Making Conversion of Square Yard to Square Feet Simple

Throughout India and worldwide, people use square yard and square feet as metrics to denote land measurements. But at present, the square feet unit system is more prevalent than the square yard. The square feet unit system was first introduced in India during British rule and are often used by lenders and borrowers while purchasing, selling, or mortgaging property.

So, individuals must know how to convert square yards to square feet before applying for a loan against property.

How to convert square yards to square feet?

Before knowing how to convert square yards to square feet, it is important to know what square yards and square feet are.

A square yard refers to the area of a square where each side is 1 yard. It is most commonly used in the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries. However, people of India and Pakistan also use this unit during land measurements.

On the other hand, a square foot refers to the area of a square where each side measures 1 foot and is primarily used in India. Both lenders and sellers need to know how to convert square yards to square feet to calculate the net worth of a property located in India. 

To help them, here is the formula to convert square yards to square feet.

1 square yard = 9.000000878 square feet

To understand this better, individuals can refer to the example provided below.

If the carpet area of an apartment in Kolkata is 1500 square feet, the measurement would be 1500/9 = 166.66 square yards approximately.

However, manual calculations might be wrong and are difficult to calculate. In this regard, individuals can take the assistance of online converter tools which rule out the probability of human errors. 

With the help of this tool, they get relevant results and can also evaluate the property’s price according to the ongoing market rates.

Benefits of using an online converter to convert square yard to square feet

Using an online converter for property measurements come with several perks. They are:

  • It is a quick method that displays appropriate results fast.
  • At times, manual calculations might be wrong, but online converter tools can never display factual errors.
  • It is free to use, and individuals can easily access this tool online.

Nevertheless, other than these measuring units, individuals can also use others like –

  • Square metre – This is similar to square feet, but the square sides, in this case, are 1 metre.
  • Hectare – A hectare is defined as the area of a square, with each side measuring 100 meters. 
  • Bigha – It is traditionally used in India to measure plots. The unit does not have a standard size but differs from state to state. In West Bengal, 1 bigha= 1600 sq. yd.

Knowing about these units help individuals measure their land and calculate the value of their property according to ongoing market prices before applying for a loan against property. This would give them an exact idea of how much loan amount they can avail. 

Leading financial institutions offers loan against property at affordable interest rates. With proper knowledge of the property measurement units like square yards and square feet, individuals can make an informed choice before applying for one.

Prospective borrowers should visit the official websites of their preferred lenders and check the eligibility criteria before availing a loan against property. 

Individuals should also know the uses of loans against property for various purposes since it does not have any end-usage restriction. 

Several financial institutions extend pre-approved offers to simplify and accelerate the loaning process. These offers are available on a range of financial products like home loans and loans against property. Individuals just need to enter their name and contact number to check their pre-approved offers. Individuals interested in buying property can use the square yard to square feet calculator to correctly measure their land and estimate its price.

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