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This Binance Coin (BNB), Price Prediction 2021 article was based solely on technical analysis. Below are the key metrics we considered when preparing our BNB price prediction and analysis.

Binance Coin (BNB), one of the digital assets on the crypto market, is not difficult to understand. BNB’s market growth rate has been high and its market capitalization has been impressive over the past few months. The crypto price is currently at a record +597% growth rate, which has an estimated market capitalization close to $40 billion.

Binance Coin also recently announced its 13th quarterly BNB burn. This platform has burned 2,2253,888 BNB Coins, equal to $68 Million. This was done to preserve healthy token circulation and reduce inflation.

Are you positive that Binance Coin will prove to be a profitable investment in the future? Let’s see the CoinQuora Binance Coin Market Analysis and Price Prediction 2021 article.

What’s Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, was launched in July 2017. Binance Coin was launched in July 2017 and is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to be at the forefront of financial activity around the world. Binance Coin was created to represent this new paradigm of global finance, Binary Finance or Binance Coin.

Binance Coin is the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide and has also launched an entire ecosystem of functions for its users. The Binance Coin network also includes the Binance Coin Academy, Trusted Wallet and Research projects. These all use blockchain technology to bring new-age financing to the world. Binance Coin Chain is also an integral part the success of many Binance Coin subprojects.

Do you think BNB is an investment worthy of your time this year? If you’re already curious, let me know and we can check out this BNB price analysis article.

Binance Currency Coin Current Market Status

According to CoinMarketCap, BNB trades for $313.08 and has a daily volume of $1582,725,546, as of this price analysis. BNB’s price has fallen by 5.09% over the past 24 hours.

BNB also has a current supply of 153.432,897.00 BNB. Currently, Binance, CoinTiger and FTX are the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for BNB. BitWell and BitZ are also tops.

Prediction of BNB Prices 2021

In January’s first week, the price reached $40. After a steady rally, it soared to $50 in a month. In a matter of days, the price surged to $100 and gained extreme bullish momentum. The price continued to rise, breaking through the $200 and $300 barriers, then hitting $400 and $400 respectively. However, the All-time High of $637.44 was achieved on April 12, 2021, which stunned the crypto community. Despite a slight decline, the price trades strongly above $500.

The Altcoin price could reach $1000 by 2021 if marketers focus on buying them. However, there will be fluctuations. The downside is that Altcoin prices could hover between $500 and $800 if Bears dominate the market, with $200 representing the possible low value.

Prediction of the BNB price 2022

BNB could trade at a price of $1k in 2022, according to some reports. It is likely to trade at $1500 by June 2022, and may continue trading at this level for many months. The price could trade as high as $1800 by 2022.

Binance coin (BNB), 5 Year Price Prediction

BNB could continue to rise in 5 years and break all previous price records. Binance may introduce new features to its trading in order to increase the interest of investors to invest. It introduced features such as Asset Conversion and Cross Collateral, Price Protection, and Price Protection. BNB could reach $5000 in five years.

Market Prediction


According to WalletInvestor the Binance price could rise by $17.31% in the next year. It will trade between $602.925 – $677.465 over the next year. It is expected that the price will remain constant above its current trading price, and it will reach $1395.85 at the end of 2026.


DigitalCoinPrice predicts that BNB will reach $718 by 2021. By 2025, the price will be $1427.49


Longforecast analysts predict that the price will trend between $934 and $1159 by 2021. It could rise to $1700 by 2023.


With the beginning of 2021, the BNB price continued its upward trend. BNB could reach $1000 in 2021 with certain fluctuations. If the company makes any improvements, the price could rise. This could be a great investment for the future. BNB could reach $3k within the next 2-3 years, and then surge to $10K by 2025.

BNB Historical Market sentiments


Binance coin was first traded on the market in July 2017, with a price of $0. The price climbed and eventually reached $3 by the end of August. BNB closed 2017 at $8, despite some fluctuations.


The price reached a peak of $23.25 in January 2018, and fell to just $6 by February 2018. The bearish trend was reversed later and the price rose more than 200% to more than $16 in mid-2018. The rally was short-lived as the price fell below $5, closing the 2018 yearly trade.


BNB’s price was the catalyst for the 2019 trade at $6. This triggered a bull rally. The price reached $30 in June 2019, but it dropped to $15 by October. The price remained at $15 through the end of 2019, despite the trend change.


The price rose from $13 to almost $20 in January, and broke through the upper resistance levels. The price rose to $25 in February, but before it could move towards the next target the bearish divergence overtook the market.

However, the price dropped to $9 in March and then recovered to $18 by April. It rose to $23 at the end August. Surprisingly, the price plummeted to $19 in September, and then spiked to $31 by mid-September. BNB rose to $32 at the end November due to the price rise of Bitcoin. BNB traded at $37 in December 2020, depending on price swings.

Binance Coin Prices Prediction 2021

Below is a chart that shows how BNB has performed well over the last few days. BNB could continue this trend and surpass its $381 resistance level to climb higher if it continues.

If investors start to turn against crypto, bears could take control and overthrow BNB from its uptrending position. BNB’s price could plummet to $299, which is a bearish signal.

Our long-term BNB prediction for 2021 remains bullish. It is highly likely to reach new heights. But, it will not be able to break many psychological barriers that have been in place.

Binance Coin Prices Prediction 2022

BNB will hit $450 by 2022 if this bullish trend continues. The first half of 2022 will see rapid growth of up to $488. This will then slow down but there are no major drops. The price outlook for $450 is optimistic, but it is possible in the near future, with the upcoming partnership and developments.

Binance Coin Prices Prediction 2023

BNB will hold the support level of 200-MA, the long term moving average of 200 day firmly. Buyers will then have plenty time and stability for the next attack mission at the vital level at $500. This will ensure that it does not plummet but plays consistently.

Binance Coin Prices Prediction 2024

BNB investors can expect to see many partnerships and integrations in the near future, based on the most recent updates, developments, BNB price predictions, and new project forecasts. This could also increase the BNB price in crypto markets. It will be a good investment because the price can rise and reach $538.

Binance Coin Prices Prediction 2025

BNB prices could rise to $600 in the next four-years. BNB could reach this level easily as it could find additional short-term and long-term targets to buy or sell orders. According to the prediction, BNB is likely to reach a new ATH within the next five year.


BNB looks bright in 2021. We may see BNB rise to new heights due to the constant developments in the BNB ecosystem and the wider crypto market.

BNB bullish price prediction 2021: $381 It could even reach $417, if investors decide that BNB is a good investment, as well as mainstream cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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