Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Montessori Education

The Montessori education system focuses on self-directed activity-based education. It allows children to explore their preferred set of educational toys and games. The system follows five rules to the core- 

  • Respect for the child
  • The absorbent mind
  • Sensitive periods
  • The prepared environment
  • Auto education

However, every educational system has pros and cons, and Montessori is no exception. Let us some positive and negative points of this education system.

Pros of Montessori education

1. Montessori offers education in a better atmosphere

The classrooms of Montessori schools are famous for their good infrastructure to some extent. Classrooms will be spacious and have enough sunlight to help young children move around easily. These schools provide them with an attractive and friendly ambience.

2. Montessori improves the learning capability of children

The learning environment helps kids comprehend complicated vocabulary and intellectual thought detection. They get dedicated things for these purposes.

3. Montessori enhances a child’s social interaction

Children pay attention to what other children do. Montessori education offers it by grouping kids of different age groups together in the same setting. It helps them develop their social communication skills, even across age groups.

Cons of Montessori education

1. Montessori education is costly

It is hard for an international school in Malaysia that offers Montessori education to keep its fees low. The cost of high-quality, long-lasting educational materials for young children will be marginally higher than average.

2. Montessori education lacks Independence

Montessori teaching is influential in developing a sense of liberty and self-steered work. Yet, the circumstances are not always like that. The mindset of the education system makes it hard to cooperate in groups. Young children might work under strict control.

3. Small group of students

The classroom atmosphere in a Montessori school consists of a small group of children. Young children spend their time speaking and playing with the same peers. It can transform them to develop good friendships, but sometimes, it will obstruct them from developing their social skills.

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