Best Extra Long Shower Curtain

Best extra long shower curtain shower is a necessity to complete your bathroom’s look. We have made the perfect list for you!

When you decide to start your day by taking a shower, or end your day with one, having a nice shower curtain (that isn’t a stick and get dirty easily) is an absolute essential for your bathroom. And while we’ve written before about all sorts of bathroom decor — including cheap-but-expensive-looking bathroom accents, the best bath towels according to interior designers, and a teakwood bath tray — here, we’ve rounded up the best shower curtains as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

The curtain is constructed of strong, heavy EVA material that is weighted at the base, this shower curtain is guaranteed not to move in the flow of air or adhere to the shower user. “No touching,” writes one reviewer. He adds that the transparent, “extra thick” shower curtain “hangs very nicely.” Another reviewer, who describes the curtain “the best shower curtain I’ve ever had,” states that another advantage of its rigidity is the fact that the curtain “stays close to the edges of my shower and prevents water from splashing out.” It is definitely recommended as one of the best extra long shower curtain.

AmazonBasics Shower Curtains with Hooks Gray Stripe

Some reviewers think this striped shower curtain made by AmazonBasics is an excellent value in addition to it’s “neutral palette” and bold stripes make it easy to blend seamlessly into most styles. Based on the opinion of at least one customer the curtain is “very chic looking,” and it appears to cost more than it actually does. “As a first time home buyer ‘ballin on a budget’ it is so hard to make your home seem uniform without spending a fortune.” A different reviewer praises it for being “much more stylish than most curtains in this price range.” It is definitely recommended as one of the best extra long shower curtain. While the design of this shower curtain is one of its most admired characteristics, many buyers praise the benefits that comes with the “100 percent polyester” material. “This polyester shower curtain is superior to vinyl hand-to-hand. It’s much lighter, sticks to the tub’s interior better, and is dry in a third less time.” an individual reviewer states.

Barossa Design Store Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain

More than 500 reviewers have utilized the words “well made” or “quality” when discussing the water-resistant shower curtain that, according to many, doesn’t need the use of a liner. It’s actually made of waterproof cloth that unlike plastic, can be washed by machine. “Hallelujah, I finally received a shower curtain with the material that I wanted,” says one reviewer. However, it’s simple to spot clean, as per a different reviewer who found mildew along the hem of the curtain following several months of usage: “Rather than take the curtain off, I spray the edges with OxiClean, which is a peroxide-based cleaner … This did the trick! It’s now a sparkling White shower curtain.” It’s also the most beautiful of all is that it’s a “nice texture waffle weave with nicely finished edges,” writes one reviewer. “I am SUPER picky and it took me about three to four months to make a decision on a shower curtain, and I’m so glad I picked this one.” It is definitely recommended as one of the best extra long shower curtain.

YoKii Tassel Fabric Shower Curtain

The shower curtain with tasseled edges is a top pick for those who want an eclectic look for their bathroom. “It’s perfect for my Farmhouse/Rustic bathroom that I am redoing,” one reviewer starts. “I posted a picture on social media and a few friends ended up ordering it.” Another reviewer with an “Boho” vibe loved how the curtain added visual interest for their bathrooms in a matter of seconds: “I wanted a bold effect without the hassle of painting. This shower curtain has done what I wanted.”

Lagute SnapHook Shower Curtain

The reviewers of tiny, dark bathrooms like the fact that this curtain comes with an opening with a mesh on the top that lets in sunlight. “My master shower and commode share the same small space and I always felt like I was in a cave,” says one reviewer who believes this will aid. “Mission achieved! It allows in more light and makes the space appear bigger.” A number of reviewers are pleased that the curtain gives them privacy in most important areas. One reviewer explains “The sheer “window” lets in light and falls in the ideal spot that our whole family could enjoy (would only be able to see faces, and not any body part. )”

Sunlit Sea Creatures Fabric Shower Curtain for Kids

A majority of those who reviewed this shower curtain with a sea theme a five-star rating, describing it as an instant hit with the little youngsters. One parent who bought the curtain to their daughter’s bathroom wrote that her child “points at the different creatures and asks their names as well as tells me the names of the creatures she knows,” noting that she recognizes the various colors. “My daughter loves this curtain for her shower! Particularly, the turtle” another person writes, and another says their child “loves the look of it and names the animals every time.”

Amazon Basics Kids Bathroom Shower Curtain

The Amazon Basics children’s shower curtain for bathrooms is less expensive than it’s Sunlit one, yet provides what many reviewers have said is “good value.” Despite its price One reviewer says that it’s made of material of which “looked great” and aren’t so thin that they’ll break. Additionally the reinforced holes for rings make it “sturdy enough to hang even with metal rings.” Another reviewer, who notes its low cost and says that the curtain is adorned with the “lovely print” and is constructed from an “nice material” that “repels water well enough that it’s not damp after two long showers.” Another third reviewer, person who “usually changes shower curtains with the seasons,” says, “I am highly impressed by the quality of this shower curtain. It’s thick and durable and the colours are beautiful. It’s way higher than I anticipated. Absolutely worth the money that I was charged.” It is definitely recommended as one of the best extra long shower curtain.

AmazonBasics Tropical Shower Curtain

If you’re looking for a vibrant and fun shower curtain, the reviewers are in love with this retro-style tropical style from AmazonBasics. “It would make any mundane bathroom pop,” says one customer who is raving about its design and says “It also looks very good with baby pink.” Many have reported that this vibrant as well as bold curtain altered the look of their bathroom. “It really dressed up my dreary bathroom,” one writes, and another writes, “Literally adorable. I love it. You’ll enjoy it. Purchase it.”

AmazonBasics Linen Style Shower Curtain

This shower curtain fabric can be found in a variety of different textures and colors however, many reviewers prefer”linen-style. “linen-style” option, which one customer says is “modern, yet vintage at the same time,” saying, “It’s simply lovely in an elegant, minimalist style. It’s not a focal point in its own design, but if you take a look, you’ll be able to see the lovely linen pattern, as well as the reinforced holes or it’s rings.” Many reviewers have praised this “linen-style” fabric and many even believe it’s more appealing than the actual one. According to one buyer, “What I love [about this] is the fact that linen shower curtains are usually very lightweight, however the fabric is heavy and sturdy. it. It’s very sturdy and well-constructed.” Another customer praises the material and price “I truly believe that this shower curtain appears to and feels as though it was purchased from a department store with a high-end look.” It is definitely recommended as one of the best extra long shower curtain.

Mrs Amazing Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain with pockets

Some reviewers have said that this curtain’s pockets are built-in and make an ideal bathroom storage solution. “It took my bath from ‘drab to FAB,'” says one reviewer. Another says “An absolute lifesaver for our house with one bath,” and enough space to accommodate seven toiletries for seven people. Installing the curtain with nine pockets facing outwards gives the bathroom with more storage space However, most buyers prefer pockets facing inwards so that they can store all their bathroom necessities. One happy customer explains, “The amount of things I had piled up on the bathtub’s side was a disaster. There’s now a space for everything and I’m no longer constantly tripping things over.” Alongside its organization features this shower curtain earns praise for being “easily cleaned” and also for its “soft and flexible” materialthat people say is much more appealing in comparison to “standard Shower curtain material.” It is definitely recommended as one of the best extra long shower curtain.

Aimjerry Hotel Quality White Striped Mold Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is available in eight different patterns customers are raving about the different designs as sophisticated, elegant and sophisticated. One buyer describes it as “classy and adult,” and states, “It looks sophisticated in my bathroom.” Another states, “We bought this when we moved and needed an elegant, fresh and bright appearance in our bathroom, especially in open houses. It certainly has a classy style and is of excellent quality. We brought it along to our new home as a proud display in our home too.” Many people compare it with shower curtains made of fabric however, they say that this is just as good and is more practical. One customer says, “This rocks. The luxury and comfort of cloth, and the water-proofing of vinyl. I don’t know how they accomplish it, but it’s like the softest cloth but it won’t allow moisture to penetrate or go through.”

MAYTEX Norwich Water Repellent Shower Curtain

Customers love how simple to wash the shower curtain. One reviewer explains that it’s difficult to find shower curtains that are actually washable “The ones I’ve tried previously claimed to be washable but they weren’t exactly the same afterward. Then I came across this one. I am in love with it. I love it a great deal. I wash it with hot or warm soapy water and come clean and fresh.” The ability to simply “throw it in the washer” makes this curtain last for a longer time than its plastic counterparts. “I always felt like I was just adding garbage to the landfill every time my old plastic shower curtains became gross and I would just have to throw them out,” says one buyer including that shower curtains made of plastic adhere to your legs as well which is gross and irritating. The curtain hangs beautifully and is machine washable.”

Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain

Biscaynebay’s standard-width shower curtain is available in a wide range of stunning designs and colors. Customers give it high marks as they describe it as”a “thick” and “high quality fabric” and claim that liquid “beads up on the curtain and rolls off.” Some call the material “a good change from vinyl” while another claims, “Water stays out and doesn’t soak through.” Although it’s classified as an “shower curtain liner,” one buyer describes why it’s great as a shower liner and curtain “I first bought this to use as a liner, but it was just so stunning that I chose to use it for the shower curtain. There’s no liner is required. It does an excellent job at being waterproof and drying extremely quickly.”

River Dream Hotel Grade No Hooks Needed Shower Curtain

Many five-star reviewers laud the River Dream shower curtain because its lack of hooks makes the curtain “easy to install.” One reviewer says that the shower curtain “glides easily and quietly on the bar,” and likes the fact that it “doesn’t need a liner.” Another user adds that the curtain isn’t requiring “those ugly metal hooks that make so much noise” meaning you won’t need to be concerned over “waking the entire family every time you open or close your shower curtain.” In addition according to some reviewers that the curtain is machine washable. A reviewer who is “too lazy for curtain hooks” states, “I love that I can put these in the washer and thanks to no hooks I can easily tear off the curtains and put them into the laundry and wash them in the washing machine! !”

Reisen Ruffle Shower Curtain

Over 900 reviewers were awestruck by the durability, quality and design of this shower curtain with ruffles. This curtain was “easy to hang,” and, according to one reviewer said, this is “by far the prettiest shower curtain I have purchased.” Some say it appears like it costs more than it actually is and that the shower steam can reduce wrinkles after washing. “The beauty of this curtain is not overshadowed by wrinkles,” one reviewer writes. “It is the only curtain I found that has ten rows of ruffles.” Although it appears delicate, it’s certainly robust. “I was hesitant buying it because it was bright white, and I have a tendency to stain all things white,” one reviewer wrote. True to tradition, “Not even two weeks into my purchase, and I had purple hair dye on it when I came from the shower. I put a tiny amount of peroxide on it , and it exploded like it did not happen.”

N&Y HOME Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Customers looking for an appropriate shower curtain for their clawfoot tubs or freestanding ones were thrilled to discover the “wraparound” 180-inch wide shower curtain. One customer explains “I have owned clawfoot tubs for over 20 years and didn’t realize that shower curtains were available to fit the tubs. I used to use three shower curtain lines that were stacked together and this is more convenient and appears much more attractive.” A third owner of a clawfoot bathtub weighs in commenting that in the past , they had “two curtains that went all around” the clawfoot bathtub however, even it “was inadequate to stop water from spilling out of the tub , and causing dirt all over the floors.” They claim the curtain “totally accomplishes the task. The thicker fabric works well to keep water within your tub.”

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