Best tummy tuck process to contour your body

Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure. The process is performed to enhance the appearance of the abdomen and gives you a perfect shape.  The method is also  known as abdominoplasty, by which you get a flat tummy. The procedure flattens the abdomen by removing the excess fat.  The method is helpful to tighten the skin and the muscles. Hence,the method works well and results in tightening the abdominal wall. The remaining fat after the removal of excess fat gets repositioned and contours your body. It is effective technique to create a lean, toned look for the abdominal section. 

 You can choose the best tummy tuck in India and it is an affordable tuck procedure that is recommended when a patient needs to have excess fat or skin in the abdominal section removed. Other reasons include:

  • Weight gain
  • Loose skin due to sudden weight loss
  • Aging
  • Pregnancy

This procedure is frequently performed along with other cosmetic procedures. It can be done for the body parts like body contouring and breast surgery.  However, a tummy tuck procedure is not for everyone and this treatment is not recommended for a patient if they have below mentioned reasons

  • Planning to lose weight
  • Planning for pregnancy
  • Have a chronic medical condition
  • Have a body mass index greater than 30
  • A smoker

How is this surgical treatment is Performed? 

The tummy tuck procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure. Best tummy tuck in India, performed by experienced doctors. The method is usually completed within a few hours. The different types of tummy tuck surgeries are below mentioned.

Complete abdominoplasty –  In this technique, an incision is made at the bikini line.   It is done under general anesthesia and the surgeon shapes the skin and muscle as needed. Then, another incision is made at the belly button to give space around the navel and the surrounding tissue to give a perfect shape.

Partial or mini-abdominoplasty – This procedure is done with short incisions.  It is performed on people having less excess skin and done partially. This type of procedure is known as mini abdominoplasty. It does not allow the belly button to move, and the skin is split between the incision and the belly button.

Circumferential abdominoplasty –  It is a high-end procedure performed when excess fat is found in the abdomen and the back.  The treatment of liposuction circumferential abdominoplasty is done which helps in removing both skin and fat from the hip and back area. Hence, the method gives an enhanced shape of the body on all sides.

The incision site is stitched after the tummy tuck procedure.  Hence, it is a safe process. The doctor will instruct the patient to sit and sleep in a way and also describes the best postures that would reduce pain after surgery.

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