Could Dark Gums Be a Sign of Something More Serious?

Dark gums, commonly referred to as black gums, are dark spots on the gums that are caused by many different factors. People with dark gums may not have any other symptoms or may have other symptoms depending on what’s causing the dark gums.

Signs Of Hyperpigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation is characterized by an excessive amount of melanin in the skin cells. This can be caused by things like:
-sun exposure and damage from chemicals, including Retinoids
-chemical peels or procedures that use bleaching agents such as hydroquinone or alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to treat acne
-too much alcohol consumption, smoking, eating tyrosine-rich foods like chocolate and salty chips that may cause dehydration

What Causes Black Gums?

Black gums are the most common symptom associated with both HIV and hepatitis. If you have black gums, you might want to consider getting tested for HIV and hepatitis as well as brushing your teeth at least twice per day. Since there is not much information on this topic in academic journals, it is hard to say for sure what causes black gums, but researchers believe that it may be related to being anemic, exposure to UV light, liver disease or even an imbalance in your vitamin D levels.

How To Get Rid Of Black Gums?

This may sound like something you can brush off, but if you’re concerned about your gums turning black, be sure to get it checked out by a dentist. This isn’t unheard of – it’s more common than many people know. Your dentist will look for any signs that the blackness is caused by gum disease or infection and let you know what’s going on and how to get rid of your black gums. Black spots on the tongue are often indicative of oral cancer such as melanoma so make sure your dentist checks this out as well!

Who Is Affected By Black Gums?

The main question most people want to know is: does having black gums mean that I have something more serious, like oral cancer or gum disease? The answer is NO. Having dark gums can be an easy way to identify a problem before it gets out of hand and makes you sick, so if you notice any black blotches on your gums, it’s important to take care of them as soon as possible. It could be something minor that can be taken care of with home remedies or something more serious that should see the doctor right away. Regardless, it’s best to find out as soon as possible what these symptoms could mean. Black gums could also be signs of sun damage on your teeth.

Is Gum Hyperpigmentation An Early Warning Signal?

People who have black gums also known as gum hyperpigmentation. As the name suggests, the most common symptom is dark black spots or blotches on the gums. On rare occasions, someone may experience this without any other symptoms, but most people with black gums experience the following symptoms:
-A history of excessively bleeding from the gums
-Swelling of the lymph nodes around your jaw area
-Difficulty chewing due to inflamed gum tissue
These points should not be overlooked, as they can be an early warning signal for many serious diseases such as a bacterial infection in your sinuses, or HIV.

The Importance Of Detection And Treatment:

The long-term effects of gum hyperpigmentation, left untreated, can vary. A variety of things might happen such as poor oral hygiene, chronic dry mouth or dental erosion. In extreme cases, there may be periodontal bone loss or tooth and jawbone loss.
This all boils down to what caused the hyperpigmentation in the first place. If it is due to problems with teeth alignment (parallel occlusion), there are ways to fix that before it starts causing other issues.

If Not Treated, What Are the Long-Term Effects Of Gum Hyperpigmentation?

If not treated, gum hyperpigmentation can result in open sores that have the potential to cause an infection. Untreated sores could also form permanent lines, creating the appearance of darkened teeth.
Additionally, hyperpigmentation can extend beyond the mouth. In fact, it has been observed that if untreated and left alone, some patients may develop dark patches around their neck and even on their chin and jawline. So when you think about how commonplace gum disease is today and the health risks it poses, it’s worth exploring all possible options. Some people will only find relief by seeing their dentist who can provide them with professionally applied tooth-whitening strips or who offers professional teeth whitening services performed right in the office.

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