Best sushi in San Diego

Sushi is a Japanese dish made up of cooked vinegared rice combined with other toppings. The sushi ingredients are typically raw fish, seafood, vegetables, or eggs. Sushi is frequently served with wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger.

The dish that we will review is the best sushi place in San Diego. Although it may be one of the most expensive places in town, you will get what you pay for. It is extremely fresh and delicious. They serve fantastic sashimi (raw fish), which may not sound too appetizing to some people, but it is worth a try. The sushi chefs here are incredibly talented and will create whatever you ask for.

The top-rated Sushi in San Diego are:

  • Soichi
  • Azuki Sushi
  • Sushi Ota
  • Gami Sushi
  • Sushi Kuchi


Soichi’s chefs make each meal for you. They serve food that comes from farms and oceans. Sometimes the food is different on a different day or for another person. If you have a special diet, let the chef know to cook something special for you.

Japanese Omakase is a meal where you pick what you want. The food is made for you and tastes good. You will like it if you like food with a flavor and looks good. The restaurant is nice too!

Azuki Sushi

Their chefs are the best. They cook food so good; it’s like you can taste the ingredients’ natural flavors. They enjoy cooking and presenting new wines, food, and surprising pairings with wine and sake to their guests.

They want you to come for lunch or dinner! Reservations are recommended.

Sushi Ota

Sushi Ota brings sushi to their guests. Sushi is raw fish on rice. It is not cooked, so it must be eaten right away or kept cold. Sushi Chef Ota was born and raised in Kumamoto Kyushu, Japan.

Ota loved sea urchin. He found the best-tasting one in San Diego. Ota loved it so much that he decided to stay there and open a sushi restaurant named Sushi Ota in 1990.

Gami Sushi

Gami Sushi is where people can get fresh sushi. It is made by Sushi Chefs who are experienced and experts. They make the sushi with the best ingredients that they find daily. Gami Sushi is in Carmel Valley, a beach city with warm hearts and elegant homes.

Their friendly staff invites you to come and eat their food. They have a lot of experience and recipes. You can order online for pick-up. When you order, they will make the food as fast as possible. All orders are confirmed by them directly. You can also find out when your food is ready in real-time, so you don’t need to wait long for it!

Sushi Kuchi

Sushi Kuchi wants to be the leader in the Japanese restaurant industry. They will give you really nice food. They want you to be happy with your food.

The 5 Best Places for Sushi in San Diego

Sushi Ota

Sushi Ota is a place that offers the best sushi in San Diego. It is located in a strip mall, but the food is good. The restaurant was opened by a former sushi chef from Japan who worked in Kobe, Tokyo, and Osaka. People from Japan often eat at this restaurant with people from all over the world.

Order the tuna, octopus, and crab dishes. You can also ask for advice from the waiter. They will tell you what is good. For people who want to try something different, order a dish from the bar at the front of the restaurant. The chef there may make you something different than what you ordered before. You can also get drinks that go with your food if you want them!

The Fishery

The Fishery is a restaurant and seafood market in Pacific Beach. It is worth the drive even if you don’t live there. The theme is seafood that’s fresh and sustainable. This place has good food. Ceviche is made with high-quality ingredients. You can get cooked food or ceviche to eat here. They have different things on the menu for lunch, dinner, and Tuesday Tasting Menu with wine pairings if you want them. Try lemon meringue tart for dessert!

Oceana Coastal Kitchen

An Evans Hotel owns three hotels in the area. Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, Bahia Resort Hotel, and The Lodge at Torrey Pines. And this family business is doing very well. But they are not resting on their laurels. People staying at Catamaran or living in the area should go to Oceana Coastal Kitchen because it took over the space of The Atoll with quartz-topped bar for sushi, seafood towers, etc., main dining room, private dining space, and a trellised patio with views of Mission Bay. Do not forget to look at the lighting effects in the aquarium.

Station Sushi

Station Sushi is located by the train station. It’s a casual place where people can eat sushi. The sushi is really good, and there are also other types of food like crab rolls.

If you like spicy flavors, then buy the 911 roll. It has crab, Cajun-seared tuna, and hot sauce. Other things to try are monkey stick (spicy tuna, avocado, albacore, and crab) or ex-tasty (panko-fried halibut with crab cream cheese and salmon). Noodle bowls, plates with teriyaki chicken and tempura shrimp, and gyoza (Japanese dumplings) are good for people who don’t like sushi. Some people drink saké bombs. Sushi is about food that is fresh and fun.

Zen 5 Sushi

This restaurant is known for its rolls and reggae. People come here to eat fresh fish, drink fine saké, and have fun. It has a clean, modern look with dim lights, woodworking, black booths, and colorful lanterns. The menu has more than 40 different rolls to choose from: try the Kamikaze crunchy roll with albacore shrimp tempura avocado or the Hawaiian roll with tuna salmon avocado mango. Beyond quality sashimi sushi made by lively chefs, there are gyoza oysters, edamame udon soup, tempura bento boxes, etc…


San Diego has many sushi restaurants to choose from, but the best are those that take pride in their food. Whether you’re searching for a casual meal or something more upscale with great service and an impressive menu, these 5 Best Places for Sushi in San Diego will have what you need!


Best sushi in San Diego

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