EOS Price Prediction

EOS is a blockchain-based decentralized system. Its primary purpose is to allow the hosting, development, and execution of decentralized applications commercially. Secure access and data hosting are all possible with cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is the main competitor to EOS, and ETH is currently more popular than EOS. Experts still consider EOS a currency that has great potential due to its unique features. EOS, for example, is focused on the most important pain points in blockchain such as speed, scalability and flexibility.

EOS also aims to address the issues of scarce resources, false transactions and similar requests, spamming, and other problems that can arise from the network. 700 million tokens are distributed daily at 2 million tokens per day for 350 days. Who knows what the future holds for those who believe that EOS will grow? Let’s talk about EOS, crypto trading and more.

This article will cover the most common questions regarding EOS. It will also provide historical information and EOS price predictions by crypto industry experts. Long-term forecasts for the coin are also included. We will also discuss the technical aspects of EOS and how it fluctuates in price.

Our article on EOS price prediction should help you make a decision about whether or not it is worth investing in. Do you want to find out if EOS should be part of your investment portfolio? Continue reading to find out all about EOS.

What’s EOS Crypto?

EOS is one of the most popular crypto-projects. It was created to address the current lack of flexibility and speed as well as low fees. EOS uses its own smart contract platform to run decentralized applications (dApps). This protocol is called the EOS.IO blockchain protocol. It was created specifically as a way to outperform regular processing, hardware storage, and other interesting stuff.

In 2017, EOS developers Brendan Blumer & Dan Larimer released their whitepaper. The first EOS initial coin offerings (ICO) was launched in June 2017. It lasted for a whole year and raised a staggering $4.1 billion – surpassing all ICO records.

EOS is not a popular cryptocurrency. Its innovative technology, however, has the greatest long-term growth potential. If the EOS blockchain protocol is able to improve the internal processes of various industries, it could transform the future for all Apps and computer resource. The coin’s long-term value will increase rapidly if this happens.

EOS has experienced significant changes in its value over the past year. As you can see in the chart below there was a large spike in price in February 2020. However, it dropped to zero in February 2015. EOS has slowly been rebalancing its position since then, with the exception of a spike and fall in August 2020.

EOS Predictions for 2021 by Crypto Specialists

It’s difficult to plan your next move when EOS is moving at a rapid pace. LiteForex compiled analysis from top industry traders and publications.

Trading Beatitudes

Trading Beasts experts predict that EOS will grow very slowly in 2021 but they don’t expect any sudden drops. The August average price will be $3.65910. EOS will cost on average $3.72266 in October. EOS will cost $3.79319 in December. According to Trading Beasts experts, EOS will not reach a maximum price of $5 in 2021 and its minimum price won’t be lower than $3.

Wallet investor

Wallet Investor predicts that EOS will fall sharply and reach $1.795 at the end of August. This downtrend will continue until September’s middle. EOS will then rise from $1.090 to $1.386, the minimum at the start of October. The average price will remain between $0.9880 and $1.399 throughout October. In the middle of December, EOS will cross the $2 line in its average price. EOS will be worth $2.932 on the last day in 2021.

EOS Analysis for 2021/2022

We can therefore conclude that the EOS future prices will likely remain flat and the 2019-2020 pattern could be the most likely. Three stages can be identified here.

The chart below shows the dramatic growth and fall. This stage is sometimes called “bulls’ failed try” and the market seems to be at the end of this stage.

“Attempt of Revengeance” is marked with a purple circle. This signifies a pullback of hope that is defeated by bears.

Consolidation (green circle) – An equilibrium stage that can also be called “the calm prior to the storm.” This stage can result in strong momentum in any direction.

We will see short consolidation based on this wave structure, the most accurate forecast and the latest signals. The end of the year may see a short-term breakout around 8 USD.

The strong support levels will allow for a pattern to be inclined upwards. This will allow another powerful impulse in 2022-2023.

Our scenario is based upon the EOSUSD price history from 2019-2020. Therefore, the 2021-2022 forecast will replicate the previous wave structure. But, this doesn’t mean that price movements will be identical.

Bollinger bands will be used to outline the EOS expected trading range.

The orange squares indicate the expected monthly price projections. The main challenge for sellers in 2021 is to break through the support level of 3 USD. EOS projects that the trading range for EOS will be between 3-5 USD and 3-5 USD. However, short-term breakouts are possible.

The price should have fallen to its lowest point by 2022. Bulls will then be expected to retaliate and consolidate at updated support levels.

EOS Price Prediction 2021

Below is a chart that shows EOS’s performance over the last few days. The EOS price has risen by more than 25% over the past 7 days. EOS could continue this trend and break its $14.96 resistance level to go higher if it continues.

If investors start to turn against crypto, bears could take control and pull EOS out of its uptrend position. EOS’s price might drop to $3.78, which is a bearish signal.

Our long-term EOS price prediction for 2021 is bullish. It is likely to surpass its current all time high (ATH) of $22.89 in 2021. But, it will not be able to break many psychological resistances.

EOS Price Prediction 2022

EOS could reach $35 if this bullish trend continues. The first half of 2022 will see rapid growth, reaching $40. This will then slow down but there are no major drops. The price of $355, with upcoming partnerships and developments, is very optimistic, but it is possible for the near future.

EOS Price Prediction 2023

EOS will hold the support level at 200-MA for the long-term moving average. Buyers will have plenty of time and stability to complete the next attack mission at $55. This will ensure that it does not plummet, but plays consistently.

EOS Price Prediction 2024

EOS project forecasts and price predictions may be affected by the possibility of more developments and upgrades in 2024. These may also increase the EOS price. The price of EOS can still be bullish and rise to $75.

EOS Price Prediction 2025

EOS prices could rise to $95, in the next four-years. EOS could reach this level easily if it can find additional short-term and long-term targets for prices to buy or sell orders. According to the prediction, EOS is likely to reach a new peak in the next five year.


EOS looks bright in 2021. EOS may reach new heights due to the constant developments in the EOS ecosystem and the wider crypto market.

Bullish EOS price prediction for 2021 is $14.96. It could even reach $22.89, if investors decide that EOS is a good investment, as well as mainstream cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin and Ethereum.


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