Landscapes have been destroyed, water sources have been tainted, and essential ecosystems have been destroyed due to gold mining. Due to unclean gold mining, cyanide, mercury, and other harmful compounds are frequently released into the environment.

Today’s industrial gold mining destroys landscapes, producing vast quantities of toxic waste. The waste, which is typically a grey liquid sludge, is full of hazardous heavy metals and lethal cyanide. For every 0.333 ounce of a gold ring that is mined, mining companies produce roughly 20 tonnes of toxic waste due to the use of unethical techniques like open pit mining and cyanide heap leaching.

SION Trading FZE is one of a few businesses working on a clean and green project. These businesses intend to use effective, environmentally friendly practices.


Acid mine drainage is a continuous issue frequently caused by unclean gold mining. The problem arises when newly exposed subsurface rock to air and water disturbs. The rock’s iron sulfides, also known as “fool’s gold,” can combine with oxygen to produce sulfuric acid. Acidic water draining from mine sites is harmful to living things.

At SION, they utilize costly efficient methods to prevent mine drainage. They have established treatment plants that decant and purify the remnants, oxidizing the harmful chemicals and turning them docile. Their treatment plant is a positive step towards a clean and green production method that aligns with the environment conservation ideology.


Metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic and iron can contaminate rivers and streams. The dangers escalate when this acidic water runs over rocks and removes other entrenched heavy metals. Arsenic can result in skin cancer and tumors, while cadmium has been linked to liver disease.


In artisanal and small-scale gold mining, liquid metal mercury is used to extract gold from rock and sediment. Unfortunately, mercury is a poisonous chemical that harms not only the environment but also the health of miners. A global health and environmental emergency is being brought on by using mercury in gold mining.

Mercury poses a severe threat to human health. It has been established that the amount of vapor released by mining operations harms the kidneys, liver, brain, heart, lungs, colon, and immune system. Chronic mercury exposure can cause tremors, exhaustion, weight loss, and behavioral changes. Mercury can hinder cerebral development in growing youngsters and developing fetuses.


Keeping such hazardous effects in mind, the SION trading FZE has inaugurated specific steps to reduce the consumption of mercury. Certain other replaceable compounds are being sought after by the famous gold miner SION. Their CEO, a vociferous nature lover and a vocal environmentalist has urged the stagnation of all those practices that seriously threaten nature. Although it is a complicated process to ensure since mining is a highly complex process and making it safe for the environment is an expensive task, their struggle and determination to give something to the world and future generations and not just think of everything like a greedy capitalist are highly commendable.

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