All About Robotic Prostate Treatment

What is prostate cancer?

When the body’s cells start to grow rapidly, cancer begins. Every cell in the body has the chance to transform into a cancer cell and migrate to different organs. It helps us understand why cancer grows and spreads. As cells in the prostate gland begin to grow rapidly, prostate cancer develops. Men are the only species of human with a prostate gland. A portion of the fluid found in semen is produced by it.

The gallbladder is a small organ beneath and in front of the rectum that stores urine (the last part of the intestines). The seminal vesicles, a collection of glands situated just beneath the prostate, are accountable for producing the majority of the fluid for semen. The urethra, a tube that leaves the body through the penis carrying sperm and urine, travels through the middle of the prostate. As a man ages, the prostate’s size can alter. It is roughly the shape of a walnut in younger men; it can grow much greater in older men. Radiation therapy for cancer in the area of expertise of a radiation oncologist.

Types of prostate cancer?

Adenocarcinomas are the majority of prostate cancer patients. The gland cells are also what develop these cancers (the cells that generate this prostate fluid is given to the semen).

The prostate can also be affected by the following cancers:

  • cancers of the minor cells
  • neuropathic tumors (other than small cells)
  • Tumors with temporary cells
  • Malignances

These additional types of prostate cancer are unusual. If you’ve been infected with prostate cancer, it is almost given that it is cancer.

What is Robotic prostate surgery?

The use of region surgical equipment allows the surgeon to exactly recover the prostate and adjacent tissues by trying to insert small robotic tools through several small keyhole slits in the patient’s belly. In contrast to a traditional severe retropubic prostatectomy, which involves an abdomen cut that runs from the belly button to the pelvic bone, this treatment is considerably least painful.

An amplified perspective of the sensitive things in place in the prostate gland (like nerves, blood vessels, and muscles) is given by a three-dimensional endoscope and image analysis tools all through robotic-aided radical prostatectomy, enabling the best conservation and protection of these critical structures. Afterward when one of the keyhole slits is used to remove the prostate.

Pros of robot surgery:

Patients who have a robotic-aided the following advantages of radical prostatectomy are reported:

  • less bleeding
  • fewer pains
  • shorter stay at the hospital
  • faster recovery (despite the duration of the feed’s stay in the bladder following a robot or manual operation is the same).

Dangers of Robotic-Aided radical prostate removal through laparoscopy

  • Losing blood 
  • an illness in the wound area
  • injury to tissues and organs nearby


While receiving prostate treatment  for prostate cancer, you will see the cancer specialist in Boston frequently for follow-up appointments. Your physician will inquire about any negative impacts you may be feeling. Many adverse effects are controllable.

Based on the scenario, you may be tested immediately to keep an eye on your health and look for cancer development or relapse while receiving hormone treatment.

The bulk of the procedure is performed by the Robotic prostate cancer surgeon while sitting at a computer screen, using microscopic wristed instruments with a substantially bigger range of movement than a person’s wrist. All through the procedure, the surgeon doesn’t contact the person’s inner organs. According to certain research, age-related adverse effects such as erectile dysfunction and urine incontinence also worsen.

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