Choosing Right Curriculum for Your Child

Choosing the right curriculum for your child may be challenging if you have no idea what you want to accomplish. But, thankfully, it is now simple!

There isn’t a secret formula that will point you in the proper direction, but this article shares some essential inputs that will undoubtedly assist you in escaping the chaos. First, look into the comparison of curriculum options available in India.

CurriculumCBSEICSECAIEIBState Board
Established In196219581858196850 years back
SubjectsA pre-defined set of subjects designed under three streamsA pre-defined set of subjects designed under three streams with compulsory subjectsYou have the option to choose from 6 different subject groupsYou can choose from 70 other subjects.Regional-based program and syllabus
Difficulty LevelAverageDifficult than CBSEHighly DifficultHighly DifficultAverage
Program StructureGrade 1 to 12Grade 1 to 12Cambridge Primary, Lower, Upper Secondary, Cambridge AdvancedPrimary Years ProgramMiddle Years ProgramIB Senior Level Diploma programCareer ProgramGrad 1 to 12
ApplicabilitySyllabus mapped for scoring in entrance examsGlobal career opportunity and foreign university recognitionLanguage skills and overall intellectual developmentInternational career prospectus and higher studies overseasThe good sides count affordability, extracurricular activities, family time, and learning 
FocusMaths and ScienceEnglish, humanities, commerce, and scienceEnglish, humanities, commerce, and scienceHumanities, commerce, science, and languagethe state’s official language, science, humanities

Key points to keep in mind to choose the right curriculum

  • Academic Aim: Your and your child’s plans will define the best curriculum for them. Do you prefer that your child be able to choose their subjects and emphasize their overall development, or do you like that they concentrate on their academics?
  • Flexibility in choosing the subject: Every board has its subject combinations; compare all and decide which one gives you the flexibility to select the subjects of interest.
  • Personality Development Skills: Unlike CBSE school and State Boards, international curricula like IB and Cambridge concentrate more stress on the students’ personalities. How important do you place on activities that help your child develop their personality? Choose one of the top international schools for your child in light of that.
  • Socialization: Your child will learn how to interact and converse with adults efficiently in school. Through international boards, students gain from an integrated approach to education and the development of discipline and interdisciplinary understanding. For instance, students are given future-ready skills like empathy, cultural awareness, and higher-order thinking by the CAIE and IB systems.
  • Cost: One of the most crucial factors is the curriculum’s expense. However, as a parent, do you consider the positive aspect? Keep in mind that there is very little difference between talent and willingness, so choose the course according to your budget! The price range for each curriculum is listed here so that you may get a quick impression of the costs.


One of the most crucial things you can do to ensure your children’s future is to educate them. Each child, however, needs a particular approach to high-quality education because of their individuality. Choosing a curriculum that enables your kids to do so successfully and efficiently is crucial if you want to ensure they can reach their objectives and realize their aspirations. A strong curriculum goes beyond the classroom or the textbook.

Now is the time to make decisions. With this article, you have information that will enable you to choose the best curriculum and schools in Wakad Pune.

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