Batch Barcode Scanning With Your Phone

Smartphones have ushered in an era of tremendous growth in speed. Be it the Internet or instant messaging. 

Why should barcode scanning stay behind? Innovative technologies of the day have made it so that barcode scanning can be done through smartphones, and that, too, in bulk. It is a known fact that this generation is quite tech-friendly, and smartphones are one of those gadgets at everyone’s fingertips. This factor, combined with barcode scanning in bulk, has created an environment faster than its predecessors. 

But how does it exactly work? Keep reading to learn more. 

What is Batch Barcode Scanning? 

Batch barcode scanning can be defined as clicking multiple, continuous pictures of barcodes and then stitching them together with the help of barcode scanning software. This software generates a panoramic view of the scanned barcodes. A batch barcode scanner permits the user to scan multiple barcodes and then upload them into the scanner’s memory. This data can be extracted anytime, at the user’s convenience. 

Batch scanning of barcodes can be done by any camera-equipped device. However, the best option is to use a smartphone for this purpose. 

How can we do Batch Barcode Scanning through smartphones? 

As mentioned above, smartphones are one of the most convenient ways of batch barcode scanning. Moreover, since smartphones are handy and compact, it is extremely user-friendly to use them as batch barcode scanners. 

A simple software development kit can help you build an app quickly and turn the smartphone into a robust data-collecting barcode scanner. These software development kits or SDKs are readily available in the market. 

For example, after deploying batch barcode scanning software into the user’s smartphone, the smartphone equipped with a camera could be moved along with the rows of barcoded items. 

  • First, the smartphone’s camera would capture multiple pictures and videos of the barcode region.
  • Then the barcode scanning software would work and create a panoramic image of all barcodes stitched together.
  • Once the software decodes, the user can easily access the decoded barcode results on their smartphones. 

What are the benefits of Batch Barcode Scanning through smartphones?

  • Amplified scanning speed: Using smartphones in the barcode scanning process has significantly enhanced productivity gains. Smartphones are built in a way to promote speed. Every action is faster through smartphones. Their handiness and familiarity have made it so employees can get hold of it quickly and get a task done faster. This is because employees are already familiar with their smartphones and do not need to train for it all over again. 

A robust batch barcode scanning software would ensure that an employee or user can scan 100+ codes simultaneously. This comes as very efficient during inventory counting and asset management. This also results in significant time savings. 

  • Relatively cheaper: Since no additional equipment, such as a dedicated handheld barcode scanner, is required now, the camera cost automatically dips down to almost one-tenth. Additionally, using smartphones saves the cost of training employees through the new technologies of handheld or desktop barcode scanners. 

There’s an added benefit of not needing as many employees. Batch barcode scanning scans barcodes in bulk and hence, does not require many resources. This factor also helps in saving expenses.

  • Enhanced accessibility: As one can access all the data, inventory, or sales through a simple web portal right from the comfort of their smartphone, batch barcode scanning through smartphones enhances accessibility as well. 

Smartphones provide better grip and comfort since they are convenient, making them easier to operate, especially compared to desktop-based barcode scanners.

  • Accuracy: During barcode decoding, accuracy is one of the most important factors. Manual decoding of barcodes might lead to errors as some scanners available in the market offer speed but limited accuracy. Whereas, scanners that offer high accuracy do not offer the required speed for bulk barcode scanning. 

Batch barcode scanning through smartphones removes all the bottlenecks mentioned above  Smartphones equipped with the right barcode scanning SDK are able to decode barcodes in bulk accurately in real time.


In this digital age, smartphones have become those mini, compact gadgets that get every job done. Be it the functions of a camera, speaker, or barcode reader, smartphones have become the end goal. Now with technologies that combine smartphones with batch barcode scanning, it has come as a breakthrough. This article neatly sums up why a business owner, small, medium, or large, should invest in SDKs that equip smartphones with batch barcode scanning technologies. 

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