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A sleeve box is a two-piece box containing a lid and sleeve. You can quickly put in and draw out the things. It is considered the preferable option due to its versatile nature. You can use it to pack a wide range of items like bakery items, frozen food products, electronics, cannabis objects, apparel, cosmetics, etc. custom sleeve boxes keep products secure and present them very elegantly in front of the audiences.

Top-Notch Methods to Customize a Sleeve Box Wholesale:

What is the purpose of customized boxes? You can customize the package as you want. In the customization process, you can choose the box’s shape, size, material, printing, color schemes, and additional options. Now we will let you know how to tailor a custom printed sleeve box at reasonable prices. The details are as follows:

Customize Sizes and Shapes of Sleeve Box Packaging:

The box’s design is the first step of customization. Clients must know what size and shape of the box suit their products. Sleeve boxes have the same styles. They come with a bottom lid and an upper sleeve. Share the dimensions of your products with our team. our manufacturing staff will turn your imaginative box into reality.

Manufacture Sleeve Box Packaging with Premium Quality Material:

The material of the sleeve box must be sturdy and resistant to moisture, humidity, and contamination. It must also be safe for the health of the environment. in recent times, customers have become very conscious of the planet’s condition. That’s why we prefer kraft and cardboard to customize sleeve boxes wholesale. Cardboard and kraft papers are 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, cardboard is sustainable and enhances the storage life of the items. This paper is also feasible for prints and colors. We also use the rigid form for packaging luxurious accessories and cosmetics in the sleeve box.

Enticing Color Schemes and Top-Rate Printing Methods:

The printing process and color scheme overall depend on the clients. Our packaging creators will act upon your demands. You can pick out full-color printing of the sleeve box or blend it with different hues. Moreover, you can go with the inside printings of the sleeve box to make it more striking and eye-catchy. Our printing methods include the following:

  1. offset
  2. digital
  3. screen printing

Three of these methods have distinct features. We propose the offset printing method. It is an economical choice for large-quantity prints and results in high-quality prints. However, we also use digital and screen-printing methods on the customers’ demand.

Customize Sleeve Box Wholesale with Logo Design:

A box with a logo design can do a fantastic job marketing your brand. It prevents you from spending money on the campaign of the company’s advertisement. A personalized box printed with the brand’s details and the company’s tag lines can instantly attract customers to your products. So, please don’t wait and order from us now. Our custom belt boxes logo is an apt choice for promoting your brand and boosting its sales.

What Includes in Our Finishing Options for Sleeve Boxes Wholesale?

1. Matt and Gloss Lamination:

laminations prevent colors and prints from fading and make prints more vibrant and vivid. We have gloss and matt, two laminations choices for sleeve box packaging. Matt provides a velvety and soft texture to the surface of the packaging. At the same time, gloss adds smooth and sheeny touch to the character of the packaging.

2. Spot UV:

You can apply spot UV on the logo image and other brand details. as it stands out in the prints. It also gives a satin and glossy texture.

3.    Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping gives a sophisticated and stylish look to the box packaging. It is obtainable in various colors. Silver and gold foiling look more appealing.

4. Die-Cut Windows:

You can make your products visually appealing by adding windows and die-cuts in the box. Whether you pack edibles or cosmetics, die-cut will make things visible in front of the audience.

5.   Embossing and Debossing:

You can print the logo or other artwork with embossing and debossing. They give a substantial effect to the colors and make them more prominent.

What are the Reasons for choosing iCustomBoxes?

Our company is the most notable and reliable packaging provider. There could be plenty of reasons to choose us. A few of them are listed below:

  • free cost transport facility
  • free plates and die-cuts
  • 2D and 3D digital design samples
  • free quote facility
  • free design support
  • competitive prices
  • shortest turnaround time
  • no hidden fee or extra charges
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