Poly gel nails are well-known for their beautiful shine and ends. These nails are long-lasting and easy to maintain. They are lighter than acrylic nails extensions and more powerful. A poly gel nail package includes everything you need to use the at-home software system quickly and easily. You will often find multiple colors in these kits. They also include a top coat, base coat, slip solution, and even a curing lamp.

Modelos poly nail polish package

Modelos has all you need for getting started with poly gel nails. It comes in an attractive present field and 6 stunning color gels. They are suitable for all skin tones and pores. The instruction manual is included in the box so that you can learn how to use these extensions gels. The gel nail varnishes are amazing, long-lasting, smooth, and easy for applicants. The manicure with model one’s poly gel nail package lasts for approximately 2 weeks. This package includes a pinnacle and base coats in 12 sizes. It also contains one hundred twenty curved and 36 straight twin forms.


Available in 6 colors

There are many elaborate options for fancy manicures.

Comes with an in-depth preparation manual


Easy to apply


does not include an UV-lamp led

Gershon poly nail gel kit

Gershon specializes in manicure supplies. Gershon poly gel nail kit is a high-quality starter kit that beginners will love. It includes extensive tubes with six colors, a nail file as well dual forms, a dual-headed pen, a top and base coats, and an extensive nail file. The nail extension gel can dry quickly so curing time using an led lamp is only 30-60 secs. This package contains poly gel nails. They can be used for as long as a month with proper nail preparation (submitting, buffering, and cleansing).


LONG-lasting (4 Weeks)

Nail colors in large tubes

Dries quickly

It’s easy to shape

non-sticky system

This package includes a preparation manual


Does not contain a slip response

Beetles poly gel kit

Cross for Beetles Poly Gel Kit is an affordable option for nail extension kits with large tubes. It makes it easy to do your nails fast and can be used for as long as a month. However, it doesn’t contain a slip solution. The basecoat gel that comes with the product can be used as an alternative. The package includes a lightweight poly gel that mimics the feel of natural nails. The kit is easy to use and will give you nail extensions in as little as 3 minutes.


Giant tubes

The base gel, the top gel, the buffer, and the nail file are covered.

In 12 sizes, 96 pieces nail dual bureaucracy

toxin-loose components

low-smell formulation




Protection of led lamps is no longer possible

Makar poly nail extension gel package

This all pink poly get extension kit with makartt features six colors (one clear, five colorations, of pink), and led UV lamp, rhinestones and glitter, topcoat, the basecoat, dual paperwork, dual paperwork, a manicure report, and a spatula and nail brush. It is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. With proper utility and nail preparation, manicures with this package of poly gel can last up to a month.


The collection includes nail art with rhinestones or glitter

6wled UV nail lamp

Dries quickly

It is easy to apply

It is long-lasting




Astound splendor nail package with polygel

Get your hands on the astound beauty polygel nails kit if you’re looking for an affordable all-in one poly gel nail extensions kit. The kit comes with 6 amazing colors and 2 shades-alternate gels. It includes a slip remedy and an led lamp.


Moderately reasonable


Included with an Led Lamp

100 pieces twin paperwork

2–12 Months Manufacturer Warranty


The led lamp doesn’t work well enough

Package of Haviland’s poly nail gel

The Haviland nail gel kit comes in a variety of brilliant colors. This package has 7 color options, in contrast to units with four to six different colors. With proper application and maintenance, a poly gel nail trimmer made with this kit will last approximately two to three weeks.


The 7 bright rainbow colors are included in this set



It is long-lasting


minimum smell

24 pieces dedicated nail bureaucracy

It is available in a pink gift basket


The price does not include an integrated led lamp

Beetles Poly Gel Extension Nail Package

The Beetles gel extension nail package includes three colours: white, mild violet, and clean. It makes up for the limited colour selection by offering lots of glitz. The kit includes six different nail glitters in various colours, including gem stones, rhinestones and nail foil. You will also find a 48w uvled nail lamp, twin paperwork, tweezers and twin paperwork. The gel is quick and can produce stunning extensions. It will last for as long as a month if it is well applied.


Led nail lamps included

Both a matte and smooth pinnacle layer are available

Numerous nail art glitters, rubies, and gems available

Simple to form

dries quickly

Both dual forms and nail paperwork are included.


Limited shade options

ur sugar quick gel nail kit

Ur sugar poly short gel nails package is a starter package. It includes 2 colour extensions gels: pink and white. These manicures are easier than acrylic nails and last longer than the uv gel nails. All the extension gels made of high-quality ingredients are simple to use and long-lasting. This kit can be used by both professionals and beginners.


Light-weight manicure

Supply of a set of twin bureaucracy

The brush is composed of a double-headed head

huge tubes


It is long-lasting

Natural resin

For all types of nails


Not protected by uv/led naillamp

Restricted shade range

Vrenmol glitter polish nail package

The vrenmol Glitter Poly Nail Kit is the perfect choice if you want a glittery, diamond-effect with glitter nail gels. This kit comes with a toxin-free, low-scent formula poly gel to protect your nails. The gel is thick and can be difficult to shape or color. It comes in a gorgeous gift box so it is a perfect present.


Available in 6 different colors

Included are three styles of diamond squins

It is long-lasting

Fast drying



Slip solution not covered

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