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Best full size headboard is ideal for the perfect bedroom. With so many options, we have made the ideal list for you!

The process of upgrading your bedroom doesn’t need to be a hassle. Thanks to a chic headboard, you could make a difference to your bedroom without having to make any changes, and without the need to purchase an entirely new bed neither. If your bed has an built-in headboard, this simple switch could be a challenge to make. If it wasn’t, you can easily personalize your bedroom with a brand new headboard. (And If you find yourself getting bored of one headboard, you could switch it out for another!)

There are many stylish headboards available They’re also offered at nearly every price and therefore it’s effortless to choose one that is suitable for your room and your budget. We’ve put together a selection of our top picks to help you begin your search.

Here are the top headboards.

Modway Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Upholstered Full Headboard in Navy

The majority of the reviewers gave this headboard five stars and many noted that it’s more beautiful than they thought it would be. One reviewer described this headboard in terms of “a step up from something from Ikea.” The reviewers are equally impressed by how simple it was to put together onto the frame was provided.  The reviewers also point out that this headboard works with a range of bed frames, from wood to metal as well as platforms: “I was a little worried that this headboard was going to be too tall for our platform style bed, but on the lowest notch it is perfect.” Another user says the headboard’s strong enough to not require a connection to the bed. He writes, “We ended up just putting it behind the bed, scooting up the mattress, and it is secure without having to be installed at all.”

Most highly rated (less costly) headboard

Zinus Satish Upholstered Channel Stitched Headboard in Grey

“It is not only plain and simple, which is what I was looking for it also looks smart,” one reviewer writes about the headboard by Zinus with the addition that they were “impressed by the fact that the legs are made of steel which is what makes it stronger to me. I believe that for the price it’s a winner.” Another user says, “This headboard is beautiful and easy to put together. It appears expensive, my family and friends can’t believe I got it for less than $150.” A three-quarters of reviews describe the process as simple, and a few even mention that you can fix this headboard to walls. Ten percent of them make use of the term “sturdy” in their reviews and one person even believes it’s sturdy because they’ve discovered it very easy to keep clean “When my ex got salsa on it, it was easy to spot-treat, and the stain went away just like him.” It is for sure one of the best full size headboard.

Modway Lily Upholstered Tufted Faux Leather Headboard

I wasn’t expecting much, however they say that they are, “very pleased” with the purchase. Other reviewers were equally shocked by how much they loved it’s faux leather (which can actually be vinyl). “It does not feel plasticky as I expected vinyl to,” one user writes and another adds, “I don’t think you’d realize it wasn’t leather unless you climbed on the bed and touched it.” One reviewer even says that the fabric comes with certain advantages that are practical, such as, “If it gets dirty in any way I can just wipe it.” The reviewers also say that the installation was straightforward. “I love the look in my room; it was just what I envisioned and took me (by myself) about 30 minutes to install,” one customer who is satisfied writes. It is for sure one of the best full size headboard.

Modway Annabel Tufted Button Linen Fabric Upholstered Queen Headboard

A reviewer entitled, “At last can read in bed!” -Loves that there is “deep cushioning” on this headboard. A dozen other customers have also commented on how comfy this headboard is because of the padding. A user who has attached it to the wall said, “The headboard is very plush and comfy to lean against.” A different couple that “Needed (okay, wanted) a headboard to make our master bedroom look more ‘adult,'” decided on this particular one. It’s also easy to build, they also note, “I love the way it makes our room look and it’s quite comfy to prop some pillows against it and read in bed.”

Modway Area Linen Upholstered Fabric Queen Headboard in a Café With Nailhead Trim

“The fabric is really good quality, with a linen texture, and the antique brass nailhead trim is nicely applied,” one reviewer says. It’s not just that they are they contemporary however, they also provide the headboard with that low-cost yet expensive look. It is for sure one of the best full size headboard. “If you are looking for an inexpensive, upholstered headboard, do yourself a favor and buy this one,” one customer who is happy recommends. “It’s a bit on the thin side but the fabric and nailheads look SO much better than the price tag suggests.” The cost however, does not have anything to do with be related to the quality, as per one reviewer, who said, ” It looks like it cost at least three times the price.

Sauder Orchard Hills Bookcase Headboard in Carolina Oak

Reviewers who aren’t able to make use of a bedside table, this headboard for storage is a great help. “We have a cat that likes to knock everything off of our nightstands and walk back and forth across our heads all night,” one person says. “Enter this lifesaver! It came together quickly and was connected on the headboard right. Our cat now leaves the nightstands on its own and sits on the shelves in the evening.” The reviewers also like that the shelves are movable and have cables holes. It is for sure one of the best full size headboard. One explains, “The cubbies are nicely sized and I really love that I can customize the shelves on either side, and there are pre-cut, but not punched out, cord holes in the back of the shelves.”

Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Upholstered Metal Headboard

The fact that this headboard is made of metal is an appealing feature among reviewers. “I really like the fact that it’s all metal and none of that cheap wood that I’ve seen too many times,” one reviewer writes and adds, “Also, the cushion on the headboard is very soft.” Another reviewer who states that the upholstered headboard can be described as “softly padded” also describes the metal piece being “rock solid.” “The rectangular metal tubing locks together with nice hefty hex bolts that are no joke,” they write. “It will not wiggle; no matter how I try to rack it.” One hacker even discovered that “The upholstered part can be removed for easy re-covering in fabric of choice,” which they consider an added benefit. One person who tried it says, “For the queen size it [took] 2 yards of fabric.” It is for sure one of the best full size headboard.

Baxton Studio Wholesale Interiors Rita Modern and Contemporary Faux Leather Upholstered Button-Tufted Scalloped Headboard

More than 200 people have given the headboard a glowing review, with many noting it’s “diamond” upholstery as a selling factor. “The details are wonderful and I love the crystals in the [tufts],” one reviewer wrote. “This is a very classy and elegant item that will definitely be the focal point in your bedroom.” Many customers have noted that this design is great in their daughters’ bedrooms such as one who writes, “Bought this for my 13 year old daughter and she loves it. I too love it! It’s so beautiful in the real world… extremely classy and elegant.’ Fabric is very soft and the rhinestone button makes the perfect accessory.” Another reviewer even states that the buttons “feel lovely and intact between the hairs.” It is for sure one of the best full sized headboard.

LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Chair – Adjustable the height of 34″ to 46

Although most headboards in this list can be hung on the wall, very few have the tools needed to make it happen. The one by Lucid however comes with the tools and nearly one-fifth users give it high marks for the tiny aspect. “I love how the legs and hardware are stored inside the headboard and that there is an option to hang the headboard from the wall rather than secure it to the bed frame,” One reviewer writes. This choice is especially popular among those with beds that are adjustable. According to one reviewer, “We have an adjustable base bed which doesn’t allow us to attach the headboard, so it was great to have a wall mount option.” Additionally reviews say that wall mounting is simple. One reviewer writes, “I’m an old broad (65+), but I was able to assemble and install this all by myself.”

Pulaski Shelter Button Tufted Upholstered Headboard

This headboard’s wingback style is an outstanding feature that’s frequently mentioned by reviewers. “The side wings on the headboard make this look richer and elegant,” and whether they refer to the feature in particular or not, users appreciate the look. “Great styling and quality on this headboard,” one writes, and the interior design professional who purchased this headboard for a client states, “It totally transformed the look of the bedroom.” Some people have noted that the wings are an issue in installation and some advise future clients to “[put] the side/wings on first, then the legs.” However, overall the general consensus is that installation is easy: “I was able to disassemble, assemble, and then install everything in my home. A nice little win for the AARP card-carrying grandmother.”

Modway Serena Rustic Farmhouse Style Steel Metal Queen Headboard

Some reviewers make comments similar to the one who writes, “Love this headboard — the only thing is that it’s lower than I thought it would be,” however for a handful the low-profile headboard is precisely what they’re seeking. “Fits perfectly under my window in the guest bedroom,” one person writes. A person who purchased a bigger version writes, “I needed a king headboard that would fit under my bedroom windows and this was perfect at just 40 inches high.” If you like the rustic look you’re after Many reviewers say they did, but you need something of a standard height, then you can use the book by savvy users that “put some risers underneath to get the look I was going for.” They also add “Overall it’s a great piece for the price and took less than 10 minutes to put together.”  It is for sure one of the best full size headboard.

Atlantic Furniture Richmond Headboard

One reviewer who was pleasantly surprised states, “I expected the construction to be manmade wood substitutes ….The headboard was solid wood and nicely finished.” Around 10 percent of the reviewers praise the headboard for being constructed of solid wood. And almost a quarter of the reviews reviewers praise this solid and sturdy. “Light yet solid construction, great looking and very easy to assemble,” one reviewer writes. A few give praise to the manufacturer for including additional pieces. “Over the years, I’ve put together a lot of flat-pack furniture and one thing always seems to impress me as a thoughtful addition: the inclusion of ‘extra’ screws or washers or nuts, or whatever small easily-lost parts may be needed for the thing you’re assembling,” one of our customers describes. “The hardware pack for this headboard contained one additional piece of every washer, nut, or bolt that was needed. It’s the small extras that really impress.”

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