Comprehensive Range of Venetian &  Roller Blinds

MAC’s unparalleled interior blinds collection covers the entire spectrum of interior styles and genres. Featuring more than 2000 fabrics in a wide palette of colours, textures and patterns, 80 shades of wood and 100 hues of metal, our extensive assortment of blinds promises to offer endless possibilities. Window blinds is one of the most popular and sought after home decor items. We offer a comprehensive range of venetian blinds, roller, tilt and telescopic window blinds.

 The Mac collection is a modern touch of the high-end style. These blinds add sophisticated elegance to any room. Indulge with our selection of venetian and vertical blinds or get something new with our innovative shades and designs. We have a wide array of beautiful venetian blinds available to choose from. These come with different sizes, styles and types to fit your needs and budget. We also offer custom made options for those who want a unique look for their room or building.

  Providing quality and reliable service to our customers is the highest priority of our organization. It has been our endeavour to provide best quality products that are durable, efficient, safe and user-friendly. We have received numerous accolades for our products in many competitions resulting in a lot of business which we believe will continue over the years ahead. Window Blinds come in a very wide range and we bring one of the leading window blinds manufacturers in Delhi, offer widest range of window blinds collection which you can also check online.

 With wooden window blinds, the possibilities are endless. Whether you choose a contemporary look or a more traditional style, our wood is a great ally in setting up a sleek and sophisticated interior. As one of the most popular material types for vertical and horizontal blinds in general, wood can be found in every taste and style imaginable – from subtle to striking, classic or contemporary. Whether you want to gently filter daylight without spoiling the view or close them for total privacy, venetians are a stylish and practical choice. We have also offline stores who sell wooden window blinds in India, choose the best wooden blinds from here.

  MAC’s wooden horizontal assortment is a great ally in sleek and sophisticated settings. It contributes to an appealing masculine look and can be used for any interior. Whether you want to filter daylight without spoiling the view or close them with venetians for total privacy, wooden blinds are a stylish and practical choice.

 MAC’s olivewood horizontal assortment consists of a large range of classic wooden shades. The collection offers a wide variety of styles and looks to suit any style, while also providing popular options in both traditional and contemporary colours. With our complete portfolio of wood vertical blinds, you can create an interior that’s unique and timeless by choosing from a wide range of designs. Whether you want to subtly filter the light or completely darken the room, our wooden venetian blinds will complement existing furnishings and create a distinctive look.

Wooden Windows Blinds in Delhi are made up of Wood and its latest addition in the collection is Bamboo Wood Blinds. Special texture of and finish of wooden blinds provides beauty to space by adding natural elegance.

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