Find the Best Knee Surgery Hospitals in India

The knee is responsible for supporting the body’s entire weight, which makes it particularly prone to stress and strain. Not surprisingly, the main aim of knee surgery is to increase an individual’s mobility. Knee replacement surgery reduces the pain associated with knee injuries and diseases. Though knee surgery is quite common, it is important to get the appropriate treatment from the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai.

Knee problems are usually found in individuals over 50 years of age and those facing obesity. Moreover, there are several reasons for knee pain including arthritis, bursitis, osteoarthritis of the joints, tears in the ligaments, or serious infections. Each passing year, millions of individuals undergo knee surgery and their recovery largely depends on factors such as their age, the severity and location of the injury, and pre-existing conditions, such as arthritis.

Knee Replacement Surgery: What is it?

Knee replacement is also called total knee surgery or knee arthroplasty. In this procedure, the knee joint is replaced completely; and all parts of the joint, including the bottom of the thigh bone. In addition, the top of the tibia and the patella (the kneecaps) are replaced with prosthetic implants that are mainly made of metal or plastic.

The best knee replacement can be performed arthroscopically. The special techniques and latest implanting ensure the return of natural movements. The range of treatments covers major surgeries like total and partial knee replacement surgery and less invasive procedures like knee arthroscopy, which are performed by the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai. The procedure ensures that the damaged bone is removed or cut away, and the new surface of the joints results in smoother knee movement.

When to see a doctor for problems related to the knee?

●     If you have had long term knee pain

●     The medications are giving no relief to your joint pain

●     Finding it difficult to walk or sit on the floor

●     There is sudden pain in the knee, radiating to other parts of your leg

●     There is restricted mobility in your knee joint.

If timely knee replacement surgery is done under an experienced doctor, the following can be avoided:

●     Increased joint stiffness:

●     Difficulty in carrying out daily activities

●     Worsening of knee deformity

●     Aging

●     Reduce muscle strength

Renowned Knee Hospitals in India

The diagnosis and treatment for knee injuries requires the best surgeon and supporting doctors and staff. Therefore, selecting the best knee replacement hospital is vital. Here are some of the best knee hospitals in India.

Nanavati Max Hospital

Nanavati Max Hospital is believed to be serving as one of the best knee surgery hospitals in India. The healthcare hospital serves with the best-advanced tools, including:

●     The surgery with the computer-assisted replacement.

●     Flexing with the higher rotation knee platform

●     Gender-specific knee implant surgery along with perfect replacement

●     Repairing surgery with an arthroscopic knee procedure

Nanavati Max Hospital healthcare boasts of some of the best knee replacement surgeons in India. The surgeons and the supporting staff have years of experience and expertise that matches international standards of being the best knee hospitals for surgery and replacements. Moreover, the hospital comprises a state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, making it reliable for the latest technologies.

Furthermore, with the help of the advanced technology in healthcare, it provides the best knee replacement surgery across India. Nanavati Max Hospital has a proven record with some of India’s highest successful outcomes for knee replacement surgeries. The healthcare institution provides rehabilitation and physiotherapy to every patient even after knee replacement surgery. The orthopedic department also treats several disorders with a proficient approach aiming at rehabilitation. The team also educates and advises people to perform physiotherapy and exercises to restore strength, movement, and function.


The Apollo Institutes of Orthopedics enjoy being the reputed ones in the field of pioneering bone and the joint center’s in the country, having a legacy of innovation and excellence. The healthcare institute is at the forefront in offering the latest in orthopedic treatments and orthopedic surgical on par with the latest advancements.

Apollo’s Knee Replacement Surgery is the solution to treat the problem conditions and allow the resumption of everyday activities in the knee. Most conditions start with gradual wearing away of the tissue on the ends of bones, resulting in reduced joint space. Therefore, the friction at the exposed bone surfaces changes the regular bone movement and causes severe pain.


The Fortis Hospital’s department of Orthopedics focuses on the prevention, correction, diagnosis, and treatment of the skeletal deformities of patients, serving the different age groups. In addition, the hospital serves various disorders such as bones, disorders of joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, and nerves.

The team of Fortis holds expertise in treating problems in newborns with clubfeet, young athletes who require arthroscopic surgery, and aged people with rheumatoid arthritis.

ConclusionKnees are your support system for managing your weight. Therefore, if anything irregular is noticeable, it is imperative to consult a doctor as soon as possible. And if the case becomes severe, approach any of the best knee replacement surgeons in Mumbai that will serve you with the best replacement surgery for your knees.

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