Best Sushi in Austin

Austin has sushi. It might not be the first location you think of when you think about sushi, but in Austin, you can get fresh and tasty sushi. Keep reading to find out where the best places are for it!

Top Sushi in Austin

These sushi restaurants don’t have the same options as those in Japan. They can’t get fresh seafood from Tsukiji Fish Market. But some of these restaurants get fresh seafood from other places, like Tsukiji. You’ll be able to eat delicious sushi and Japanese food at these top sushi restaurants in Austin.


The ranking of best sushi restaurants in Austin is not in any particular order. But Uchi, a restaurant, has some reasons why it is on top. It has very fresh fish, and it also has good cold dishes and good hot dishes. It also has a list of drinks that are different from other places. And an omakase experience there will make you feel like you’re in Tokyo while still in Austin!


Uchiko is a restaurant that takes its creative cues from Uchi but offers its take on modern Japanese food. It gets seafood every day from the Toyosu market in Japan. It also has sushi, entrees, vegetarian options, and more.


Komé is a place with a lot of food. You can get sushi, food from the street, and fried things. Komé also has gyoza, yakitori, ramen, and rice. It’s famous for many reasons in Austin.

Tomodachi Sushi

Tomodachi Sushi is sushi that Steve Riad makes. He and his wife, Tina Son, own it. They make good sushi, Japanese food and have a relaxed vibe. There are fresh dishes there. Some are flown in from the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan, or the Honolulu fish market in Hawaii. It’s high-end dining with the low-key attitude that fits Austin well because people want world-class seafood here too.

Haru Sushi

Haru Sushi is one of those restaurants that is easy not to see. But it is a good restaurant for people who like sushi. It can be affordable and make you feel good. At Haru, you’ll find sushi rolls with names like “Foxy Lady,” “Crimson Baby,” or “Choo Choo.” You’ll also find bento boxes with things like tempura.

Kyoten Sushiko

Kyoten Sushiko offers a special menu. It is called an “omakase” menu, and it means that you will get whatever the chef serves you. Kyoten Sushiko has sushi from Japan, plus beer and sake. The restaurant can make sushi by aging or curing it. They also use a technique to make the food taste 

even better-called umami.

She’s Not Here

The place is called She’s Not Here. This place has a relaxed atmosphere and music, and they have good food. They have cocktails with pretty pictures. People can get alcohol without cocktails from this place too.

Musashino Sushi Dokoro

Musashino Sushi Dokoro specializes in edomae sushi. They use raw fish. Expect to get their great sushi, many rolls, tempura, udon, and other Japanese restaurant classics.

Fukumoto Sushi & Yakitori Izakaya

This East Austin favorite is where to go if you want traditional sushi and yakitori with a fun izakaya vibe. They have all the usual things like sushi, sashimi, and rolls and a few other surprises like takoyaki-style corn dogs, cornflake-battered shrimp, and fried chicken.

Bar Chi Sushi

Bar Chi Sushi is one of the best places to eat. They have different sushi, maki rolls, noodles dishes, teppanyaki (a hot pan dish), and cocktails. The restaurant has a happy hour special every day. It also has reverse happy hours on Fridays and Saturdays nights.


Otoko is where you get sushi like no other. You need to have reservations there. Tickets are for the seats. It’s inside the South Congress Hotel, but it changes seasonally based on what is available.

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen is where you can go for sushi, Asian food, dumplings, and drinks. This place has lots of food that you might like. Lucky Robot is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in Texas. It follows the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program and James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch program to get fish for their food.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Kura Revolving Sushi is a restaurant with 400 locations. It is on the best sushi list because it is like a conveyor belt, and you can get lots of things like soup, sushi, sashimi, and ramen. There are also salads and desserts.

Osaka Mansun

Osaka Mansun is a good place for sushi, Japanese food, and Korean food. They have a lot of it, and it tastes good. The restaurant has a familiar atmosphere.

DK Sushi

DK Sushi has restaurants on North Lamar and South Lamar. They do something right. People come there to eat Japanese and Korean foods, like sushi rolls. These are for people who usually don’t like sushi, but they can still eat the California Roll and Rainbow Rolls too!

It’s Sushi Time

Whether you are enjoying or just having dinner, there are many options to eat sushi in Austin. You can go to Tokyo, but you do not need to leave town.

What did people search for similar to sushi bars in Austin, TX?

The rise of sushi bars in Austin, Texas, has been truly exceptional.

You can’t walk a block but have at least one new place that offers fantastic Japanese food and tasty beverages to enjoy with friends.

But where does one look for such places? Well, they might try Google searching the phrase “Austin Sushi Bars.” Interestingly, a number of the top results for this search are not sushi bars but rather related businesses. This might be because people are looking for things like “sushi restaurants near me” or “places to eat sushi in Austin.”

However, a few actual sushi bars are in the top results, such as Sushi J and Kuma Sushi.

What are people saying about sushi bars in Austin, TX?

Many people in Austin, TX, have been asking, “Where can I find a good sushi bar?”

Aside from being a delicious meal for its own sake, sushi is often used as a cheaper and healthier substitute for high-end dishes with heavy sauces and rich ingredients. It’s growing so much that supermarkets like Whole Foods are even putting their twist on organic sushi by making it available at their stores nationwide! It’s no surprise that this delectable dish has become popular enough to transcend geographical boundaries; meanwhile, diners continue to enjoy karaoke spots or get drunk with friends at one of many lively watering holes across the city.


If you’re searching for a sushi restaurant in Austin, TX and want to know what other people have been searching for alongside the term “sushi bar,” here are some of the most popular search queries: Starting with restaurants that offer poke bowls, we see words like “poke bowl” followed by terms such as “Austin texas.” Another standard search is for specific dishes, which often contain ingredients. For example, if someone searches for ramen or boba tea shops in Austin, they may also be keen to know out where they can find pho soup. And finally, while many customers will do their research online before making a trip to try something new, there are always those who prefer an experience without any preconceived notions about what it’ll be like. To them, going to a restaurant that serves sushi in Austin is an adventure, and anything can happen!

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Best Sushi in Austin

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