Best shorts for thick thighs

Thick thighs and pretty eyes sound good in the captions on Instagram. But it can be hard to find shorts that fit you. If you are a woman with big thighs, you know this struggle. But don’t give up! You can wear shorts when they fit well and go with the perfect outfit. 

Here are some ideas for wearing shorts. I am going to tell you the best things about them. If you want to wear shorts, stay tuned!

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1.Belted Shorts

If you have big thighs but still want to wear shorts, the best idea is to wear shorts that are belted. If you are wearing women’s slim-fit shorts, people will see your thighs as being even bigger. So it is better to wear belted shorts.

If you wear shorts with a belt, keep the belt clean and slick. Don’t put too many belts on your shorts. If you choose colorful women’s shorts, they will make your thighs look fatter.

Does this mean I will be wearing all one color? No. So, if you are wearing shorts that are the same color as your top, then try to keep your shirt colorful. You can wear a multi-colored shirt if your stomach is flat. But if you have a fat belly, you can wear a dress with off-shoulders! You can also wear jean shorts with shirts!

2. Dark Colored Shorts

Colors are fun, but they can make you look worse. It’s important to choose colors that will not make you look worse. I like colorful clothes, but when it comes to my thighs, if I wear colors that show my thighs, then the colors always make me look bad! So how do I stay colorful and still have slim legs?

When I get stuck in a dilemma, I wear dark colors. When I wear dark colors, my friends do not tell me that they think I am fat! That is why you should wear a lot of dark colors.

When you have big thighs, it can be hard to find shorts that are not too tight. I like black and coffee browns because they cover my thick thighs. You can also wear dark olive green or maroon shorts for the same reason. Light-colored shirts or tops will go well with these colors. And if you are looking for shorts that will cover your thighs, this is the best one for you!

3. A-Lin e Shorts

A-Line shorts are still in style. They can be good for people with big thighs. Women with big legs can wear A-Line shorts, so they do not have to hide their fat.

A-line shorts seem to hide my fat. It used to be hard to find the right shorts for me, but now I found shorts that make my legs look thinner. The A-line style makes it easy because both sides of the short widen, and so my big thighs are hidden.

When you are choosing shorts, go for the one with a long-flared design. 

4. Baggy Shorts

There are different types of shorts. But the best ones for big thighs will always be baggy shorts! No matter what, the first thing that can save you from thick legs is a loose outfit. And what does this baggy outfit denote? There are jeans called “boyfriend jeans.” These usually have a lot of room in them, and they look like your boyfriend’s clothes. Shorts that are not skin tight are best. I used to wear tight shorts, but then I recognized that they made my thighs more visible. That highlighted my thighs and made them look bigger.

But baggy shorts are my favorite! They will go with anything you wear. And they cover up your fat. So when people look at you, it will look like you have slimmer legs because of the baggy shorts. Baggy shorts are also called best shorts for thick thighs.

You can wear cropped jeans or shorts. If you do not have any, then you can make them yourself. Get an old pair of jeans that are way too big for you, and cut them, so they fit your thighs. Fold the lower part of the jeans over to make it look good.

5. High Waisted Shorts

What is the best type of shorts for girls with big thighs? Girls with big thighs should wear high-waisted shorts. These grow tight at the top of your waist. This way, as a result, it hides your waist and makes your lower body look thinner. Even if you have thick thighs, the shorts hold them so well that they don’t show!

Wear shorts high-waisted pants to show off your thighs. Wear a shirt that is tucked in when wearing pants or skirts. You can wear any color of these shorts, and there are a lot of colors available. These clothes will look good with the colors you wear on top!

6. Shorts Bermuda

Girls with big thighs are looking at Kendall Jenner. These girls are wearing Bermuda shorts. I never liked these MOM SHORTS when I was slim, but now I am in love with Bermuda shorts because they look good on my big thighs. People often ask questions about short shorts.

How short can they be? Or how long can they be? They are just called “shorts” because they are shorter than conventional pants. However, if you have large thighs, the equation might change, and you might want to wear longer shorts instead of just regular ones that cover your whole leg without showing your skin or underwear!

For big-thigh women, I would recommend shorts that are the perfect length. Shorts should be long enough to cover where you have fatness in your thighs, but not too long. Shorts should also end at the three-quarter length of pants. 

Go to your favorite rock band’s t-shirt. You can get a colorful tank top and be happy! Or you can get a simple black t-shirt like this Kardashian girl will make you look good.

7. Pleated Skirt Shorts

Women with big thighs say that pleated skirt shorts are made for them. I agree! A lot of women have been wearing them later in the summer. The good thing is that the flared part of the skirt hides your thick legs from being seen.

Deciding before Choosing Shorts

  • Consider the ideal length of your shorts before purchasing them
  • Women with large thighs should opt for somewhat longer shorts
  • Flared shorts are required for women with thick thighs
  • Avoid exposing your stomach if you don’t have a flat stomach
  • You can wear a crop top with shorts if you have a flat stomach
  • With high waisted shorts, tuck your shirt or top in
  • If you have big thighs, wear shorts with narrow belts
  • Choose longer shorts and fold them at the bottom if necessary

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