Best cinnamon rolls near me

The best cinnamon rolls in the world. They are big, fluffy, and soft. You will love them! There are two ways to make them: one takes a long time, and the other is quick. The recipe also includes how to freeze it to eat it later.

Hello! Welcome to the world of cinnamon rolls.

These rolls are fluffy, packed with cinnamon sugar, and have a cream cheese glaze. This is not healthy food. But sometimes you need to eat something indulgent.

The trick to making cinnamon rolls is using bread flour. These are not like other types of flour. If you use anything else, the rolls will be different.

The recipe is for a sweet, fluffy cinnamon roll. I first published the recipe back in May of 2017. I made the recipe for years and wanted to share it with everyone.

Years later, these cinnamon rolls are one of the most popular recipes on Ambitious Kitchen. Today I am telling you about how delicious they are. But I also want to share some tips and tricks, plus a video tutorial of me making them (at the end of the post).

The first time I baked rolls was for Easter brunch. It was hard. Tony’s parents were in town, and he had 5 other guys living with him. I prepared the dough before, kneading it by hand and mixing it with a wooden spoon. It was perfect! The next morning, I put the rolls in the oven, and they rose like mountains: beautiful and finished with a sweet vanilla cream cheese icing that smells good too!

The guys liked my cinnamon rolls. They said they were the best that they had ever eaten. I knew then that I would make them at every special occasion and holiday in the future. Every year, I make them for Christmas morning when people are having brunch. 

Ingredients in cinnamon rolls

This cinnamon roll recipe doesn’t need a lot of ingredients, but you will need love and patience to make them. You will also need to follow the recipe exactly. These are called the best cinnamon rolls because they come from this recipe. What you need is:


 I recommend milk with 2% fat. I also like almond milk. You can make sure this is at the right temperature.

Granulated sugar:

This is a part of the cinnamon rolls that helps them taste better and help them rise.

Quick rise yeast: 

We want to put quick rise or instant yeast into this recipe. Quick rise means that the cinnamon rolls will get big fast. It takes a little longer for active dry yeast to grow them huge, but that’s fine.


Butter the one and only. I prefer salted butter, but unsalted is also good. You will need it for the dough, filling, and icing.

Egg + egg yolk:

This recipe has 1 egg and 1 egg yolk. They make the dough perfect and rich.

Bread flour:

We are using bread flour to make these cinnamon rolls soft and fluffy. The bread flour has protein levels that help the cinnamon rolls stay light and fluffy. Protein helps create more gluten, which gives them a chewy, soft texture you love.

Brown sugar:

Brown sugar is good for cinnamon swirls. Use dark brown sugar, or light brown sugar if you prefer.


Salt is needed in cinnamon roll recipes for a good taste. Without salt, they would be too plain. And salt also helps to control yeast.

For the icing:

You need some cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla for the icing.

Can I make them dairy-free?

You need to use cream cheese, butter, and sugar for the icing. For the vanilla powder, you also need to use vanilla.

1. What is the best yeast for cinnamon rolls? The two types of yeast are active dry yeast and fresh yeast. Before being added to the rest of the dough components, active dry yeast must be dissolved in liquid or “proofed.”You’ll see this type of yeast is activated when little bubbles start to appear in the liquid in which you dissolve the yeast (for this recipe, it’s warm milk).

2. How can you tell if your active dry yeast has activated? The first step is to put it into a container with warm milk until there are little bubbles coming out of it (it will take about 5 minutes). If there are no bubbles, your active dry yeast.

Quick rise yeast is a type of yeast that can be added to the dough without any proofing. This means you don’t need to watch the yeast to make sure it bubbles. But some people like to add a little milk and sugar because it helps the yeast become active.

You need to start by warming the milk. If you are using yeast, add it too. Add sugar if needed.

Tips for making the best cinnamon rolls

  • Don’t make your milk too hot. Milk should be between 105-115 degrees F. If it is hotter, the yeast will die, and the cinnamon rolls won’t rise. A simple way to check is to touch your finger in the milk. It should feel like warm bath water, but not too hot.
  • The recipe will call for a lot of melted butter but do not put it in the filling. Room temperature butter is best!
  • Rub the brown sugar into the butter. Please put it on the butter, then rub it with your hands.
  • Don’t use cold eggs when you make bread. Use a warm egg instead. Put your eggs in water for a few minutes to warm them, and then use the eggs in the dough.
  • Use bread flour. It is available at most stores, and it makes the cinnamon rolls really soft.
  • Make sure your work surface is clean and flour it. Put flour on the rolling pin too. This will help the cinnamon rolls from sticking to anything.

How to make overnight cinnamon rolls

After you roll up the cinnamon rolls, cut them. Put them in a pan with parchment paper and cover with plastic wrap. Let the cinnamon rolls stay in the fridge overnight. When you are ready to bake, let them come back to room temperature and rise for 45 minutes-1 hour before baking as directed.


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Best cinnamon rolls near me

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