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School is the most essential part of child growth and education. When it comes to educating your children, you should prefer the Best English Medium School. English is the language of International Communication. It is the official language of 53 countries and is spoken by around 400 million people across the globe. English Beholds Important. In today’s era, it has become a strong need to ensure your child learns both speaking and writing English. At a young age, kids do not bother about mistakes and do not hesitate in speaking English. So if you admit your ward to an English Medium School at a very early age. That’s why people prefer English medium school for their kids at an early age which is playing a key role in their successful careers. In this blog, I will tell about one of the best English medium school in Jaipur city,

VSI International School 

An English medium co-educational sr. sec.School. ( Science,Commerce & Arts)

VSI International School offers quality education to students. VSI International school helps students to develop passion outside of class for sports, arts, culture, or whatever interests they have deeply.VSI International has all the factors which make it the BEST School In Jaipur For English Medium Students.

VSI Schools’ Factors of a Best School

It was awarded by the former Education Minister of Rajasthan as ‘’ Emerging School of the Year”. Its goal is to provide quality education in a good learning environment to your child from playgroup up to 12th class. It has so many factors to be called the BEST SCHOOL IN JAIPUR. Such as

Secure and organized :

 VSI school ensures the security of students, provides a clean and well-organized atmosphere where they can develop their skills and increase their knowledge. A secure and organized environment of the VSI school setting helps enhance the teaching and learning experience among teachers and students. 

Supportive Teachers and Administrators:

Teachers are role models for the students. Teachers have a strong influence in shaping personality. That’s why VSI school teachers possess all the qualities which cultivate the student’s talents and abilities. Likewise VSI school Administrative staff is very professional and supportive of the Students.

Outstanding equipment and facilities :

VSI International School provides outstanding and powerful educational tools to their students such as Computers, laboratories, and libraries to deepen their students’ knowledge and improve their

 cognitive skills.

Extracurricular and Cultural Activities :

 Along with academics VSI school organizes curricular activities and encourages participation in extracurricular and cultural activities for their students. VSI believes in the overall development of its students.

Personality development and leadership :

Leadership skills are in high demand in today’s time and VSI school ensures activities in its curriculum that can develop its student’s personalities and enhance their skill in leadership.

So, these are the most important factors of VSI International School that you must not ignore when choosing the Best school in Jaipur. 

Admission Procedure of VSI International School

Age criteria for Admission

  • For Pre Nursery age limit is 2 Years 6 months
  • For Nursery 3 years onwards

    For Admission, fill up the registration form which will be at the reception desk of the school. At the time of submission, a birth certificate duly attested by a gazetted officer and three photographs of the applicants.

VSI International School‘s Online Teaching Pattern 

Now it has become very necessary in this crucial period of COVID – 19 Pandemic that How school organizes classes for their students because school is following the instructions of the Government for not opening a school in the outbreaks of CORONAVIRUS. 

I am highly pleased to announce that VSI has started Online classes for their students so that their students keep safe and do not be deprived of quality education. It is a simple way by which teachers interact with their students and teach them according to the syllabus likewise face-to-face classes.

VSI school ensures that its students are comfortable with the new teaching mode and do not get hassled by it but luckily  VSI International School students are fully aware of the digital medium of learning because VSI School runs Smart classes for all standers. 

VSI International School follows very strict guidelines to run online classes. It makes sure that classes are planned and according to schedule. Parents and Students are aware of the schedule of classes so that chances of missing class can not happen.  

VSI school teachers prepare lesson plans before taking classes in order to smooth the running of classes and completion of syllabus according to time.

VSI School Fee structure is very low compared to another English Medium school in Jaipur. Contact for more details on fees to the contact number given on the website of the school.

Evaluation and Promotions :

VSI school is continuously making changes in the strategies of evaluation and promotions to cope up with society’s needs. Education is a lifelong journey. VSI school has developed a set plan to evaluate their students and make sure that every student in the school gets a proper chance to grow according to their caliber and get promoted accordingly.

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