ASUS Laptop Keyboard Not Working? (SOLVED!)

If the mouse on your laptop isn’t functioning, it could be an unpleasant experience. There are several factors that could be responsible for the issue, but fortunately there are several solutions. In this blog we’ll look at the most frequently-cited reasons the reason that your mousepad may not be working properly, and then how to resolve them.

5 Reasons Why Your Laptop Mousepad Might Not Be Working

1. The Mousepad Is Disabled

One of the main reason why your mousepad might not function is because it’s disabled. To determine whether your mousepad is disabled check for a button for the touchpad in the taskbar. If it is there it means that your touchpad is activated. If the icon isn’t there, the touchpad has been disabled.

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2. The Mousepad Is Not Working Properly

Another reason that the mousepad isn’t working is that it’s working correctly. It could be due to various factors however the most frequent reason is a driver problem. If you’re having issues with your mousepad, be sure to look for updates to your driver.

3. The Mousepad Is Not Calibrated

If your mousepad isn’t functioning correctly, it could be due to it not being calibrated. For calibrating your mousepad you’ll have to enter the Mouse settings within the Control Panel. Once you’re within the Mouse settings, simply click the “Calibrate” button and follow the instructions on screen.

4. The Mousepad Is Dirty

Another reason that your mousepad isn’t functioning is because it’s dirty. If your mousepad has become dirty this could cause your cursor to bounce around or even stop moving. For cleaning your mousepad you can apply an irrigating cloth or cotton swab, which has been submerged in alcohol isopropyl.

5. The Mousepad Is Damaged

If your mousepad has been damaged, this could be the reason it’s malfunctioning. If your mousepad is damaged, cracked peeling or damaged, it’s likely to have to be replaced. There are usually replacement mousepads to match your particular laptop model on the internet.

FAQs On ASUS Laptop Keyboard Not Working

1. Why Is My Laptop Mousepad Not Working?

There are several possibilities for why your laptop’s mousepad may not function properly. A commonly cited causes can be because the mousepad has been disabled. Another reason that is common is the mousepad isn’t working in a proper manner.

2. How Do I Fix A Laptop Mousepad That Is Not Working?

There are several solutions to repair a laptop mousepad that’s not working. One method is to activate the mousepad. Another method is to adjust the mousepad. It is also possible to clean the mousepad, or replacing the mousepad if damaged.

3. What Do I Do If My Laptop Mousepad Is Not Working?

If your laptop’s mousepad isn’t working, try a variety of things to solve the issue. One solution is to enable the mousepad. Another option is to calibrate the mousepad. You could also try cleaning the mousepad or replacing mousepad if damaged.


If your laptop’s mousepad isn’t working this could be a hassle. There are several reasons that your mousepad may not be working, however, it is good to know that there are several options. In this blog we’ve discussed the most frequently-cited reasons your mousepad might not be working , and what to resolve them.

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