AWS Training: Everything You Need To Know

Many of the world’s leading companies now run part or all of their software environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the number of companies migrating to AWS is growing every day. As a result, acquiring an AWS certification might be a brilliant investment if you’re looking for a new IT job, a new role in your present firm, or simply wish to advance in your existing position.

AWS is now ranked third among the top 15 highest-paying certifications in America. Companies recognize the value of AWS-certified employees and know what it takes to retain them.

Understanding AWS Training and Certification System

Six core certificates and five specialist certifications are presently available from AWS. In addition, AWS Training offers three levels of foundational credentials, starting with Foundational and moving to Associate and Professional qualifications.

AWS TrainingAWS Certification Badge Earned
FOUNDATIONAL(6 months)Fundamental AWS Cloud and industry knowledgeAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Foundational
PROFESSIONAL(two years)Designing, Operating, and Troubleshooting Solutions using the AWS CloudAWS Certified Solutions Architect orAWS Certified Solutions DevOps Engineer
ASSOCIATE(one year)Solving problems and implementing solutions using AWS CloudAWS Certified Solutions  Solutions AWS Certified Solutions ArchitectAWS Certified Solutions DeveloperAWS Certified Solutions Sysops Administrator
SPECIALTYTechnical AWS Cloud experience in the Specialty domain AWS Certified Solutions Advanced NetworkingAWS Certified Solutions Data AnalyticsAWS Certified Solutions DatabaseMachine LearningAWS Certified Solutions SecurityAWS Certified Solutions SAP on AWS

The Value of AWS Training and Certification

Certifications are a tried-and-true method of demonstrating your value to your current and potential employers. When linked with your area of expertise, a professional certification can fill in the gaps that will help you advance to the next level in your career.

While certifications may not always imply competency, having an AWS Certification might lead to increased pay and career opportunities.

AWS is the leader in the cloud computing service industry, serving as a benchmark and thought leader for its competitors. Gartner ranked AWS as the leader in the Infrastructure & Platform Services Magic Quadrant for the tenth year in a row in 2020, and it now controls the majority of the cloud computing services market.

The answer to this question is based on the conclusion you desire. Yes, they have a lot of value beyond a salary boost — but let’s not hide that AWS certifications are associated with greater salaries and career options.

Growing Demand for AWS Training

The cloud is gradually becoming the default norm for all enterprises for scalable technical operations. Many companies are shifting businesses to the cloud, and AWS certification might give you a leg up on the competition.

AWS has established itself as the benchmark for Cloud computing, outperforming its competitors across industries. According to Gartner data, Amazon is around ten times more popular than its other 14 competitors.

Professional Perks of AWS Certification

Enrolling in AWS certification can help you expand your knowledge of AWS services if you’re already working with AWS cloud infrastructure. You’ll learn how various parts of the platform, such as costs, security, and scalability, operate. These new abilities give you the tools you need to use the platform for the company where you work.

Certification improves your chances of landing well-paying jobs as a new AWS user. The certificates validate your AWS-related talents, which firms value more than just your previous work experience.

Demand for Amazon Web Services Expertise

AWS certification is an excellent way for businesses to bridge the gap in skills needed for various cloud-related duties. AWS certified applicants can work at dozens of firms that offer AWS solutions. Cloud skills have been popular for years, and with demand continuing to rise, cloud-skilled employees have never had it better.

An AWS certification shows your dedication to the cloud industry and its best practices. This certification takes a lot of time, dedication, hard work, and effort to achieve. However, this passion inspires many people, including notable employers.

Final Thoughts

Even though certification and competency are linked, certificates are still highly demanded.

AWS certification can help you keep ahead of the cloud market’s rapid growth and stand out from the pack. It establishes your qualifications, but it also allows you to expand your professional network. Professional development and lifelong learning are further benefits of certification.

Maintain your focus on your career objectives, meticulously plan and prepare for these examinations, and go forward with confidence that you’ve devised a winning—and lucrative—career-building approach.

Best of luck for your AWS certification journey!

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