Challenges Of Owning A Muay Thai Business       

Muay Thai is gaining popularity day by day due to its many health benefits. Whether you are taking Muay Thai as a sport, fitness, or weight loss program, you will get positive results. That is the main reason why going to Muay Thai is a good idea. Instead of getting Muay Thai training in local gyms now, people prefer to go to Thailand to get the training. Like other businesses, Muay Thai business also comes with both opportunities and challenges. Here are some of the opportunities and challenges that you will face in this business. 


Staff recruitment is not a difficulty in a Muay Thai gym. People do not try to find out the background of the trainer. Most trainers are hired when they are recommended by someone. You can also ask other trainers in the gym if they know about any good trainers. Most trainers know about some good trainers who are ready to be hired.  

Now you can also hire a trainer through a company. This way, you will know about the reputation of the trainer without any effort. 


There is no formal contract between the recruiter and the trainer in this business. The plus point is that the hiring process is quick, and if you are not satisfied with any trainer, then you can fire them anytime as there is no contract, and you do not have to fulfil any conditions before firing a trainer.  

The negative point of not having a contract is that there is no guarantee that the trainer will stay at your gym for a lifetime. If they find a good opportunity, they will leave the job and sometimes without giving any notice. 

Expectation From Each Other 

Muay Thai trainers are very dedicated, and they want to pass their knowledge to their students. The only thing they expect from their students is respect. It is very important to maintain a good trainee and trainer relationship in this business. Only this way can you maintain a good atmosphere in the business. 

It is common in Muay Thai business that the employer does not pay the trainer for his services; instead, he provides him with food and accommodation. But if you want to have a formal business project, then you must have some clear boundaries. 


The good thing about Muay Thai camp is that the environment there is friendly and welcoming. The trainers train the students with full dedication. Trainers are loyal to each other, and they follow each other. If one trainer leaves the gym, then his fellow will also leave the gym without questioning him. 

How Is Muay Thai Business Different? 

If you are going to make a huge investment in Muay Thai business, then you must know it is different from other businesses. The Muay Thai trainers like to work independently and don’t like others to control them. So, you must make sure that the whole training process should be separate from other managing, marketing, and monitoring tasks. 


Muay Thai business at Suwit Muay Thai is a good opportunity, but there are challenges too. Instead of following formal business rules, Thai people rely on their moral and cultural values, so you must understand these values if you want your business to be successful. 

By Cary Grant

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