considered to be responsible. Excessive body weight or obesity is an important one and this is said by the females that if they are obese, losing weight a certain amount of body weight can help to increase their fertility chances. 

However, a recent study that was performed in this regard didn’t support the claim. The scientific study was performed across nine research institutes and the research findings suggested that there was no increase in the fertility potential of females despite shedding the weight. But the benefits of losing weight can go in the long run and can improve the overall patient’s health. Further research is also required to investigate this relationship between weight loss and fertility chances.

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