Best Christmas Tree Skirts

What are the best Christmas tree skirts? It is a question which crosses everyone’s mind when Christmas draws near, but no worries because we have the answer!

It is also the under-appreciated heroine of the Christmas decor world. When decorating our Christmas tree, we often concentrate on the stars, the baubles, and the lights, often not thinking about the finishing finish, the basic tree skirt.

The purpose of a Christmas skirt?

This simple accessory hides many problems, from ugly drinking buckets in real trees to ugly metallic feet for artificial trees. It is simply a slot that fits over the base, or detaches at the sides and is put on top of the base. The market for tree skirts has grown substantially in the last few years, and there are more designs than ever before.

We’ve put together our top picks that are currently available. From traditional rattan designs to sequins with a more modern flair, there’s a tree skirt that will fit all styles of tree decoration. This important item can be utilized year-round regardless of the type of tree you choose, making it a worthy investment.

1. Garden Trading Rattan Tree Skirt the most traditional Christmas tree skirt

Rustic willow skirts and rattan skirts remain the most popular option. Elegant and timeless and easy to understand why they’re in the top spot for sales. The simple and elegant design from Garden Trading crafted in Kuku Rattan comes in a range of sizes to ensure it will cover every need. Because it’s one part, i.e it doesn’t unfasten the base, you must determine the size of the base when you’re using artificial trees to ensure it is suitable. Simply slide it over the base prior to putting it in place. the tree.

Size dimensions: H26 x Dia 60cm

2. The Next Sequin Tree Skirt – best sequin tree skirt

Sequin skirts are the ideal way to add instant glamour on any holiday tree. The glitter reflects off the Christmas lights and creates the appearance of a warm, twinkling glow that is even more impressive when the sequins have gold and the lighting is warm instead of white. The sparkling number from Next is a spectacular display for any tree this holiday season.

3. 4. White Company Antiqued Metal Tree Skirt – the best tree skirt made of metal. skirt

The elegant tree skirt made of metal is ideal for those looking to give a more elegant look to their Christmas tree ornaments. It is part of the impressive collection of tree skirts this gorgeous new look is made from tin then coated with a stunning antique-looking galvanised finish. This tree skirt made of steel is a great option for a modern elegant, glamorous home.

Size dimensions: H26 x Dia 64cm

4. B&Q Santa’s Belt Skirt The best tree skirt for little trees

This is almost a no-brainer. The fun tinsel-tastic look is an excellent novelty option for adding a touch of fun to your baby’s Christmas tree. The fun Santa belt design will bring an edgy design to the tree that will surely be decorated with bright colours and handmade decorations. It’s a great combination for a festive celebration.

5. John Lewis Faux fur tree skirt – best faux fur Christmas tree skirt

The unique design is an inspiration from idyllic snow covered landscapes. The idea of creating a snowy landscape will surely bring peace and calm to your house this Christmas. A snowy faux fur design will look great with a snow-covered tree to create a full-on festive white Christmas feel. When it comes to faux fur designs, the most important thing to do right is to choose one that feels authentic and looks stylish. Definitely a recommendation for the best Christmas tree skirts!

6. Marks & Spencer Red Christmas Tree Skirt – best tree skirt for bigger trees

Size is important when you’re trying to fit the tree skirt. The large design can be secured using three ribbon ties to ensure it is able to fit around bases that are any size, even the largest. The playful design is striking in the traditional red and has flecks of snowflakes to add a touch of glam.

Size dimensions: Dia 88cm

7. The A. Amara Fair Isle Pattern Tree Skirt – best tree skirt

If you’re trying to create an alpine-like atmosphere at home this season, this is the perfect tree skirt to do the job. The ski-inspired skirt is finished with an exquisite faux fur material as the principal fabric is a traditional grey scale that resembles the Fair Isle pattern.

Size dimensions: 100cm

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8. Dunelm White Wicker Tree Skirt The most budget-friendly tree skirt made of wicker

We’re aware of how popular wicker skirts for trees are, however they’re not the most affordable option. However, when you shop on Dunelm you’ll find some of the top low-cost wicker options available. We are in love with this white-painted wicker design that adds an energizing color to any interior design. They also offer this style in Walnut wood and Grey , and both come with the PS15 cost. Definitely a recommendation for the best Christmas tree skirts!

Size dimensions: H25cm x Dia 60cm

9. Matalan Hessian Slogan Christmas Skirt – best hessian tree skirt

Hessian is a popular fabric for decorations during the holidays – think of present bags and similar. This easy hessian design has a lovely tartan edging that is red, which enhances the colour of the text printed at the back of the skirt. The message reads ‘Have yourself a wonderful Little Christmas’. Simple and sweet It’s also a bargain. Definitely a recommendation for the best Christmas tree skirts!

Size dimensions: 120cm x 38cm

10. Charlton Island Square Wicker Tree Skirt – the best Square Christmas Tree Skirt

The most sought-after wicker style is reinvented with this square shape. More like a traditional wicker basket, this clever style is a timeless piece that will add some luxury to the Christmas trees every year. The basic rustic style will fit in with any decor and won’t clash with the overall theme.

Dimensions: H26cm by Dia 55cm

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