Characteristics of a Highly Efficient School Management System

School leadership is a daunting task as new students are admitted to the school each year and there are student departures on every academic calendar. Because the data of students and staff must be protected, school staff are quickly overwhelmed by this constant flow of inputs and outputs.

Given the school’s inherent wide range, from student administration to academic administration, tuition to school property such as textbooks in the library and Erlenmeyer bottles in the laboratory. A purely manual system with pen and paper is neither efficient nor effective.

Here is the school management system. For a school system to be effective, it must have the following characteristics.

Student management system;

This is a basic feature that keeps an eye on every student in the school in a timely manner. The information stored varies from name, parental information, previous illnesses to benefits.

All of this in one place makes it easier to manage students, as the school population is easily known with a single click. And every student counts against a pen and paper.

School Personnel Directory;

A good school system maintains not only student records, but also school staff records, both instructional and teaching. The information can be used later

it can be saved for future use or used to perform other side tasks, such as B. Create a school calendar for teaching staff,

Payroll system for creating vouchers.

In the advanced system, access to the system is possible by giving school staff a username and password for their work tasks. This allows everyone to work independently and speeds up work. This is better than giving access to the system to one or a few workers, who are usually overwhelmed by data processing and laborious work in areas where they do not have sufficient equipment.

Academic analysis;

Teachers experience a huge consumption of mental and physical energy in correcting student exams. However, test analysis is required to determine a student’s academic level. The school system is very reliable because the main tasks are:

  • student testing
  • Prepare a grade point average and a grade point average for the subject.
  • classification of students.
  • Creating recommendations.

School accounting system;

This is a very sensitive department that requires extreme sensitivity, otherwise you will have to suffer from state inspections and irritable parents.

Your school needs a system with a school accounting system. It can track the balance of each student’s tuition and account balance when they arrive at school upon their departure.

An efficient school accounting system automatically charges students a credit fee for each academic year or semester and charges a tuition fee each time a semester is paid. You need NexxusHub for this job. This happens smoothly and even more so when a student damages or loses school property. NexxusHub has a feature that collects these additional fees from the student.

Library management;

School is a place of literacy, so it is not exempt from textbooks. The library allows you to keep track of your school’s textbook collections using a library management system. This system also allows you to keep track of your loan history, books in stock, lost or damaged books.


While most school management software often focus on researchers, it can be a great advantage if the school system includes a payroll system. It allows the school to easily record and calculate payroll, deductions, and other staff income.

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