Leading 10 Finest Cigarette Vape Juices For 2021 – UK Market Guide

Hello one and all and welcome to one more exciting MIST summary, warm on the heels from our recent curation of the very best Vape Juice Brands and also fruity vape juices for the year with our top 10 best cigarette vape juice for 2021.

Many individuals that have just lately quit smoking locate that they have problem moving onto several of the pleasant flavours that characterise vaping.

There are, nevertheless, several out there with an earnest desire to stop cigarette smoking and prevent cigarette that merely do not have enough of a craving for sweets to smoke on Lychee Lemonade all day.

So if you’re craving not simply the relief of nicotine however additionally the distinctive and sexy preference of a cigarette vape juice after that please, relieve yourself back into a great leather elbow chair and also loosen up before the fire place with a snifter of brandy as we embark on our journey to put together some of the greatest tobacco vape juice available in the UK today …

1. Beauty Vape Co.– Golden Potion

Score– 10/10

Golden Elixir is readily available in a 70VG/ 30PG ratio, making it ideal for sub-ohm vaping.


Certain mix of sweet dark flavours


No cost-free nic shot

A brand-new twist on an old standard, traditional vape juice enthusiasts Doozy Vape have a lot of experience with standard vape juices thanks to their big array, and this set’s a real treat for the tobacco fan with a little bit of a craving for sweets.

Golden Elixir takes gentle notes of tobacco as well as sets them with vanilla, sugar and also toffee to create a high VG vape juice that’s definitely brimming with wonderful, dark flavour that includes a touch of happiness to the stimulating contentment of tobacco.

2. MIST– Cigarette Initial

Rating– 8/10

Tobacco Original is readily available in either 70VG/ 30PG or the other way around. Available for sale in 10ml containers as well as 10 x 10ml multipacks.


Original tobacco flavour

Dark as well as organic



If it ain’t broke, do not repair it! Right here at MIST we have actually long prided ourselves on our primary range of vape juices as well as the approachability we’re matched on from our consumers.

Many of our regulars are people who aren’t curious about bubble gum or cereal vape juice, they simply desire a tobacco substitute to help them get off the cigarettes.

And that’s where our range of classic tobaccos comes to the rescue, with couple of extra preferred than the classic Cigarette Initial.

Delivering a dark as well as earthy combination with every puff, MIST Tobacco Original is as close to the Platonic suitable of pleasing as well as unobjectionable tobacco vape juice flavour.

MIST’s major array, consisting of Cigarette Original, is available in either Typical (70 PG/30 VG) or Extra Vapour (70 VG/30 PG) blends and can be purchased in solitary 10ml bottles or 10 x 10ml multipacks, offered in staminas ranging from 0mg to 18mg.

3. Glas Vapor– Butterscotch Get

Rating– 7/10

Butterscotch Reserve is mixed in a 70VG/ 30PG ratio, making it ideal for sub-ohm vaping


One-of-a-kind enhancement of butterscotch


No totally free nic shot

Now for something from one of the minimal known vape houses, yet a strong competitor for Best American Blend, Glas Vapor are below with a preferred from their Glas Basix range, Butterscotch Reserve.

Hailing all the way from warm California in the United States, Butterscotch Get takes the timeless combo of tobacco and also sugar and takes a different route to some, choosing to add a substantial blob of marvellous butterscotch to the blend.

An abundant and intricate mixture of dark sugars and fully grown botanicals makes this a functional vape juice with an apparent moreish high quality.

4. MIST– RY04

Rating– 8/10

RY04 is readily available in either 70VG/ 30PG or the other way around. Offer for sale in 10ml bottles and 10 x 10ml multipacks.


Subtle sugar praises the tobacco



An additional classic strikes the list, this time around with a little sweetness mixed in with the mature tobacco tones.

As pointed out previously, a great deal of our clients are brand-new to vaping as well as aren’t quite ready to make the transition from a 20-pack a day to mentholated Blue Raspberry vape juice.

<h1>However that’s not to say they don’t want to move away from old habits, and also RY04 is a terrific choice for that!</h1>

Timeless soft tobacco tones are paired up with a light drizzle of tasty caramel, rather a lot more refined than some of the other ‘sweet tobacco’ flavours on this list.

It stands for a step far from old satanic forces while still preserving some of that old-school flavour to help persuade your body it’s getting what it wants and needs.

Haze’s main array, consisting of RY04, is readily available in either Common (70 PG/30 VG) or Bonus Vapour (70 VG/30 PG) blends and can be purchased in solitary 10ml containers or 10 x 10ml multipacks, offered in toughness ranging from 0mg to 18mg.

5. Nasty Juice– Bronze Blend

Score– 7/10

Bronze Blend is mixed at a 70VG/ 30PG ratio, making it optimal for sub-ohm vaping.


Excellent flavour

Excellent product packaging


No free nic shot

Makers of vape juice that’s anything yet unpleasant, Nasty Juice are a vape market requirement that have spent years blowing us away with horrendous fruit blends, powerful salt nics as well as mind-blowing packaging.

Bronze Blend is a rather more mature number than their typical fare; a distinct mix of strong tobacco with tips of tender, smooth sugar.

Malaysian vape juice occasionally gets a bit of a credibility for overloading on sugar but Bronze Blend shows rather extra elegance than that.

The vape juice is has a practically nutty quality, the sweet taste of the caramel never ever quite overpowering the older tobacco notes, leading to a vape juice that’s as grown-up as it is satisfying.

6. HAZE– Gold & Silver

Score– 8/10

Gold & Silver is available in either 70VG/ 30PG or vice versa. Available for sale in 10ml bottles and also 10 x 10ml multipacks.


Timeless cigarette flavour



Yet another MIST standard now; do not consider us prejudiced, we just truly love tobacco vape juice!

A number of our regulars got instead used to the act of spreading out the cellophane from a cool new 20 box of cigs as well as drawing out yet one more clearly flavoured carcinogenic cyndrical tube, so we felt it prudent to meet that requirement!

Gold & Silver makes an initiative at duplicating the strange flavour of package cigarettes, that somewhat stripped-back subtlety with a hint of smokiness that supplies all the satisfaction of a standard cigarette with none of the carcinogen, a best selection for those that have actually just recently stopped.

MIST’s major array, consisting of Gold & Silver, is offered in either Conventional (70 PG/30 VG) or Additional Vapour (70 VG/30 PG) blends and also can be bought in single 10ml containers or 10 x 10ml multipacks, available in toughness varying from 0mg to 18mg.

7. Element– NS Honey Roasted

Rating– 8/10

Component NS Honey Roasted is mixed at a proportion of VG65/ PG35, making it suitable for MTL vaping.


Wonderful unique honeyed side



Now a brand-new vape juice which sees these normally fruity flavoured vapesmiths genuinely in their Component. That’s right, Component joins the fray with the mind blowing NS Honey Roasted, a nic salt which loads just as much flavour as power.

Nicotine salts are a different kind of pure nicotine option, one which is able to share high stamina with very little throat or upper body discomfort, making them excellent for current cigarette smokers with large yearnings.

NS Honey Roasted is a delicious blend of rich cigarette as well as smoky honey notes which mix with the subtlest edge of sugar. The incorporation of a honeyed flavour actually includes an amazing deepness to an or else refined vape juice.

8. HAZE– Virginia

Rating– 9/10

Virginia is available in either 70VG/ 30PG or vice versa. To buy in 10ml containers and 10 x 10ml multipacks.


Incredibly popular

Rollie flavour



Without question our most prominent cigarette vape juice, one which we need to buy unique quantities of just to stay on top of demand!

While MIST is quite a global playboy of a firm, we reveal a lot of love to our hometown of Brighton, where there are a great number of ‘rollie’ smokers; those that smoke tobacco using hand-rolled cigarettes.

Virginia flawlessly captures this flavour, that somewhat agricultural nuance that qualifies the ciggie you rolled yourself while leaning over outside a bar to avoid the rain.

Prevent all that unpleasantness and also carcinogen with our Virginia vape juice, an infinite record-breaker as well as easily one of one of the most satisfying ‘cigarette substitute’ vape juices you’ll ever before attempt!

Haze’s major range, consisting of Virginia, is readily available in either Typical (70 PG/30 VG) or Bonus Vapour (70 VG/30 PG) blends and also can be purchased in solitary 10ml containers or 10 x 10ml multipacks, available in strengths varying from 0mg to 18mg.

9. MIST MTL Short Fills– Carabaco

Rating– 9/10

MIST MTL Brief Fills are blended at a ratio of 50VG/ 50PG, making them finest fit for MTL vaping.


Free nic shots!

Unequaled mix of cigarette, caramel and also coffee.



Currently a something additional! Most of our regulars right here at haze love to vape their way through an excellent action of cigarette flavoured vape yet feel bitter the constant refilling from 10ml containers.

For those who just intend to wield a solid system of tobacco vape juice that isn’t mosting likely to run out in a pair days, we have Carabaco!

Part of our MTL Short Load range, Carabaco combines three wonderful flavours– cigarette, sugar and coffee– and also blends them into an abundant and also refined dark brown vape.

Extraordinary early morning, midday and also evening, Carabaco enhances the cigarette notes with bitter brown coffee and then lightens the state of mind a little with the faintest touch of caramel.

The Haze MTL Short Fill range is mixed at a proportion of 50PG/50VG, making it a thinner, mouth-to-lung design vape juice. Readily available in strengths ranging between 0mg and 12mg.

10. MIST Cigarette Initial Nic Salt

Rating– 6/10

Haze Nic Salts are brewed at a proportion of 50VG/50PG, making them optimal for MTL vaping.


High toughness, low rasp



Nic Salts are incredibly helpful for those that’ve recently given up smoking however can not quite get used to the sensation of vapour in the breast and also throat.

Utilizing an alternate nicotine remedy, nic salts are able to deliver high toughness nicotine hits while remaining light as well as very easy to smoke, enabling you to restore previous levels of complete satisfaction without any of the carcinogen of cigarettes or the discomfort of typical vaping.

Cigarette Original Nic Salt has the very same natural, rich flavour as our main line and now with a much smoother inhale.

Haze Nic Salts are just available at 20mg stamina.

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