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Who doesn’t love a good poke? It is a tasty Hawaiian dish with a bit of a kick. There are many different ways to make it, but the most popular versions include tuna or salmon in a rice bowl.

Island Style Poke Bowls & More offers fresh and marinated poke bowls with lots of creative topping options, including macadamia nuts, Asian pears, and mango.

The restaurant offers $1 oysters on Mondays to help you cool off during the hot summer months. Their poke bowls are very affordable, with plenty of topping options for just $10 or less, depending on your order. But if you’d like to try their food out before committing, they also offer a $5 poke bowl for happy hour.

And if you’re not into seafood, they have tacos and burritos on their menu that aren’t just your average carne asada or Baja fish taco. Island Style Poke Bowls & More offers up tasty options such as chicken with garlic sauce and sweet onion soy sauce.

You can find Island Style Poke Bowls & More on Clement St. between 4th and 5th Ave. The business is open from 11 am to 9 pm Monday thru Saturday, but it’s closed on Sundays.

Island Style Poke Bowls & More is an excellent place for poke bowls during the day, but the restaurant also has a great nightlife scene. The restaurant turns into a late-night lounge with DJs and dancing on the weekends.

Oyster Chile Marlin

Ken and Melanie Broad sold their fish to wholesalers to cooking up samples at a roadside stand. Now they only sell fresh fish, as crispy katsu, sashimi, and, of course, poke. Ken’s favorite is the oyster chile marlin that he or another fisherman brings in when they catch one.

Lox Poke

It’s time to put cheese on your poke. Hear me out: the newest flavor of premixed, pre-made poke at Redfish is one of Reid Matsumura’s favorites. It has tomatoes, onions, capers, and cream cheese with raw salmon. Put it on top with house-made seasoning–poppy seeds, garlic salt, fried onions, or garlic, or if there are any in the kitchen crumbled pork rinds for a crunchy salty mixture that is not bread.

Shoyu Tako

People go to ‘Ono even when there are not many tourists. Judy Sakuma works in the kitchen. She started this restaurant with her husband—most people like No. 1 – shoyu ahi and No. 7- spicy ahi. But we like No 2- shoyu tako best because of the delicious taste of it, combined with limu and ‘inamona that are mixed in it too, on top of the shoyu’s saltiness, followed by some chile pepper at the end which is really nice!

Hawaiian Salt ‘Ahi

People like to get poke at the corner of Nimitz and Kalihi Streets. People like spicy, shoyu onion and minimalist Hawaiian Salt’ ahi. There is a chef therefrom 2005 named AJ Lani. He makes a very good poke. The owner of the store is Long Tran, who has a fleet of fishing boats that deliver ‘ahi, salmon, and tuna every day.

Alae poke

There is a popular restaurant in Waipahu. It has lots of different types of food. The most popular is the ‘alae poke, which is made with unrefined red salt and fresh ‘ahi with green onion on top. The owner came up with this recipe and made it every week.

Spicy Thai Chile

This market has a lot of different types of food. People like it because they have fish, eggs, and more. The fish is good for people who want to eat eggs with their fish. They have many flavors of this type of food that people want to eat. Some people like spicy “ahi.” 

Some people like to eat poke. There are many types of it. Some people like the Japan Deluxe, which is a kind of dish in Chiba, Japan. It has shrimp and miso in it. People in Japan used to use shrimp and miso to keep fish from spoiling when they went out fishing for them on their boats. Now people have found that the dish is delicious too!

Ume Shiso ‘Ahi

Jun and Ryo Tsuchiya prepare fresh fish in Chinatown, but at night they make poke in Waikīkī. They put ume (a type of fruit) on their poke, which makes it taste good. The brothers come from Japan, and they make the food there, so they do a good job.

Mama Special

You might not find fresh ‘ahi poke in the back of a Korean restaurant, but the owner kept a fishing boat for 20 years. There are some Korean dishes on the menu, but what shines are the sashimi and made-to-order poke. Particularly popular is Mama Special – it is spicy with lots of onions, sesame oil, ogo (a seaweed), masago (fish eggs), and Hawaiian chile pepper.

Cold Ginger’ Ahi

Hinano and Tiara Delgado have a big following. They sell fish that is really fresh and house-made sauces that they make at farmers markets. When they opened a store in Chinatown in 2019, the people followed them there too.

Hinano died this summer. Tiara reopened the restaurant for customers who came and waited patiently to eat poke. They especially liked the cold ginger ‘ahi with green onions and grated ginger. Other favorites were taegu and spicy.

Abalone Squid Poke

In 2018 a fire happened and Alicia’s reopened. Now it is a smaller express takeout counter–with a new poke case. The best one is the Abalone Squid Poke, made from squid in Japan.

Aku Limu Poke

Owner Guy Tamashiro looks at the long glass counter with 20-plus varieties of poke and smiles. I ask him what his favorite is, and he tells me that his wife likes the spicy one with tobiko, not masago. He then says that his favorite is Aku limu, which is available only seasonally, and people like it a lot around here.

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