Exciting Benefits of using a Bitcoin ATM in California

The name Bitcoin ATM is self-explanatory. It is an easily accessible kiosk similar to legacy ATMs enabling cryptocurrency transactions. It is an internet-enabled physical facility helping crypto users buy and sell digital assets at a nearby location.

Crypto ATM is a game-changer as it empowers crypto users looking for a convenient option for online crypto exchanges.  

Bitcoin ATM – a brief intro

The Bitcoin ATM is an internet-connected kiosk facilitating an easy and faster way to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. It avoids using any banking channel by accepting cash to deliver the corresponding value of Bitcoin into the user’s crypto wallet. Individuals who want to secure their fiat currency can use a Bitcoin ATM to convert the amount into Bitcoin for security.

A Bitcoin ATM is the best option if you cannot buy crypto through an online exchange. It is a boon for individuals with no bank account. Several crypto users want to avoid using online Bitcoin exchanges to protect their privacy. A BTC ATM is the only convenient option for them. One can easily access a Bitcoin ATM to invest in cryptocurrencies by using cash. Many first-time Bitcoin buyers start their crypto journey by using a Bitcoin ATM which lacks the complexities of online exchanges.

A better alternative to crypto exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges are popular among many Bitcoin users, but their popularity is slowly declining with the emergence of crypto ATMs. Online Bitcoin exchanges require users to go through the KYC (Know Your Customers) process. It requires you to share your details with the exchange. The procedure exposes your details to hackers who are free to use these as per their wishes.

Online crypto exchanges need a long time to complete various steps to deliver your cryptocurrency. It takes a few days to weeks before you get Bitcoin into your digital wallet. These concerns make Bitcoin users search for a faster and more private option for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Individuals who want to know how to buy Bitcoin by avoiding crypto exchanges must try a nearby Bitcoin ATM.

 Faster, easier, and safer

There is no need to endure an excruciatingly complex signing-up procedure of online exchange when you are using a crypto exchange. Purchasing Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM is significantly faster than online exchanges. It takes only a few minutes to receive your Bitcoin after tendering an equivalent amount of cash into the machine. These machines are perfect for individuals who want to convert cash into crypto within no time.

There is no significant learning curve if you are a first-time user of a Bitcoin ATM. Anyone with experience in using standard bank ATMs can operate BTC ATMs without hassles. The simple and user-friendly machine guides you through each step. Keep your mobile phone and digital wallet ready before accessing a Bitcoin ATM in California. The smartphone helps you scan the QR code to receive your crypto in the crypto wallet. Cyber crimes and scams are common in online exchanges. A physical resource of a Bitcoin ATM saves you from the risk of online hacks.  

By Michael Caine

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