Fake Glasses: Redefining Glasses

The eyewear fashion space has kept evolving at a rapid pace over the years. Gone are those days when many perceived eyeglasses just as a geeky optical tool. Today, glasses are considered as one of the most intimate fashion accessories and deserve a place in every person’s wardrobes. 

In fact, there is a category of glasses that are used solely as a fashion accessory. We are talking about fake glasses. Fake glasses are selling like hotcakes and this justifies that glasses are a superb fashion accessory.

What Are Fake Glasses?

Recently, when I went over the internet to buy varifocals, I came across the term fake glasses, which confused me. On reading further, I realised that fake glasses is a term used for glasses with non-prescription lenses, and are used as a style statement.

If you need to get your fake glasses upgraded so that you can use them for different purposes, you can send them for reglazing. In the process of reglazing, the existing non-prescription lenses of your fake glasses will be replaced with the ones that you need an upgrade to, ranging from prescription lenses to blue light lenses, to even UV protective lenses of sunglasses.

Trending Styles Of Fake Glasses

Since fake glasses are used as a fashion accessory, why not style them in the best possible manner? Here are the trending styles that will be of great help!

Clear Frames

Within no time after their introduction into the fashion scene, clear frame glasses have become one of the favourites among fashion enthusiasts. One of the dominant reasons for their popularity is the fact that they are a highly versatile style that complements all face shapes, elevates all outfits, and goes well on all occasions.

Talking about the elite glass-like structure of clear frames, their pleasant aesthetics is difficult to go unnoticed. Also known as transparent glasses, this contemporary style uplifts your look big time.

Whether you go with the crystal clear variants or those in pastel shades, you are certain of making a bold fashion statement with clear frame glasses. So go ahead and pick a pair that suits your definition of style from a wide variety that is available out there.

Cat-eye Frames

If you want to buy women fake glasses, one of the most solid options that you have is cat-eye glasses. Being a bold and sassy style, cat-eye glasses look magical on women.

Their offbeat angular structure that comprises the iconic upswept ends imparts cat-eye frames a polished elegance. You are bound to find a pair of cat-eye glasses for each mood and occasion.

Talking about the most stylish variants, from the sleek metal cat-eye frames to the playful oversized styles, from the basic all-black frames to the offbeat ones with more prominent upswept ends, don’t hesitate to experiment when it comes to cat-eye glasses.

Tortoiseshell Frames

Are you looking for a style that brings contrast along with balance to your facial features? Tortoiseshell frames is where your search ends. The striking patterns of these frames have an eye-catching visual appeal that is all you need to make a classic statement with your glasses.

What you also get with tortoiseshell frames is a vintage touch, making them all the more fashionable. You also have options when it comes to the types of patterns, ranging from the basic ones in colours like brown and amber to funky patterns that utilise colours like blue, green, and orange, among others.

Metal Frames

The timeless metal frames find their way into most of the trending charts – such is their style quotient. Apart from being super stylish, they also have an enhanced strength element when compared to acetate frames. And if you want lightweight options, you have titanium metal frames to go with.

Metal frames are brilliant for occasions that lie towards the formal end – thanks to their sophisticated appearance. This doesn’t mean that you cannot style them for casual needs as you have options like oversized metal frames that fit perfectly here. 

Some of the top styles to choose include ultra-classic aviators, offbeat half rim frames, minimal rectangular styles, and the sassy cat-eye.

Geometric Frames

For a sophisticated style, geometric frames can be a game changer. They get their names as geometric frames because they combine sides and angles in various combinations, and in the process, redefine style. 

There are multiple options, ranging from the conventional hexagon or octagon shapes to the offbeat ones with asymmetrical sides and sharp angles. Regardless of the variants that you choose, a classic sophisticated appeal is always guaranteed. 

Some of the styles that complement geometric frames superbly are geometric aviators and metal frames. Regarding their versatility, you don’t have to worry as there are exceptional options out there for everyone.

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