An Ultimate Guide to Changing Your Motorcycle Handlebars

Personalisation, in terms of style, performance, and most importantly, comfort, is one of the best parts of owning a motorbike. The problem is that many options for customizing a motorbike and the names for equal parts often change.

We won’t be the first or last to inform you that adjusting Motorcycle Handlebars may give you a whole new riding experience by altering your rise, pullback, and hand placement. Not all bikers are picky about automotive products, but that is a factor. Achieving optimal ergonomics in your bike’s design will improve your riding experience.

Learning About the Rise, Offset, and Motorcycle Handlebars Position

Adding an extra few inches to your handlebars isn’t all involved in making a change. The correct handlebars will prevent you from bending at the wrists and forearms. Also, adjusting your hand position may alleviate tension on your back and wrists caused by slouching.

How Do You Measure The Handlebars On A Motorcycle?

A different picture emerges when one considers the value of experience and the subtle differences across motorbike manufacturers. It’s more complicated than just measuring length and breadth. When customizing a vehicle for a person, it’s not only the lengths and widths of the parts that matter.

There are also distinctions between model years. The industry is constantly shifting the goalposts to make things more complex, and the “in” things are constantly changing. Since no definitive definition exists, the proportions may vary depending on the brand. 

Federal rules frequently hinge on safety, which is a topic with worldwide variations. Don’t even start us off on the debate between imperial and metric systems. Finally, it signifies that you should get in touch with the organization to receive the whole scoop and a detailed list of requirements.

Various Types Of Motorcycle Handlebars

Now is the moment to either fine-tune or replace your motorcycle’s grips. Do you want standard Motorcycle Handlebars, or do you need anything special made? Which is better, handlebar risers or clip-on, on a bicycle? Let’s talk about some of the options you have for motorbike handlebars and how they could alter your riding.

  • Steepening Handlebars

You may install these Handlebar risers for motorcycles in the space between the triple clamp and the handlebar. Because they fit on your bike’s current handlebars, you will need to make very few adjustments to install them.

  • Extending Handlebars

In a nutshell, Motorcycle Handlebars risers are the same thing as handlebar extensions or extenders for motorcycles. These items are designed to raise your existing handlebars, altering where your hands are naturally resting on the bike.

  • Flexible Handlebars

Adjusting your handlebars entails swapping out your existing bars for something else rather than adding or altering them. For example, suppose you’re having trouble finding a comfortable position for your hands on the bike handlebars of your motorbike after installing risers. In that case, you may want to consider purchasing a new set of handlebars.

  • Modified Handlebars

One thing we’d say is to be wary of the phrase “custom” while looking for a way out of your discomfort is to evaluate the comfort of your current riding posture. There are some incredible (and expensive) companies who make really unique Motorcycle Handlebars, but there are also numerous businesses that use the phrase “custom” like it’s a piece of bling.

Why You Must Change Your Motorcycle’s Handlebar?

How at ease you feel riding a motorbike should be a top priority while shopping for one because bicycles aren’t as adaptable as vehicles, for one thing.

The so-called “rider triangle” is a crucial criterion for safe and pleasant cycling. 

If the bars aren’t in the right place, you might feel tingling or numb since the pressure on your nerves is too great. They may also cause muscular tension in the shoulders and neck, as well as place undue pressure on the skeleton of the arms. The result might be chronic discomfort in the lower back and other health problems. 

Naturally, the ability to steer and brake a motorcycle comes from the handlebars. Turning requires more or less effort depending on their placement and total size. You may be unable to turn your bike as sharply as you’d want if your handlebars are too small or too tightly fitting.

The purpose of a new motorbike handlebar is not usually just aesthetic. Instead, it’s not uncommon to do this for the sake of convenience and dynamism.

The Ultimate Resource for Motorcycle Handlebars

Motorcycle Handlebars measurements are notoriously tricky, whether you’re looking to outfit a brand new Gold Wing or a vintage chopper with a sidecar.

In addition to enhancing your riding experience, a new set of motorcycle handlebars may make your bike more stable and responsive.

The first step in replacing your Motorcycle Handlebars is to figure out why you’re doing it. Try asking yourself a few simple questions to get started in the correct direction. It takes some thought and research to figure out which motorbike handlebars will give you the style you want. Carorbis is your one-stop shop for the finest auto accessories available. You can get anything you need for your bike there.

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