Boho Throw Pillows

Having the best boho throw pillows completes your couch’s look. We have made the ideal list for you to choose from to make your room unique!

In terms of decorating, people with a love of bohemian style can enjoy a lot of fun. With lots of texture, color and designs, bohemian style can be a fun method to display your individuality and add a sense of fun to the space. One of the most effective ways to integrate this style in your home is to use accents, particularly pillows. No matter if you’re passionate about the style or just seeking a fun and easy method to add some color to your space We’ve got an excellent collection of boho pillows (and pillows!) that will turn your home into the home that you’ve always wanted in a matter of seconds.

Opalhouse Fringe Jacquard Euro Pillow

Target’s Opalhouse collection is among the cheapest ways to bring a touch of boho style to your home. The perfect example is The Opalhouse Fringe Jacquard Euro Pillow. It costs only $30, this pillow has the multi-colored jacquard pattern as well as fringe to match for a combination that works with any colour scheme. It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows.

Velvet Cushion Cover


Are you looking to replace an old cover that you’re tired of? H&M has a wide selection of covers such as this striking marigold velvet cover for your pillow. It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows. Soft cotton covers (also available in beige and pink) can brighten your living space in no time It’s all you need to do is zip.

Patchwork Pillow


A great resource for boho decor? The Apartment Therapy Bazaar! You’ll find an Vintage Kilim Rug Shop, which recycles vintage Turkish carpets and rugs and turns them into contemporary interiors, such as this stunning Patchwork Pillow. What a striking cushion! It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows.

Altalune Cotton Throw Pillow Cover


Pom-poms and fringe are a boho essential, so this pillow cover offers the perfect blend of both. With the “pomtastic” border and knit-pattern style, this pillow to add charm and warmth to your home.

Palm Tree Fringe Pillow

JUNGALOW If you’re looking for a unique bohemian style There’s only one destination to check out to: the Jungalow. It is known for its striking, minimalist designs, many pieces that double as art pieces in the sense that they are art in the whimsical palm tree fringe pillow. It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows.

Aleksi Faux Fur Pillow


Fans of faux fur will surely appreciate this pillow by Anthropologie. The pillow is luxuriously soft and covered with the form of a short pile fur it’s Aleksi pillow (modeled after the top-selling blanket) instantly enhances the look of your home and comes in five shades: oatmeal, mauve, natural blue plum, and citrine.

Macrame Cushion Case


Boho is a popular style of interiors without talking about macrame, at the very least, isn’t it? If you’re looking for a striking statement pillow, upgrade your favorite throw by using this macrame cushion case from Kozyland which is drenched in fringe and has a contemporary knit pattern. It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows.You may even be able to fool your friends and family to believe that you made it yourself (we don’t want to reveal).

Mike Willcox UO Exclusive Sun and Moon Crewel Throw Pillow


A personal preference A personal favorite, my personal favorite, the Mike Willcox Sun as well as Moon Crewel pillow from Urban Outfitters are the ultimate boho pillows. Available in pairs (you can find the moon pattern here) The pillows have stars and constellations that are embroidered with crewel that bring a touch of sunlight and moonlight to your decor. The size of their 18×18 make them ideal support pillows, which means they’re more than just an attractive accent.

Round Tufted Velvet Throw Pillow

Are you bored of the same accent pillows that are square? Give some curves and a splash of some color to your living space by putting these round velvet pillow at World Market. They’re available with eight vibrant shades, which means they can be mixed and matched. soft pillows with your existing favorites to give your space a boho-inspired update. It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows.

Dharma Wool Boho Tassel Lumbar Throw Pillow


Overstock houses some of our top boho pillows like this lumbar cushion that is decked out. It’s the perfect blend of support and style, and we love the fringe designs, tassels as well as the soft, hand-woven cotton cover.

Lush Velvet Oversized Lumbar Pillow


Do you want a more substantial pillows for your lumbar? West Elm’s oversized velvet Lumbar pillow is the ideal option to add some fun color to your space and also invest in a quality lumbar pillow that will ensure you are comfortable during your next Netflix movie marathon.

Set Of 6 Geometric Print Throw Pillows

Why settle for just a couple of pillows for throws when you can get six? The set by HOMFINER has a variety of geometric patterns to allow you to decorate your home to your heart’s desire. From subtle to striking in appearance the throw pillows can be placed virtually everywhere to create the perfect Bohemian design. It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows.

Textured Rectangular Throw Pillow

One of the most distinctive features of boho style is the variety of textures that are used in a interior design. This square throw pillow is made of tasseled and textured. Although it’s all white in hue it’s the details the thing that give this pillow an authentic Bohemian design. Even if you’ren’t looking for a room that is completely brimming with Bohemian design the throw pillow will appear stunning wherever you put it.

Set Of 2 Macrame Throw Pillows

Another example where texture though not specifically color could create an impact. The white-on-white throw pillows are available as a set that is ideal for couches and bedspreads. Plus, they are a perfect match for the various styles of design such as boho, rustic, vintage, and country to be just a few. The two throws you can see here is the ideal addition to any room that requires of some textured elements.

Tufted Tribal Throw Pillow

If you’re looking for an attractive throw pillow certain to make a striking impact wherever you put it This pattern-based throw cushion by Blue Page might be the ideal solution. The neutral colors make it possible to blend into any style of decor from boho to rustic to contemporary.

Tasseled Boho Pillow Sham

This pillow sham that’s rectangular made by Flber will easily fit over throw pillows that measure twelve by twenty inches. Flber has blended textures and striking designs to create a stunning bohemian-inspired style. The macrame throw pillow sham is adorned with tassels along the edges, adding the whimsical look you would expect from the boho style.

4 Mandala Throw Pillow Covers

Mandalas are classic Bohemian design, so it’s only natural to showcase your boho-inspired room with a throw cushion (or four) that showcases the elegance of this classic style. The mandala-inspired floral throw pillows come in a variety of shades ranging from warm purple to cool gold. So why not spread the hue throughout the room (or at least a couple of rooms)? It is recommended as one of the best boho throw pillows.

Black And White Geometric Throw Pillow Covers

This set of 4 sturdy high-quality throw pillows provide four distinct designs which range from delicate to striking and geometric. These attractive covers can be layered over pillows with conventional square dimensions. They are designed to last long enough to wash in the machine. The exclusive dyeing process used to print the designs on the covers will give a brighter result and more lasting vibrancy.

Plush And Colorful Geometric Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is square and evokes all the elements that are typical of Bohemian chic, including the texture, vibrant color and geometric, bold prints. Made from polyester and cotton This pillow from LR Home only looks delicate. It’s quite robust, making it the perfect accent piece for any bedroom, not just the one of a child. The appealing design will look amazing not just in a boho-themed room however, but in a rustic style too.

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