ERP Solution for Textile Manufacturing

A Textile ERP solution meets the particular needs of the industry. Companies looking to implement such a system must ensure that they use specific packages, not generic ERP packages. Textile companies also face several implementation barriers, similar to those in other industries. The industry uses EDI in a traditional way rather than using electronic marketplaces. Further, the companies are not accustomed to using ERP solutions for other industries. To overcome these obstacles, the companies must adopt specific solutions to meet their specific needs.

HashMicro Manufacturing Software

With its rich features and user-friendly interface, HashMicro Manufacturing Software makes it easy to run a textile or apparel business. It also promotes better organization and employee efficiency. The ERP software allows companies to generate orders automatically, manage inventory, and track products in the field. In addition, the system allows for quick response to queries and can manage small batch runs. It is also compliant and fully integrated. Its modular structure makes it easy to deploy and implement.

In addition to improving profitability, HashMicro Manufacturing Software can improve the quality of the products and services produced by a textile manufacturer. This software streamlines business processes and allows departments to communicate with each other. Moreover, it increases productivity and enhances the level of employee satisfaction. It also allows companies to reduce waste and achieve optimal production through better collaboration. It can be customized to suit the specific needs of a textile manufacturing business.


HashMicro ERP solution for textile manufacturing helps streamline the entire production process. It integrates with the store purchasing system, provides visibility and functionality along the entire process, and allows users to make informed business decisions. TIM, which stands for Textile Integrated Manufacturing, helps textile manufacturers of all sizes manage their business processes efficiently. With its comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, TIM helps manage financial transactions and ensures a high level of quality control throughout the production process.

The HashMicro ERP solution for textile manufacturing is compatible with a number of other applications, including S.A.P. oracle. Its ability to integrate with other applications means it is highly customizable. A successful textile ERP solution will help you predict market demands, reduce delivery delays, and improve your company’s financial efficiency. ERP solutions can help textile manufacturers increase the speed of product delivery while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.


The textile industry is affected by seasonality, fluctuating demand, and high operating costs. With the Lighthouse ERP solution, you can streamline your entire business, from procurement to manufacturing. With its flexible and easy-to-implement architecture, this software can handle every aspect of your business. It also helps you store essential business data and access it at any time, facilitating you to produce business reports with a few mouse clicks. With the Lighthouse ERP, you can track your raw materials and products and prepare them effectively.

Advanced planning and scheduling software can help textile companies balance demand with plant capacity. With this software, you can schedule production according to the materials, labor, and equipment available. It can also help you track costs and improve overall equipment effectiveness. It can streamline order processing and integrate with sales orders and inventory, and can even help you plan your production schedules. You can also track your resources and track their performance. With this software, you can make more informed decisions and make better-informed decisions about your business.


The NOW ERP solution for textiles includes a suite of cutting-edge features that simplify business processes. The solution’s BOM browser helps users view and update sub-assemblies in real-time and capture mundane activities on the shop floor. Its single screen interface provides detailed information on the status of job work, employee assignments, and work orders. Moreover, the system’s e-commerce capabilities help companies make a seamless transition from manufacturing to selling.

In addition to facilitating collaboration among employees, the NOW ERP solution for textiles enables the business to reduce operational cost. With the centralized storage of data, the ERP system maintains accurate account records, reports, and customer information. Employees from different departments can upload and retrieve data quickly. It integrates the entire system, creating an interconnected network. The system keeps track of procured raw materials and products. It also generates bills and receipts.


With its integrated approach to the textile and apparel supply chain, DATATEX and PORTOLAN offer an ERP solution for the entire process. Their combined experience includes technology in an ERP environment, accounting expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s unique processes. Datatex’s NOW ERP solution is the leading ERP solution for the textile and apparel industry, with a global reach. It is available in 22 languages.

NOW Planning is an application that can manage both MTO and MTS scenarios. This advanced planning module is fully customizable, and can handle mixed scenarios as well. It generates production demands and purchase requests and manages stock netting, allocation, and batching. NOW Planning understands the specific needs of textile companies, and has multiple features to meet their needs. It can also handle vendor-managed inventory, point-of-sale back office, and multi-plant operations.

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