Career Astrology: What Is It?

Today’s world is full of opportunities in one’s career. People are at a crossroads when choosing a particular profession to suit them. Everyone dreams of having a successful career leading to a good lifestyle and recognition in society. Many times people are uncertain what career options are best suited for them. Nowadays, people are taking career counseling with experts. Career Astrology is one category where people seek advice to choose the best career. The standard and most sought-after topic for consultation with astrologer in UK and other major cities is a career. People are becoming more aware and consulting astrologers to know their best career possibilities. 

Globalization has led to the opening of enormous career opportunities across the globe. It has become necessary to choose the right career. Astrologer in UK specialize in Career Astrology. It is a part of Astrology. A person’s horoscope or date of birth is analyzed to determine their career options.

A Career astrologer in UK  is highly competent in giving the right career direction. Every person’s career is determined by the planetary position at the time of his birth. An astrologer studies the planetary positions and looks for the best combination of planets to choose a career.

Astrologer in London  will have in-depth and precise knowledge of planetary positions and their influence on the birth chart. He will arrive at a combination of planets in the House to determine career options. He will deeply analyze the planetary effects in the birth chart and effectively combine this with personality traits, as indicated in the birth chart. It helps to shortlist the best career option.  

Astrologer in London and around the world have different approaches in determining career options.

Zodiac Signs

Some career Astrologers in London follow an individual’s sun sign to advise on career options. The Zodiac sign is decided by the time of birth. Each Zodiac sign has its own career indications on the generalized category for a larger population. It does not consider a particular choice. Like people born in Aries can opt for politics, law, defense, engineering, sales, marketing, surgery, fire fitting, and metal work. This method fails to give an exact career to follow for a particular individual.

Career horoscope by date of birth

It is the most prevalent and precise method to know which is the best career to choose. Most Career astrologers in London are adopting this method. It is considered the most complex and extensive study of planetary position and influence in a person’s career horoscope. Astrologers will predict precisely and advise the best option by calculating various aspects of planets, time, place, and positions.

 There are 12 houses in one person’s birth horoscope. These are known as the zodiac signs. Each House has a combination of planets and stars positioned at birth. Every House determines the individual’s path in life by its way of influence. As per Career Astrology, the 10th House plays a vital role in profession and career. It represents fame, honour, success, working environment, professional choices, livelihood, and the most important aspects of your job.

The astrologers consider the Position of Sun, Moon, and Saturn for predicting career options. It is termed the famous 3, which has a tremendous influence on one person’s education and career. Career Astrology will help you decide what education you need to build your career.Career astrologers in London and elsewhere give precise and exact career options by combining all the combinations of houses. He will tell you what field of education suits you for higher studies. 

First House

  • Career in self-employment 

Second House 

  • Banking, investments, finance, consultants, teaching, writing, and publishing 

Third House

  • Communication, marketing, advertising, web designing, traveling, writing, and import/export.

Fourth House 

  • Agriculture, sale/purchase of vehicles, building materials, builders, mining, etc. 

Fifth House

  • Finance, education, share market, brokerage, etc. 

Sixth House

  • Police, loan recovery, court, service-oriented sectors, clinics, and law enforcement. 

Seventh House

  • House for business partnership and relations. 

Eighth House

  •  Insurance, astrology, magic, and research. 

Ninth House

  • Luck and religion, law, priest, and head of religious bodies. 

Tenth House 

  • Politics and government. Government jobs, politics, and other public life-related jobs. 

Eleventh House

  • When many planets occupy this House, it indicates income from multiple sources. 

Twelfth House 

  • Overseas jobs, import/export, travel, charities, activism, prisons, and hospitals. 

Follow the Guidance from astrologers regarding career selections and options through Career Astrology. It will ensure you are on the right path in life, doing what you want with what you should do. Do not undermine the importance of Career astrology in the proper career selection but understand its precision. 

By Michael Caine

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