Best ways to increase your YouTube reach YouTube

1. Be consistent with the structure or premise of your YouTube channel

On the other hand, several YouTube media channels and content producers are struggling to make a name for themselves, as they see the views on youtube page as only a way to post videos of all kinds instead of as an avenue to build a steady video series.

Consistency is essential to success on YouTube. If you don’t have it, you may be able to attract interest, but you’ll not be able to maintain it.

YouTube creators who can demonstrate their consistency can maintain their subscriber numbers and viewers as it makes it easier for viewers to decide to continue watching their content and sign up for their channels.

Its First We Feast channel embodies the type of consistency we’re discussing–celebrities eating food. There are multiple shows which are variations of the same basic concept.

We first feasted on the YouTube channel.

Below, you will observe how this consistency affects its growth in subscribers over time. Suppose a video is fortunate enough to go viral. In that case, it has an advantage in turning every single viewer into a loyal subscriber due to its enduring nature and the consistency viewers can see throughout the rest of the content on the channel.

If you’d like to diverge from your original idea, making it an individual YouTube channel is recommended to ensure that you don’t undermine your efforts. First We Feast, For instance, is owned by Complex and has a distinct target audience and focus. The channels are linked via the featured Channels tab. However, they don’t cross paths.

Channels with special features

To make posting more efficient, it is possible to download free software for editing videos which uploads videos to your YouTube channel in just one click. You don’t need to spend time downloading and uploading videos and can post videos in a short time and with consistency.

Feed the recommendation engine by combining other sources

Newer YouTube channels aren’t able to count entirely on recommendations to generate every single one of their views.

Recommendations are based on how viewers have engaged when watching your video in previous years. YouTube requires information to base its suggestions on, and you can’t get data without watching people’s videos. Therefore, make sure to use all the standard methods to promote your content, for example:

  • You can send new video clips to your list of email subscribers.
  • Working with the media or other influencers
  • Promoting your videos via social media
  • I am beginning a YouTube Affiliate marketing programme.

Above all, concentrate on YouTube SEO and increasing the number of subscribers, not just to boost video views in the long run as well, but because the content that users regularly consume on the platform and what they are a subscriber to are the primary indicators which the YouTube algorithm employs to provide individual recommendations.

The paper states that engineers point out that “the most significant signal are ones which reveal the previous interactions of a user with the item and similar items. … To give an example, take a look at the history of the user with the channel that uploaded the video assessed. How many times have the user watched from the channel? What when was the most recently when the user was able to watch a video on this subject?”

Suppose you can convince the attention of a new user who is viewing more of your content after they have clicked on your video. In that case, you will increase the likelihood of your video being suggested to them the next time they access YouTube.

Create thumbnails that are clicked

It’s been established that click-through rate is still crucial and that YouTube placing a high value on watch duration is just a measure against low-quality clickbait. For more: click here

Now let’s discuss the big issue: increasing your click-through rate by using two fantastic sources of ideas for clickable thumbnails: YouTube’s trending videos tab and Netflix.

Take close-ups of facial expressions or action photos.

Look around YouTube, and you’ll find an abundance of extremely animated faces in video thumbnails.

According to research by Netflix about the effectiveness of art on its platform, “emotions are an efficient way to convey subtle details. We know that we are wired to react to facial expressions. We have observed this to be the case across all media. However, it’s crucial to remember that faces with more complex emotions have a higher impact than benign or stoic expressions.”

One of the initial patterns also observed by Netflix and worth incorporating into your thumbnails is that an image’s potential to be a winner over others decreased when it had more than three persons.

emotions in thumbnails

Optimizing your thumbnails to increase click-throughs is possible by adding one to three faces sporting expressions that speak more than words.

If you don’t include emotions in the videos, you may use thumbnails that show emotion to provoke emotions, such as those of the Slow Mo Guys.

Slo Mo Guys thumbnails

Rule of Thirds is a simpler method of achieving what’s known as the “golden ratio,” which studies have proven to reduce the time needed for the brain to comprehend images.

The guidelines for the composition of images suggest that you put your focal subject of interest not in the middle of the frame and not in the middle of the final three-quarters of your frame.

Rules of thirds

While it’s more of a guideline than a strict rule, arranging your thumbnail allows you to draw attention to the most significant “message” in your image.

Include text in your thumbnails

According to a study conducted in 2019 from Sandvine, YouTube currently accounts for 37% of mobile internet traffic. It also means that many of your viewers will view your content on mobile devices.

This is YouTube’s homepage. YouTube appears to users:

mobile homepage

The prominent position of your thumbnail compared to the title is certain that the viewer’s attention will be drawn towards the thumbnail first of your video. They will likely read the description and watch your video if they find the thumbnail appealing enough.

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