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The Hunger Games is a book about a future, dystopian country. The country is called Panem. It has 12 districts, and at the beginning of the series, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are chosen from district 12 to compete in the Hunger Games as tributes.


Katniss is used to taking care of her family because she is the oldest. Peeta is a baker’s son, and Katniss threw him bread when he didn’t have food. But now Katniss has to kill Peeta in the arena because people do not like their families being together.

The Hunger Games is a movie about two people who are taken away by a train. They go to the Capitol, and they see luxury there that they’ve never seen before. The two people with 22 other tributes fight until only one person is left alive, but it’s just for entertainment.

Now let’s see what books to read after Hunger Games!

Divergent by Veronica Roth

If you like books similar to Hunger Games, try the Divergent series. It takes place in the future where people live in different places. They are divided into groups depending on who they are and what they do. The country is separated into 5 parts: Erudite (for smart people), Amity (peaceful people), Candor (honest people), Abnegation (selfless people), and Dauntless (brave).

Children grow up in a certain group of society. They take a test when they are 16 years old to know which one they are. After that, they have to choose what path to follow for the rest of their lives. It can be hard on them!

But during the test, she discovers something about herself. The Hunger Games is about a band of rebels fighting against the system and uncovering what’s true about their world.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner is a book like Hunger Games and Divergent. It is about a boy who has no memory and finds himself in a place with no adults or girls. There are walls outside, but the only way out is through the Maze.

A big, dangerous maze surrounds the Glade. Each day, the walls open to let people go into the Maze. There are lots of bad creatures in the Maze that hurt people. For 2 years, people have never found their way out, but some boys have died trying.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

In Red Queen, your blood defines your status. There are two kinds of people. Reds and Silvers. The Reds live in the slums and have nothing to do with the Silvers, who control everything from their homes on high. Mare Barrow is a 17-year-old girl from the slums of Stilts. Then she gets a job in Silver Palace, where she learns that she can do more than serve food! This changes everything because it changes what you can do depending on your blood type!

The Silvers think that they have power over Mare. But Mare is secretly working with the Resistance to take down the Silvers.

Murder Trending by Gretchen McNeil

Murdertrending is a book that a lot of people have not heard about. It has a different idea than other books. Murderers are killed after being imprisoned. And it’s shown on TV for other people to see. Everybody is tweeting about it because they want to watch the murderer get killed repeatedly on TV.

Dee Guerrera killed her sister, but she did not do it. She is sent to Alcatraz 2.0, and she starts the “Breakfast Club” with people who are in jail for killing their siblings. The TV show gets into this, and they all get more popular. Will they be allowed to live?

Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu is like other books like the Hunger Games and Divergent. It begins in a future America where dissidents oppose the government’s efforts to hold them down.

In society, there are people who have money and people who don’t. You can tell if someone has money because they go to school. If you do not go to school, then you will be poor, and it is very hard to get through life without education. If you are poor, then it is easy for plagues to affect your family because no one will help them pay for the medicine that cures the disease. But if you are rich, then you can afford the medicine so your family won’t get sick even though they live in a poor area of society.

This story is about two people who are both intelligent and loyal to each other. There are many times throughout in the story when I felt the same way these characters did. At first, they despised each other, but they began to work together instead of against each other. Of course, there is a romance between them, but it was too quick and didn’t add much to the story.

The world-building in this book is not as strong as in other series. But it seems that the next book will have more of that. It’s worth reading. The author is diverse, and the characters are racially diverse, which is great!

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

 It tells the story of how they invade earth and destroy everything. The first wave was all electricity; the second was the tsunami, the third disease, the fourth was people fighting each other. Soldiers come to a camp and take away all of the kids under 15, but they kill everyone else. Cassie is lost.

Cassie wanted to find her brother. So she hit the road and looked for him. She met Evan, but she was not sure if she could trust him.

Matched by Ally Condie

Matched is a good book. It is like the Hunger Games. It has many typical YA dystopian themes like living in a regimented society and finding out that living is how you want it to be.

In this world, teens are matched by society. They have to follow a career chosen by society. Their meals are made by society too. The world is orderly, and there is not much free will. It’s supposedly for the good of people so that everything runs smoothly without conflict. If there is less choice, there would be less conflict.

Cassia was matched with her best friend. That’s rare because it is unusual to be matched with someone you know. She felt happy about the match, and all the other people were jealous of her.

Cassia opens her microcard after the match. The card should have all she needed to know about Xander, but there was a problem. She should have seen Xander’s picture, but instead, she saw Ky’s picture. What if society got it wrong? Maybe Xander wasn’t her match after all? This has made Cassia start to doubt everything about the world that she grew up in.

By Michael Caine

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